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  1. 1. 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Organization Background Figure 1: Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia Homepage Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia, formerly known as Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia was established on 14th September 1993. It is a corporate organization and owned by Ministry of Finance and administered by Ministy of Education. In 16 December 2011, with the mandate from Prime Minister, Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia has changed its name into Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia. In line with countrys Vision 2020, Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM) provides translation service and publication of books in Malaysia 1
  2. 2. industry. ITBM has over 100 employers and it is located at Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. ITBM motto is Your choice for quality Translation & Books. 1.2 ITBM Structure of Organization ITBM organizational structure is divided into 5 departments under the managing director.At the top of the stucture is the chairman of ITBM which is Y.B. Datuk Sharuddin Md Salleh and ITBM managing director Mohd Khair Ngadiron. (Please refer to Appendix 1) 1.3 Functions of Organization ITBM core business is to engage in translation of documents and books, publication of original books, court interpreter, simultaneous interpreters, provides training in editing and translating, and subtitling. ITBM aims in elevating Malaysia translation business both national and international. Thus, it is to develop the publication of local writers work in order to enhance national publishing industry. ITBM mission is to become the intermediary between languages as a medium through translation in the field of culture, science, and technology. ITBM main objective is to: 1. Provides translation services, interpreting, and convert the information on the stages of the country as well as internationally. 2. Translation of knowledge materials, particularly in the major works of the Malay language. 3. Translating the main works of local writers into another language. 4. To provide training and guidance in language field. 2
  3. 3. 1.4 Management and Human Resource Division The division main objective is to manage and supervising plans that matters related to the management and development of human resources and operations in order to improve unit performance in line with the objectives of ITBM. The division is responsible for: 1. Plan and update guidelines on human resource pension system from time to time. 2. Recruiting new staff as a whole which includes advertisment, interview, induction, job description and performance evaluation, confirmation of position, increments, and promotion. 3. Preparing monthly remuneration as a whole including deductions and payments to the Institution. 4. Managing claims based on qualification in ITBM Terms and Conditions. 5. Monitoring insurans and medical matters. 6. Managing staff training program. 7. Supervise on staff discipline as a whole and disciplinary process. 8. Ensure staff personal information constantly updated. 9. Updating forms that are related to Human Resource Unit. 10. To take care of welfare and organize program that can strenghen the ties between staffs. 3
  4. 4. 11. Preparing reports on Human Resource and any related paperwork. 12. Manage and supervise matters related by counseling to problemated staff. 13. Manage cases that are related to employment and legislative act in relation to Malaysian Employers Federation and Department of Industrial Relations. The other task is that the divison always has to cooperate with other staff. The division also needs to ensure that every record is always keep on updated. Helping other staff when needed and respond to calls immedietly even when the other staff is not in his place. The division also needs to carry out orders from managing director and get involve in ITBM social activities. 1.5 Management and Human Resource Division Organizational Chart 4
  5. 5. Figure 2: Management and Human Resource Division Organizational Chart 2.0 Task Description 5
  6. 6. 2.0.1 Office task Check on staff attendance My first very task when I was in the department was to check on staff attendance record for the month of May. If there is any absence in the record, I need to check if there is any forms that they have filled in if there is such as leave form, emergency leave form, and medical leave form. (Please refer to Appendix 2) If there is no form filled by the staff, I need to call them as to ask them where did go or what did they do since they were considered absent in the attendance system. I also need to inform them that they need to fill in forms so that there is a reason to show why they are absent from work. The staff will be given 1 week to submit the form. However, if there are still any staff that are not submitting any forms to show any reasoning for their absence and email will be delivered to them. Figure 3: Email that is sent to a staff 6
  7. 7. When I need to email the staff, I need to inform them about their absence on a particular day in which they must any supporting documents or forms to indicate the reason for their absence. When this email reaches to the staff, the staff needs to give response or submitting any supporting documents within one week period of time. Photocopy, Printing, Scan, and Arrange Documents I was thought how to use the photocopy machine which its function was more than just a photocopying. The machine itself is complicated in which it does a lot of functions other than just photocopy with many buttons as it is need to be carefully use by anyone. The machine itself also has a wireless function in which it can directly print documents from computer. I had to do most of the photocopy and printing documents in which it later to be delivered to a staff for verification about their information in filled documents. Scanning files with the machine where it will directly put it inside the computer as it is save as in Pdf. Format. With most the documents especially insurance claims from staff was printed and photocopied, I have to arrange it into the insurance folder. However, some documents need to be arranging according to alphabet of staff name and some need to be arrange in numerical form in which I must be according to latest dates received. With it to be arrange like that, it is to ease the management and human resource department to search for future reference. Data entry Every data that is needed to be inserting must be accurate as in concerns with numbers as to show the company development in the period of given years. I need to calculate it carefully 7
  8. 8. and quick as the task need to be done in the nick of time. Any error would not be acceptable as it is all about the organization development and performance in recent years. The reason why it need to be as it required is because so that the organization could plan carefully their task and objectives for the next upcoming years according to the data given. Since the data is private and confidential, it is meant to be kept without other staffs from other department know about it. Calculating Allowance Claims and Overtime Most practical student and part time staff must send their allowance claims in the end of the month so that the claim can be calculated and inserted into their bank account immediately. If they did not, their claim would be delay as they themselves delay to claim it. In the department where I work, I was told by my supervisor that must do the same and so I was told to remind at least one week before the submission of allowance claim to practical student and part time staff. The amount of the allowance is different by group. I was also thought by my supervisor that the calculations are based on how many allowance u can get per day. This is to show that you can only get your allowance when you come to work as if you do not, you would not be able to get your allowance. For working overtime calculation is different from allowance claim calculation. It is based on hours the staff works on after office hour. I only have to calculate claims for support and executive group but both have different method and terms to claim it. For support group, they can claim their overtime at minimum of an hour after office hour. For executive group however, they need to have at four hours to have their overtime calculated. 8
  9. 9. Check on Staff Movement Analysis This task is always an everyday task for me as some staff would like to know the time they thumb in and thumb out of the office. In order to check it, I need to use an application in computer that is redirected to the thumb print system to look for the staff record. Figure 4: Application used to check staffs thumb in and out The application has many purposes as it not just to check staff thumb in and out from the office, it also can verify the attendance of the staff and also help staff for their overtime claims. This application need to be always updated regularly as I always did it at least one or twice a week in order to keep it updated. 9
  10. 10. The reason is to assist staff in their performance record since the organization relies a lot on this application system. It is also the reason why this application needs to be open everyday as it needs to keep everyday records of staffs coming in and out from their office. At the end of the month, all staff records will be check as to verify their attendance. Editing KWSP form I have to recheck and recalculated if the KWSP is filled in with corrent information. If the calculation and information is wrong, the form need to be fill up again for correct information. After recheking and recalculation, I have to submit it to my supervisor as it needs to be submitted to KWSP firm for clarification. Help on answering incoming calls in the office I have to help my supervisor answers incoming calls in the office as it could be from staffs or from any o