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Customer Master . Right Solution, Right Time, Right Price. Agenda. Topics: Customer Master Data Customer / Material Info Record Sales Employee Reporting. Business Process Workshop. The objectives of the Sales and Distribution Customer Master Processing workshop is to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Right Solution, Right Time, Right PriceCustomer Master

  • AgendaTopics:Customer Master Data Customer / Material Info RecordSales EmployeeReporting

  • Business Process WorkshopThe objectives of the Sales and Distribution Customer Master Processing workshop is to:

    Provide practical knowledge and experience in creating, displaying and changing:Customers (Sold-to, Ship-to, Bill-to, Payer)Default Carrier (forwarding agent)Customer/Material info recordsSales Employee (including 3rd party commissionable reps)Provide practical knowledge and experience with Sales document reporting and inventory/availability reporting

  • I. Customer Master Data

  • DefinitionsSold-to party Person or company that places an order for goods or services.

    Ship-to party Person or company who receives the goods or services

    Bill-to party Person or company who receives the invoice for goods or services

    Payer Person or company responsible for paying invoices

  • Account GroupEach Customer master is assigned to an Account Group. The account group is a classifying feature within the customer master that allow customers to be grouped together.

    Account GroupAccount Group Name0001Sold-To0002Ship-To0003Payer0004Bill-toZ001Related PartyCPDOne-time customer

  • Steps before setting up a customer master record1. Search for existing customer record (see next page).

  • Step 1: Search for Existing Customer

  • Step 1: Search for Existing Customer

    There are several ways to search (by Name, Country, city) to name a few. Defaults to the first 500 hitsA matchcode allows you to locate the key of a particular database record (for example, an account number) by entering information contained in the record. You will use the matchcode, whenever you not sure what to enter in a given field.

  • Search ResultsDouble Click on Customer Number to select

  • Steps before setting up a customer master recordSearch for existing customer record

    If no match, or similar match, complete customer master form (see attached), and enter customer into SAP.

  • Customer Master ProceduresIf existing customer master with the same address is found, use this customer number, regardless what sales area it is set up in. Only upon management approval, will a customer be extended to buy from more than one Sales Area.

    If existing customer master, with different address is found, create a new customer master record but make sure to use same Sales area data (Ex: 0010, 10, 01) Only exception: When customer can be both an OEM and a Distributor (very rare) Will show a shortcut on how this can be accomplished later in the class.

  • Customer Master RecordConsists of the following views:GeneralDataSales AreaDataCompany CodeData

  • Initial Screen

    Required FieldsAccount Group Classification of Customer (Sold-to, Ship-to, Bill-to, Payer, Related Party)Company Code Y012Sales Organization - 0010Distribution Channel Means through which the product / service reaches the customer.10(Direct) or 20(Distributor)Division Sales force responsible for Customer (01 07)NOTE: USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS WHEN ENTERING NEW CUSTOMER INTO SAP

  • Initial Screen (Transaction code XD01)

    This will list all possible Sales Areas to choose from and allow you to select by double clicking

  • General Data-Address

    Required FieldsCustomer nameStreet/house numberPostal Code (zip code) / CityCountryRegion (State or Providence) Phone and fax number (use parentheses for areacode )District (County) This will automatically populate, except when there are multiple counties. Check web site www.usps.com if needed

  • General Data-Address

    Enter Customer name

  • General Data-Address

  • General Data-Address

  • General Data-Contact PersonUse Pulldown option for list of departmentContact Person will only be used for finance and service only. Sales will use GWI

  • General Data-Control DataUse only if customer is also a Vendor

  • Company CodeAccount ManagementRequired FieldsRecon. Account Financial key to determine if customer is a domestic of related party (YEA Subsidiary) customer.Sort Key - 001Cash Management Corresponds with Division code from initial screen

  • Company Code-Account ManagementCorrespond with Division code from Initial Screen

  • Company Code-Account ManagementCorrespond with Division code from Initial ScreenNote: If customer was an existing customer in BOSS, this will reference the previous account #. All existing customers (excluding YEA departments/locations) with machine records or sales history in past 2 years set up in SAP. The previous account # if the customer was set up in multiples divisions will only reference one customer number (example MBAK3700 will be referenced for Baker, not TBAKDuplicate customer records were combined.

