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  • 1. JISC Roadshow Bradford College - June 2013

2. What is an RSC YH Roadshow We take the technology around our region The focus is on teaching, learning & training Collaborative scenario planning based activities Outcomes 3. What happens at the Roadshow? Full Day Event RSC Advisor Pitch Learner Scenarios Exploration of the Technology Time to Create 4. What kit? - Tablets Apple i-Pads Samsung Galaxy HP Touchpad Blackberry Playbook Google Android Tablet 5. Web Based Systems - Sharing Collaborative Tools Social Tools Links to existing networks Free or Partly Free 6. Five practical Examples 3. A Quick Response to signposting resources 5. Developing teamwork skills with the xBox Kinect 7. Augmented Reality 8. The session 9. Apps for Learning 10. Designing online learning To consider what you want to deliver online To plan your online course To design your online course To select tools and technologies for delivery Conduct a short online introductory session 11. Features: Chat Whiteboard Audio Video Screen Sharing Application Sharing Web Tours Breakout Rooms 12. Models of Online Learning 13. More MOOCs 14. Models of Online Learning 15. Over to you .The Task Consider your chosen scenario Devise ways to address the needs of the learner (or group of learners) 3 ways to address the learners needs Create a suitable resource or plan Present back to the whole group 16. Outcomes E books Hull College QR Codes Induction Instruction Video Creation Use of Video Research Production Teams Screencasts Assessment Tutorials Social Networks Course Page Facebook Edmodo, Ning Video