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  1. 1. By Adam Wilton
  2. 2. Our film is a British Crime film and so our target audience shall be young adult to middle aged males, often in the lower-middle class bracket, we have picked this as our target as they are the most likely people to watch this type of film because of the subject matter at hand (Crime/Violence).
  3. 3. The typical main characters of this genre tend to be adult males who are criminals and are doing some sort of big scheme and are meant for males to identify with on a primal level. The levels of violence in British crime films already cancels out the younger audience, commonly being given 18 ratings, this comes along with the common use of drugs, alcohol and bad language.
  4. 4. Another common thing in these films is to be set in very well-known places in England such as big cities like London or seaside resorts like Brighton. This is done as such to attract both those who live in England and those who live in other countries as it allows them to still identify the clichs and connect even though based somewhere different.
  5. 5. The age rating for British crime films almost never go below a 15, this is due to the brutal aspects that are key things for British crime films, in almost every film of this kind there are brutal scenes such as torture, beatings, killings and large use of explicit language. Not to have all these aspects would undermine what this kind of film is. When we asked in one of our surveys in Ramsgate town, we found out of 50 men and 50 women, when we asked 'Would a British Crime Film still feel the same if it were to be made clean to the extent that it would be a 12 and would it be good or bad?' We found that 89% of men said it would feel different and 94% of that said it would have a negative impact. 75% of women said it would be different and 63% said it would be bad.
  6. 6. So in order to remain true to the genre we have decided not to get rid of any of these aspects in our film, this will help keep our niche audience and gain us as many viewers as possible. Overall the British crime drama is a genre that is in no way niche and is often aimed for mass audiences.