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Reflexive Verbs. Los Verbos Reflexivos. ¿Qué son los verbos reflexivos?. Reflexive verbs are verbs that contain reflexive pronouns: me nos te os se se Reflexive verbs in their INFINITIVE or unconjugated state have a “ -se ” at the end. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Reflexive Verbs

  • Qu son los verbos reflexivos?Reflexive verbs are verbs that contain reflexive pronouns:

    menosteosse seReflexive verbs in their INFINITIVE or unconjugated state have a -se at the end. Por ejemplo: llamarse >> to call onself You know this verb from: Me llamo ... >> My name is

  • Qu son los verbos reflexivos?Here are some more examples of how you can use the infinitive of reflexive verbs: Despus de ducharme, voy a estudiar. Antes de casarte, es normal comprometerte.Nos acostamos temprano para despertarnos temprano.

    Notice that the reflexive pronoun agrees with the person referred to.

  • Qu son los verbos reflexivos?The reflexive pronouns -- me, te, se, nos, os , se PRECEDE conjugated forms:

    Me lavo la cara.Te acuestas antes de las once de la noche.Diego se baa despus de jugar al ftbol.Nos cortamos el pelo antes de la fiesta. Mis amigos se visten bien para salir a bailar.

  • Un EjemploLavar(se) to wash (oneself)Notice that the personal pronoun comes first, then the verb is conjugated normally.

    SingularPlural(yo) me lavo(nosotros) nos lavamos(t) te lavas(vosotros) os lavis(Ud.) se lava(Uds.) se lavan

  • Comprenden?Notice how pronouns agree in these examples:Despus de ducharme, me seco el pelo.After I shower, I dry my hair.

    Ellos se divierten en la fiesta de El Da de los Muertos, They have fun at the Day of the Dead party.

    Me despierto a las siete y media de la maana. I wake up at 7:30 AM.

    Te afeitas todos los das. I shave every day.

  • Cmo formarloAs with gustar, verbs like gustar (molestar etc.), and our tener que + infinitivo formula, the verb remains in its unconjugated/infinitive form (ie maquillarse). All you have to do is choose the reflexive pronoun that agrees with the person it refers to.No me gusta afeitarme. I dont like to shave.Tenemos que irnos- We have to go.Tienes que ducharte. Ests sucio(a).*You have to take a shower. You are dirty.*Use this on your friends. Har har har