More Reflexive Verbs

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More Reflexive Verbs. ac o starse. To go to bed. afeitarse. To shave oneself. ba ñarse. To take a bath. desp e rtarse. To wake up. d o rmirse. To fall asleep. ducharse. To take a shower. lavarse. To wash oneself. lavarse el pelo. To wash one’s hair. lavarse los dientes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of More Reflexive Verbs

  • More Reflexive Verbs

  • acostarseTo go to bed

  • afeitarseTo shave oneself

  • baarseTo take a bath

  • despertarseTo wake up

  • dormirseTo fall asleep

  • ducharse To take a shower

  • lavarse To wash oneself

  • lavarse el pelo To wash ones hair

  • lavarse los dientes to brush ones teeth

  • cepillarse los dientesTo brush ones teeth

  • levantarse To get up

  • maquillarse To put on makeup

  • peinarse To comb ones hair

  • secarse To dry

  • arreglarse To get ready

  • ponerse la ropato put on ones clothes

  • quitarse la ropato take off ones clothes

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