Version 2013 - we Kite Weddings Red Kite has been a popular force of live music in Singapore for...

download Version 2013 - we Kite Weddings Red Kite has been a popular force of live music in Singapore for half a decade. Red Kite Weddings was formed recently to add our special touch for

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Transcript of Version 2013 - we Kite Weddings Red Kite has been a popular force of live music in Singapore for...

  • Version 2013.10

  • Red Kite Weddings

    Red Kite has been a popular force of live music in Singapore for half a decade. Red Kite Weddings was formed recently to add our special touch for weddings!

    Every wedding has a story of its own, and we believe that customization is the key to let music to tell your love story. Dedicated in providing unique options to couples, we offer a wide variety of wedding music in Singapore including live bands, DJs to string quartets & strollers.

    Our selection of wedding singers and bands are among the finest in Singapore. Em-cees and out-of-the-box options are also available all at your preferred budget. Find out more about us on our website,

    For inquiries/questions, please write to us at or call 91829278.

  • Class Act 2 x 45 min

    Singapore Char Siew Baos

    4pc1 Vocalist /Djembe player2 Vocalists/Guitarists1 Vocalist/Saxophonist


    3 pc 1 Vocalist /Djembe player2 Vocalists/Guitarists $2,000

    2 pc 1 Vocalist /Djembe player1 Vocalist/Guitarist $1,500

    Our Class Act

    Singapore Char Siew Baos is now a household name after making frequent appearances on nationaltelevision on shows such as One Moment of Glory (OMG) and President Star Charity. A dynamic, energetic four piece, Ruby (vocal), Jason (guitar & vocal), Jacob (guitar & vocal) and Dominic (saxophone & vocal) perform genres from jazz to pop to evergreens. They are a popular choice at weddings, corporate functions, a party or show, as they are personable and capable of delivering songs in many languages, genre and style.

    Singapore Char Siew Baos!

    DEMOS: My Cherie Amour (click) A Thousand Years - First Dance (click) Close To You (click)

    (click) (click)

  • Wedding DuetsSoak up the celebration of love with a pair of songbirds! No one can undermine the combined power of two which can be witnessed by happily married folks and the beautiful union of music and voice by our wedding duos. With a romantic repertoire

    of famous wedding duets of the old days to the latest radio hits, let our pair accompany you in song as you walk down the aisle with your better half.

    Joy & PehJoy and Peh believe that the most engaging instru-ment is the human voice and vocal harmony is the best symphony. With this belief in mind, they will bring col-our and life to your wedding night with their soothing vocals and masterful harmonies. Having worked to-gether extensively for countless wedding performances, Joy and Peh are sure to provide you and your beloved guests that added sparkle on the night to remember.

    DEMOS:Make you feel my love (click)What are words (click)

    Polkadot + Moonbeam / MINTPolkadot + Moonbeam is a jazz and contem-porary music duo, most loved for their intimateduets featuring their chemistry through the harmon-ic arrangements they have created, as well as their unique personalities through improvisation through their own interpretations of jazz/latin standards and contemporary classics, performed on vocals, piano, ukulele, bass and pianica. They are called MINT when a keyboard instead of a ukelele is used.

    MINT (Piano + bass)DEMOS:

    (click)Lucky (click)

    P+M (ukelele + bass) DEMOS:

    My baby just cares for me (click)Bye Bye Blackbird (click)

  • Wedding Duets 2 x 45 minJoy & Peh Duo (2pc) 1 Vocalist

    1 Vocalist & Guitarist $900

    Polkadot + Moonbeam/MINT Duo (2pc) 1 Vocalist & Keyboardist* 1 Vocalist & Bassist


    Phoebee Ong & Eric Du Duo (2pc) 1 Vocalist 1 Vocalist & Keyboardist*


    Squarebound Duo (2pc) 1 Vocalist 1 Vocalist & Keyboardist*


    MoJu Duo Duo (2pc) 1 Vocalist 1 Guitarist


    *If keyboardist is chosen, there will be an additional cost of $100 for the rental of digital piano. If a grand piano or upright piano is available at the venue, the pianist can use it without rental needed.