  • Company CodePayment TransactionsRequired FieldsTerms of Payment ex.) Net30Payment History Record Check the box Contains the recording of information for reporting purposes.Lockbox - 10

  • Company Code-Payment TransactionsTerms of Payment appear in both the Company code and sales area data views. Be sure to enter same field value in both

  • Company Code-Payment Transactions

  • Company Code-Correspondence

  • Sales Area - OrdersRequired FieldsSales District Geographical service district (See Map)Sales Office Geographical sales territory (See Map)Sales Group Inside Sales Rep that services account, if applicable.Customer Group Further breakdown of Distribution Channel (ex. ASC)Customer Stats Group Enter 1Customer Group 1 (Industry)Customer Group 2 (Application)

  • Sales Area - OrdersOptional FieldsPrice Group Used to identify commissionable third party reps. If relevant for commission, enter 01. Actual % commission to be receive is entered as a pricing condition record.Price List Type Used to give a group of customer the same pricing. (Currently used by Columbus only for Honda Price List Type =01).

  • Sales Area - Orders

  • Sales Area-OrdersAlways enter 1 Optional fields: Price list type: Identifies a price list. Price Group: Identifies if a 3rd party rep or another customer receives commission on the customer

  • Sales Area-ExtrasThis field is found in the Extras pull down menu -> then the addition data options

  • Sales Area-ExtrasThis field is found in the Extras pull down menu -> then the additional data options

  • Sales Area - ShippingRequired FieldsDelivery Priority Enter 03Order Combination Uncheck box This allows 1 Sales order=1deliveryDelivery Plant Plant from which goods are delivered to the customer (1W, 2W or 3W)

  • Sales Area-ShippingAlways uncheck box

  • Sales Area Billing DocumentRequired FieldsIncoterms Enter FOB-Commonly used trading terms that complies with ICCIncoterms description (ex. Buffalo Grove, IL PPA)Default plant and shipping charges.Terms of Payment Enter same as Payment Terms from Company Code Date (ex. Net 30)Acct. Assignment Identifies customer as related or non- related party Tax Classification Enter 1 (means customer is taxable) Vertex will determine if Customer is actually taxable of not.

  • Sales Area-Billing DocumentEnter FOBEnter Buffalo Grove, IL or Dublin, OH followed by shipping chargesEnter same terms as in Company code- Payment Transactions

  • Sales Area-Billing DocumentAlways enter 1 for taxable

  • Sales Area-Partner FunctionsEnter CR in first available line for Forwarding Agent(if applicable)

    Number Field Enter Forwarding Agent NumberEnter PE in next available line for Sales employee (if applicable)

    Number Field Enter Sales employee NumberEnter VN in next available line for 3rd party commissionable rep, if applicableNumber Field Enter Vendor Number

  • Sales Area-Partner FunctionsEnter these fieldsAdd these two fields

  • Review Questions and ExercisesWhat is the combination of the sales organization/distribution channel and division?

    What are the 3 views in the customer master called?

    What is the first step you should take before setting up a new customer master record?

    What are the mandatory partner types that are automatically created when entering a Sold-to customer?

    What additional partner types can be added to the customer master record?

  • Hands-On Customer Master Exercise

    Sold-to party is the customer who is responsible for the purchasing of goods/services

    Ship-to party is the customer who is receiving the goods and servicing (often used for drop shipments)

    Bill-to party is the customer who is where the billing document (invoice) is to be mailed

    Payer is the party who is responsible for payment of the billing document (usually the same as the bill-to)There are three views on the customer master: General data contains company name/address and phone information, while company code is mainly used for financial purposes. Sales area used to define sales-related information.