Russian Revolution. Czar Nicholas II Ruled from 1894 – 1917 Ruled from 1894 – 1917 Ruled...

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download Russian Revolution. Czar Nicholas II Ruled from 1894 – 1917 Ruled from 1894 – 1917 Ruled over Russia, Finland and Poland Ruled over Russia, Finland and

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Transcript of Russian Revolution. Czar Nicholas II Ruled from 1894 – 1917 Ruled from 1894 – 1917 Ruled...

  • Russian Revolution

  • Czar Nicholas IIRuled from 1894 1917Ruled over Russia, Finland and PolandCaptured by LvovKilled by the BolsheviksBecame Nicholas the Martyr

  • Problems with Nicholas IIRepressive and aristocratic regimes of the Romanov dynastyNicholas II inability to allow any form of reform and a refusal to release AbsolutismLow living standard for the people of Russia

  • February RevolutionWhat was it?Abdication of Czar Nicholas II Led by Gregory Lvov then Alexander Kerensky Liberal and Socialist coalitionDemocratically elected governmentProblemsDidnt represent the peopleSoldiers desertingPressure from other political groupsWould not end Russias involvement in WWIShortage of Food

  • Causes of October RevolutionSevere economic and social crisis in Russia Russia in WWI: This isnt war it is slaughter Lenin Corruption in Government Large Poverty GapRevolutionary Middle Class New Ideas of Marxism in Europe Vladimir Lenin leader of the visionary Revolutionary class

  • Bolsheviks The MajorityVladimir LeninFounder of the PartyLed the October RevolutionBecame the leader Communist Party of the Soviet UnionOpposite of the Mensheviks Minority*Seen as dangerous-Germany sent him back to Russia to stir things up and avoid problems his causing problems in GErmany

  • October RevolutionCoup detat: Lenin & Trotskys Red Army (October 25th, 1917)Overtook to the Russian Provisional GovernmentEstablished Soviet CommunismCivil War:Supported by foreign governmentsBolsheviks kill all political opponents

  • Soviet GovernmentUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) or Soviet UnionNot Marxs CommunismTotalitarian GovernmentNationalized Banks Government owned factories No private bank accounts Churchs nationalized Higher wages, shorter work daysAll foreign debts were repudiated

  • Death of LeninWeakened by RevolutionFailed Assassination AttemptMultiple StrokesDied January 21, 1924In a letter Trotsky was to gain power

  • Joseph Stalin v. Leon Trotsky

  • Joseph Stalin v. Leon TrotskyJoseph StalinControlled the Secret Police (KGB)Controlled many local governmentsSocialist Revolution One country at a timeConspired against TrotskyLeon TrotskyLenins personal pick for RussiaPlotted against by Stalin, Zinoviev, KamanevSocialist World RevolutionWarned of Stalins mistreatment of power

  • Joseph StalinMan of SteelRuled from 1922-53Exile of Trotsky and AssassinationFive-Year-PlansCollectivization of AgricultureKilling of KulaksFamine (1931-32)Ruthless Rule over Peasantry