    Phoebee Ong & Eric DuPhoebee is one of the most popular local songbirds in Singapore known for her ability to cover a wide repertoire in fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Eric is an outstanding artiste with ex-ceptional vocals. As a singer/songwriter, he has performed in many concerts as special guest artiste, as well as for wedding events. The duo is heavily sought after by wedding couples and live music venues including Beer Market, Shuffle, Five Izakaya Bar .DEMOS:Lucky (click) (click)

    Squarebound From serenading a bride and grooms first dance, to pumping up a function or a party with a crowd rousing sing-along, Germaine and Alex will fulfill all your live music needs. With vast experi-

    ence over the past half-decade doing various events, func-tions and weddings, as well ascompetitions, Squarebound has

    racked up many accolades, both as a group and as individuals.

    DEMOS:Say something (click)

    This Love (click)

    moju duoEnjoying musics like listening to a good story telling with all the emotional factors. Julians soulful voice fused with Daniels playful guitar work creates a feel good music to the audi-ence. Theres always some surprising twist in the way they pre-sent their music. Expect freshly unique renditions of some clas-sic rock, reggae, country, top 40, evergreen, jazz, etc from them. DEMOS:Cuando CuandoLets Stay Together

  • Wedding SingersThis selection of singers are of Singapores best, and each has a repertoire catered for weddings. From sentimental music ranging from the contemporary to evergreen, sometimes with other languages/dialects in English, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Cantonese or Hokkien hits. With their different styles, these singers can add a touch

    of class & romance, or infuse an edge or fun at your weddings.

    Ywenna CarollinJazz pianist & vocalist, Ywenna Carollin, displays a gutsy versatility in several genres of music and has shared stage with some of the well-known artists all across the world. She have released a debut album The Naked Soul with the highly acclaimed Tokyo Blue, her very own jazz instrumental band where she proved herself to be a talented composer, arranger and pianist.

    DEMOS:I Wish You Love (click)Fly Me To The Moon (click)

    Imelda TeoImelda has skillfully executed pop and jazz tunes, in both English and Mandarin, adding her own personal touch and branding it as her own. She has performed in various musical groups, as well as singing com-petitions and commercial recordings. She is a popular choice at Wed-ding Celebrations, Corporate Affairs, Private Parties and Public Shows.

    DEMOS:Fly Me to the Moon (click) (click)

  • Jessica, was born and raised in Indonesia but currently resides in Singapore. A Bachelor Degree graduate in Music from Lasalle College of The Arts Singapore, she embarked on her musical journey since 2007, playing with her previous band Changing

    Hues in various bars and pubs all around Singaporeand Indonesia. She recently released her debut solo album,

    Stepping Out in March 2012, The album is available inCD stores in Singapore and also on iTunes.

    DEMOS:Dont you love me - original (click)

    What a wonderful world (click)

    Jessica Irawan

    From local venues like the Singapore Indoor Stadium and the Marina Bay Floating Platform, to international stages in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and America, Juni has seen (and sung) it all. No stranger to the media spotlight, he and his band, MICap-pella, conquered Shenzhen in a reality TV competition in 2012, beating scores of other groups to clinch runners- up. Returning home proud, the group released their first album and made his-tory by being the only vocal band to win an award at the Singa-pore Hit Awards 2013.

    DEMO:Wedding Compilation (click)

    Juni Goh

    Danny is a singer with immense passion and constantly seeks to expose himself to more music genres.

    He aims for professionalism and perfection As the former Presi-dent of Republic Polytechnics premiermusic club Replug, he had been presented with various opportunities to grace stages for different events, and also have led the music group to an evo-

    lutional phase helped them appear on The New Paper

    DEMOS:Wonderwall (click)


    danny yee

  • Donnie Chan is a seasoned performer who has more than a decade of singing experience. He has participated in numerous English and Chinese singing competitions which have verified his talent and passion in the music industry. Donnie has recorded Theme Song for Jack Neo movie I Not Stupid and recorded in various TV Commercial jingles including McDonalds and MCDS. Donnie was also invited to perform at The Esplanade on variousmemorable occasions, such as A Tribute To Leslie Cheung, Re-membering Danny Chan and Mothers Day Special Concert.

    DEMOS:Tribute to Beyond (