Real Estate Education and Blended Learning

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Real Estate Education and Blended Learning An Educational Briefing on the Implementation of a V irtual L earning E nvironment. Introduction The context of (blended) learning Implementing a VLE Shaping the Content with Moodle Conclusions & Discussion. Introduction – 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Real Estate Education and Blended Learning

Info-Session PräsentationReal Estate Education and Blended Learning
Implementing a VLE
Conclusions & Discussion
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE):
A complex software system that helps to provide learning content and organise learning processes
Characterised by the following elements:
User administration
Communication media
Administration of modules
Networking through the Internet with ‘classical’ learning methods and media
Main Focus
The context of (blended) learning
Didactics of teaching were not first invented in the 21st century ....
Is e-learning a fad?
Interlinking virtual and face-to-face activities
Achieving meaningful learning outcomes
Knowledge acquisition independent of time and location
Provision of the knowledge base
Controlling the knowledge base
Low-profile solution = „intelligent“ file storage system
“Proprietary” vs “open-source” solutions
Development from scratch by yourself ?
Installation fairly easy
submission of assignments, quizzes, …
Just do it: “Feeding” with content
Screenshot of a topic outline within a course
Content of one module [student view]
Syllabus, learning materials, presentations, links ...
Overview of Moodle functions [programme manager’s screen view]
Easily learned and requires minimal training...
Have assignments been submitted? What is missing?
Reasonable relationship between efforts and output for participants (depending on group size, …)
Excessive expectations regarding the benefits of VLEs should be avoided