Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

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Right Person, Right Place, Right Time. What’s the Way Ahead?. Greg Withee NOAA Assistant Administrator for Satellite & Information Service December 2, 2005. Charles Challstrom NOAA Assistant Administrator for Oceans & Coasts. What’s the Challenge?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

  • Right Person, Right Place, Right TimeGreg Withee NOAA Assistant Administrator for Satellite & Information ServiceDecember 2, 2005Whats the Way Ahead?Charles Challstrom NOAA Assistant Administrator for Oceans & Coasts

  • Whats the Challenge?Need to ensure NOAA has the appropriate suite of knowledge, skills, and abilities to continue to meet its mission. Workforce PlanningRecruitingRetentionTraining and Education

  • Human Capital Council (HCC)The Human Capital Council (Chair Eddie Ribas) serves as the principal forum through which issues affecting strategic human capital management across NOAA are discussed and addressed.Workforce Management & Training CommitteeCo-chairs Monica Matthews, Percy ThomasEEO Committee(Chair - Al Corea)Diversity Committee(Chair John Jones)

  • Whats the Way AheadWorkforce PlanningImmediate Actions (today)Action:Commitment to Workforce Planning ImplementationLead:All SESsProcess:SES Summit III ChampionsComp. date:Today

  • Whats the Way AheadWorkforce Planning (contd.)Mid-term Actions (FY 06)Action:Proposed Workforce Planning Policy and Process to NEP/NECLead:Eddie Ribas (Chair, HCC)Process:HCC Committees (Workforce Management & Training, Diversity, andEEO)Comp. date:3rd Quarter, FY06Action:Complete Workforce AnalysisLead:Monica Matthews (Workforce Management Office)Process:HR working with Lines & Goal LeadsComp. Date:3rd Quarter, FY06

  • Whats the Way AheadWorkforce Planning (contd.)Long-term Actions (beyond FY06)Action:Implementation of Workforce Planning PolicyLead:AAs and Eddie RibasProcess:Human Capital Council and Line OfficesComp. date:2nd Quarter, FY07Action:Include Workforce Planning requirements as an integral part of PPBES processLead:Human Capital Council & Goal LeadsProcess:PPBESComp. Date:FYO9-13 Programming Plans

  • Whats the Way AheadWorkforce Planning (contd.)Long-term Actions (beyond FY06)Action:Use workforce planning information to drive recruitment, retention, and trainingLead:Supervisors and HR SpecialistsProcess:Recruiting, Retention, and TrainingComp. Date:Ongoing

  • Whats the Way AheadRecruitingImmediate Actions (tomorrow)Action:Development and use of NOAA recruitment and marketing tools. Identify existing recruitment and marketing tools, develop integrated NOAA material, mandate use, re-channel existing investments into development of NOAA materialsLead:DAAs/Eddie RibasProcess:Identify existing tools and develop NOAA common marketing materials (videos, brocures, etc.) that be used at job fairs, professional associations, etc. Comp. date:90 daysAction:Develop NOAA Recruitment WebsiteLead:Eddie Ribas, Carl Staton, Louisa KochProcess:Button off NOAA.gov and use in tag linesComp. date:90 days

  • Whats the Way AheadRecruiting (contd.)Immediate Actions (tomorrow)Action:Look at hiring trends and analysis by occupation (retrospective/prospective)Lead:Eddie Ribas, Human Capital CouncilProcess:Analyze historical hiring data to help forecast future and build business casefor flexibilitiesComp. date:90 daysAction:Develop comprehensive inventory of advertising vacancies in journals and periodicalsLead:Eddie Ribas, CFO CouncilProcess:Develop a more integrated advertisement strategy in periodicals/journals; Analyze effectiveness (i.e., Application process add question where did you hear about us?)Comp. date:90 days

  • Whats the Way AheadRecruiting (contd.)Immediate Actions (tomorrow)Action:Identify areas in the current recruitment process which can be streamlined, identify flexibilities in creating vacancy announcements, and establish an enhanced role for subject matter experts in the entire processLead:Eddie RibasProcess:Recruitment processComp. date:90 days

    Action:Outreach to student conferences at professional society meetings and use NOAA booth for education/recruitment Lead:Percy Thomas, Louis Uccellini, Randy ExlerProcess:Pilot at January 2006 AMS MeetingComp. date:60 days

  • Whats the Way AheadRecruiting (contd.)Mid-term Actions (FY06) ActionAction:Plan for co-located facilities which could enhance outreach/recruitment relationshipsLead:Bill BroglieProcess:Facility Master PlanningComp. date:FY06Action:Research and educate selection officials on the feasibilities seek authorities as necessaryLead:Eddie Ribas, CFO CouncilProcess:Look into new (direct hire authority) and existing authorities (term, students, IPAs, contracts, recruitment bonus, relocation allowances, etc.)Comp. date:FY06

