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Spectator Guide for the 2014 Red Kite Stages Rally and Red Kite Historic Stages Rally

Transcript of Red Kite 2014 Spectator Guide



    Round OneRound OneRound One

    Red Kite Stages Sunday 2nd February 2014

    Organised by Amman & District Motor Club Ltd.

    Spectator Guide



    2014 West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship


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    West Wales Rally Spares

    R.A.C. Rally Championship Partners 3

    The R.A.C. Rally Championship 4

    Welcome to the West Wales Rally Spares

    R.A.C. Rally Championship 2014 6

    Rally Introduction

    Red Kite Historic Stages 7

    Previous Winners 8

    R.A.C. Rally Championship on TV 9

    Paddy Hopkirk to be celebrated by R.A.C Rally Championship


    27 partners unveiled for WWRS R.A.C Rally Championship


    Event Preview

    Spectator Route 18

    Entry List 20

    DIO Safety Briefing 24

    Acknowledgements 25



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    West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship


    With Thanks to our tyre partners

    With Thanks to our championship partners

    With Thanks to our TV partners


    Page 4

    The R.A.C. Rally Championship

    T he R.A.C.. Rally Championship was conceived back at the end of 2012, with brief details being announced at the prize

    presentation of the Roger Albert Clark Rally

    that year.

    The initial concept was to create a new

    historic championship which would introduce cars from a later era

    than was currently allowed. It was originally known as the Pre 87

    Championship, reflecting the widening of the categories of cars

    competing, but it would become known as The R.A.C. Rally

    Championship. This would ensure the continued provenance of the

    Roger Albert Clark Rally with its ethos of friendly and open


    Organised by the same team who made that rally possible, the

    championship would prove to be extremely popular throughout the

    2013 season.

    Once the series had been ratified and registration opened, an

    impressive number of competitors responded. This influx of numbers

    was overwhelming and suggested to the organisers that this was the

    time for this type of championship.

    Throughout 2013 the number of registered competitors grew and by

    the end of the season an impressive total of 88 crews had

    registered. Our ambition is to take that total to more than 100 in


    Originally planned as a seven round series, the early part of the year

    was decimated by the weather, with the first two rounds quickly

    cancelled due to the heavy snow which settled Wales.

    This meant that the first round proper was the Mid Wales Rally,


    Page 5

    The R.A.C. Rally Championship which started in the centre of Newtown. This rally attracted than

    50 registered championship entrants, swelling the combined entry

    list for the event to well over 90 cars. The final count showed 29

    BDA/BDG engined Escorts in a

    field that also included cars from

    Volvo, BMW, Hillman, Opel,

    Austin, Alfa Romeo, Sunbeam

    and Triumph. This huge number

    of entrants attracted a record

    number of spectators to watch in

    the forests of mid Wales and this

    unprecedented level of interest was to continue throughout the

    much shortened season.

    The skill and determination of the crews taking part throughout

    2013 was a spectacular sight. The competition was close, fast yet


    The 2013 Championship year was settled in Wales at the end of

    the Red Kite, which had been

    rescheduled to September after the

    cancellation in February. The

    inaugural championship had been

    won in style by Marty McCormack

    and Phil Clarke taking three wins

    from four.

    The excitement of the first year is

    set to continue throughout 2014,

    when the season kicks off again on the Red Kite Rally.

    Malcolm Higgins


    Page 6

    Welcome to the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship 2014

    W elcome to the 2014 West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship organised by the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor

    Club. In its inaugural year in 2013 this all-

    new championship attracted

    unprecedented competitor support and

    has consistently drawn stunning entries

    with quality and quantity to match.

    Back in March 2013, on the Rally Marketing Mid Wales Rally, the

    championship got off to a flying start with a record breaking number

    of registered contenders taking part. This number bucked the trend of

    the last six years where there had been a significant decline in the

    number of historic entries received.

    In 2014 the championship will once again consist of seven rounds

    with the inclusion of the Severn Valley Stages one of the best gravel

    rallies in Wales. Competitors will count their best six results towards

    the end of the season awards.

    The remaining schedule mirrors the 2013 events, as we are keen to

    keep faith with the rallies that supported us from the beginning.

    Our aim is to have 45-55 stage miles per rally with usually a one day

    format and rallies on Saturdays wherever possible.

    In 2014 we will not include any asphalt rallies but this will be very

    much under review for 2015.

    Paul Lawrence

    Championship Press and PR Officer


    Page 7

    Rally Introduction Round 1 - The Red Kite Stages

    W elcome to this the 2014 Red Kite Historic Stages and a return to our traditional date after the September run in

    2013 year due to the unforeseen cancellation

    earlier in the year.

    Once again we would like to thank all of our

    sponsors for their continued backing in these difficult times, and the

    competitors for their support in making the Red Kite Stages a


    no-nonsense event with classic stages around the Llandovery area.

    We would also like to welcome registered competitors in the West

    Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship.

    We hope to see you for a good days motorsport on the 2nd

    February 2014.

    Gareth Thomas,

    Clerk of the Course

    Amman and District Motor Club

    Sunday 2nd February 2014


    Page 8

    2007 Terry Brown/Paul Willetts (Ford Escort Mk2)

    2008 Julian Reynolds/Ian Oakey (Ford Escort RS 1800)

    2009 Terry Brown/Den Golding (Ford Escort Mk2)

    2010 Terry Brown/Martin Jones (Ford Escort RS)

    2011 Julian Reynolds/Ian Oakey (Ford Escort Mk2)

    2012 Not held

    2013 Marty McCormack/Phil Clarke (Ford Escort Mk2)

    Regulations are available on our website.:

    Previous Winners


    Page 9

    R.A.C. Rally Championship on TV

    T he television package for the 2014 West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship will build on the roaring success of the 2013 coverage. Once again, David Winstanley and his team at will continue to film all of the championship action for dedicated programmes on Motors TV.

    Each round of the championships seven rounds will be covered in detail in a 90-minute programme on Motors TV with multiple repeats and there will also be an end-of-season review programme to give the championship over 50 hours of TV coverage. Initial broadcasts will run in prime-time slots, typically three weeks after the rally. In addition to the TV coverage, each event will be featured on YouTube, with a report uploaded as soon as possible after each event.

    Alongside the TV coverage, the entire R.A.C. Rally Championship will again be available on iRally and will build on more than one million views achieved in 2013 for the championship and the Roger Albert Clark Rally. The free iRally App is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices and offers an incredibly popular rally video channel.

    Support for coverage of the 2014 WWRS R.A.C. Rally Championship comes from TV partners Amigos, JD Garage Equipment, Jordan Road Surfacing, Lloyd-Thomas Opticians, Lynwood Classic Engines, Rally


    Page 10

    R.A.C. Rally Championship on TV

    and Competition Equipment,, Robinson Road Planing, Skipton Ford, Sherwood Engines and Swift Leisure.

    It is a privilege to work with the R.A.C. Rally Championship, said David Winstanley. It is a great platform for us to work with, and with such an enthusiastic band of competitors and organisers we are always working to improve the package. We are very grateful to the TV partners for their support.


    Page 11

    Paddy Hopkirk to be celebrated by R.A.C Rally Championship

    R all