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INTRODUCTION William Wordsworth Mary Shelley John Keats William Blake George Byron Coleridge Mathew Arnold Percy Shelley Conclusion


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The romantics reacted against the rationalism of enlightment and culture. The major romantic poets are William Wordsworth , Shelley , John Keats , Coleridge , George Byron , Mathew Arnold etc.

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WILLIAM WORDSWORTH William Wordsworth, major english

romantic poet was born on 1770. He was considered to be one of the most

important literary figure in modern history. Wordsworth defined poetry as” the

spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions”.


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Mary Shelley , born Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin , was an English novalist , short story writer , dramatist , essayist etc.

She best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein or the modern prometheus

She also edited and promoted the works of her husband the romantic poet Shelley.


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John Keats was an English poet who is now regarded as being one of the greatest lyric poet of his time.

In his short life time he had written 54 poems published in various magazines.

Recognition of his achievements as one of the leading poets of his time only came after his death.


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William Blake was born on November 28,1757,in London’s West End.

He was an English poet ,painter , and printmaker and one of the greatest poets of the romantic era.

Major works : The Lamp , The Tiger etc.10

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George Byron was commonly known as Lord Byron.

He created the concept of the” Byronic Hero”-a defiant , maloncholy youngman , unforgivable event in his past.

Major works : Hours of Idleness, Child Harold’s Pilgrimage , Lament of Tasso etc.


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Coleridge was the founder of romantic movement in England and a member of Lake poets.

He coined many familiar words and phrases including celebrated suspension of disbelief.

Major works : The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, , Kubla khan ,Biographia Literaria etc. 12

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Mathew Arnold was a British poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of school.

He freequently wrote on contemporary social issue , using his poetry to influence opinion.

Major works : A wish , Dower Beach ,The last work , East London etc.


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Percy Shelley was a lover of nature. His poetry abounds in nature imagery. Shelley believes that nature excercises

a healing influence on man’s personality. Major works : A Defence of

poetry ,Thomas love peacock ,Ode To The West Wind ,To the Moon etc.


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Romantic poets cultivated individuvalism , reverence for the natural world, idealism , physical and emotional passions.

They set themselves in opposition to the order rationality of classical and neo classical artistic precepts to embrace freedom and revolution in their art and politics.

The romantic poets stated that nature has bestowed , unwearied joy to mankind.

They even believed that nature has answer for all unanswered questions.


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