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This project is all about to retention of potential and suitable candidates who are either not interested for that position or are drop outs or are the ones who did not get selected in the final round. These candidates are of great worth and value to us as we can place them in some other suitable positions/opening/company. There are some ways and means through which we can keep in touch with such candidates.

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RETENTION OF RED FLAGGED CANDIDATES /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/ skope-business-ventures Preeti Mudgil Deputy Manager Talent Acquisition Pallavi Tiwari Deputy Manager Talent Acquisition Discover the Difference Project by - /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/ skope-business-ventures /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures Candidates are our products The most valuable resource you have is your talent pool. Your collection of candidates, and your quality of relationships with them, is essential to the success of your career and business. Good communication with your candidates can help you develop these relationships. /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures Who are Red Flagged Candidates: /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures 19 Number of sourcing Remaining /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures Data Maintenance /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures Excel Folders On profile short listing For feedback. For profile rejection For references On occasions For new openings For interview tips Email Communication /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures Objective /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures Tools to stay in touch with such candidates /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures Tools to stay in touch with such candidates Benefits of the project Company branding Strong date base Quality Strong social networking Showcase employees /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures CONCLUSION Each of the candidates whom we contact, is a resource for us. We are not just contacting them for a particular opening but they can very well be referred for any other relevant opening. By creating a pool of suitable candidate and maintaining the same, we build our own data base which can be used in the near future as our own internal portal. A little organized work, a little more effort and we would be able to equip our self with a far better and stronger internal database. Effective Maintenance of Candidate Database /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures /skopebusinessventures /skopebusinessventures/company/skope-business-ventures