  • Whats the Way AheadRecruiting (contd.)Mid-term Actions (FY06) ActionAction:Develop recruitment strategy for under-represented categories for NOAA occupationsLead:Eddie Ribas, Human Capital Council, MSI CouncilProcess:Look at current numbers and develop an action plan for activities to address under-representation (looking at existing & former programs)Comp. date:FY06Action:Develop Sustainable NOAA Recruitment StrategyLead:Human Capital CouncilProcess:Incorporates existing recommendations and engages the Human Capital Council at looking at future opportunitiesComp. date:FY06

  • Whats the Way AheadRetentionOne NOAA/Goal Oriented EmployeesActions: Reward Goal & Program StaffImmediate Action:Ideas for Goal/Program leads to reward employeesImmediate Action:Disseminate reward ideas sheet to Goal leads for discussionMidterm Action:Work with line offices to implement reward ideas Lead:Frank Kelly with Goal Team Leads/PPIProcess:Document established format already used by one goal, Useregular meetings, Virtual NEPComp. date:February 1, 2006 (Immediate Actions), September 2006(Midterm Action)

  • Whats the Way AheadRetentionOne NOAA/Goal Oriented EmployeesActions: Create One NOAA career pathImmediate Action:Look at NOAA Corps positions and match them up with goals see if goal-oriented career paths can be developedMidterm Action:If possible, develop One NOAA career path for Corps Officers or work with DAAs to adjust billets to allow establishment of goal-oriented career pathsLong-term Action:Assess effort to develop One NOAA employees and use to assess creation of a certification program including the benefitsLead:I/A & M/A - RDML Rich Behn/Commissioned Personnel CenterL/A Human Capital Council with Gary CarterProcess:Looking at already established positionsComp. date:Feb. 1, 2006 (I/A) / Sep. 1, 2006 (M/A) / Jan. 1, 2007 (L/A)

  • Whats the Way AheadRetentionOne NOAA/Goal Oriented Employees (contd.)Action: Create One NOAA Career PathAction:Develop example of an expanded job description to initiate an ecosystem career pathLead:Sam Pooley with NMFS DAAProcess:Revise existing job descriptionComp. Date:February 1, 2006

    Action: Create Goal-oriented Position Descriptions Lead:PPIProcess:Work with Goal Team LeadsComp. Date:July 2006

  • Whats the Way AheadRetentionEffectively Manage TurnoverAction: Electronic SignatureImmediate Action:Look at obstacles/opportunities to introduce electronic signature to make NOAA a more flexible and effective workplaceMidterm Action: If possible, implement electronic signature in Acquisition and GrantsLong Term Action: Expand electronic signature to all of NOAALead: Helen Hurcombe with OCIO, Report to NEP on long-term actionComp. date:End of January 2006 (immediate action), end September, 2006 (midterm action)

  • Whats the Way AheadRetentionEffectively Manage TurnoverAction: Improve ToolsMidterm Action:Create one pager for HR Staff and managers to help them understand options for returning and reattracting departing employeesMidterm Action: How are you using this position to fulfill One NOAA? Add question for hiring checklistLead:Eddie Ribas with WFMOProcess:Put one-pager on NOAA websites and distribute to SESers, Web posting and emailComp. date:March/April 2006

  • Whats the Way AheadRetentionEffectively Manage Turnover (contd.)Action: Improve ToolsImmediate Action:Identify organizations with good workforce websitesMidterm Action: Assess NOAA website and other HR-identified websites to suggest improvements for the NOAA website from the customer perspective.Lead:Eddie Ribas and Workforce Management Office/ Human Capital Council Process:Email and Report to NEPComp. date:January 2006 (immediate action), June 2006 (midterm action)

    Midterm Action:Explore expansion of Demo slots for NOAALead:Louisa KochProcess:Report to NEPComp. Date:March 2006Action: DiversityMidterm Action:Enhance strategy to increase number of interns from underrepresented groups.Lead:Louisa KochProcess:Internship hiring processesComp. Date:April 2006

  • Whats the Way Ahead Education & TrainingCorporate Intellectual Recapitalization Process In PlaceImmediate Actions (tomorrow)Action:Make mandatory for NOAA Workforce Team NOAA online training/Learning Management System (LMS)Lead:Human Capital CouncilProcess:HCC issues policy directive and implementing Team NOAA onlinetrainingComp. date:Workforce completion in 60 daysAction:All SESers take NOAA Business Model and Team NOAALead:NOAA Training Officer -> SES communityProcess:In hand, ready to goComp. date:30 days

  • Whats the Way Ahead Education & Training (contd.)Corporate Intellectual Recapitalization Process In PlaceImmediate Actions (tomorrow)Action:Implement NOAA Interim Training PolicyLead:Training Committee/HRProcess:Product of the councils (NEC/NEP approved)Comp. date:ASAP

    Action:Develop effective writing module for LMSLead:Workforce Management and Training Committee/WFMOProcess:Identify options including off-the-shelf solution (online service)Comp. date:90-120 days

  • Whats the Way Ahead Education & Training (contd.)Corporate Intellectual Recapitalization Process In PlaceMid-term Actions (FY06)Action:Task Council to analyze/promote LMS courses for all NOAALead:Workforce Management & Training CommitteeProcess:Already owned a