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Transcript of ReachFood ASMITA SHINDE. Index  Assumptions  Features  Technology  App Structure ...


ReachFoodAsmita shindeIndexAssumptionsFeaturesTechnologyApp StructureScreenshotsFuture EnhancementsReferencesAssumptionsLocation service and internet connection are available and enabled.The default search radius is 0.5 miles

FeaturesSearched for restaurants close by.Allows user to select the search radiusShows restaurant details like type, address,price level, hours, rating and photosAbililty to call the restaurantMap the restaurant using google mapsEmail restaurant detailsVisit restaurant website

TechnoloyApache CordovaAngular JsIonic FrameworkGoogle Places apiPlugins: Email Composer, Apache cordova inAppBrowser

App StructureHTML Files in template folder in wwwIndex.html: Staring point of the app. Includes references to cordova, google, ionic, etc. Designs the navigation bar of the app.Home.html : Home page of the app. Finds the location using HomeCtrl controller in controllers.jsShowRestaurants.html : Shows the list of restaurants within the chosen radius and allows user to search from the list and make a selection. Uses RestaurantListCtrl from controllers.jsrestaurantDetails.html: Shows info. of the chosen restaurant like address, price, rating, images, phone. User can map and visit the website within the app using the InAppBrowser plugin. Can email using the Email Composer plugin. Code in RestaurantDetailCtrl in controllers.jsaboutApp.html: Information about app and feedback mechanism.

App StructureJS Files in js folder of wwwcontrollers.js : HomeCtrl: Checks internet connection, location service and gets the current position of user.RestaurantListCtrl: Get restaurants using google places service api.RestaurantDetailCtrl: Displays details of the selected restaurant like : name, address, pricing, rating, phone, website. Also has features to email and map the locationPopup factory : Convenient display of Popups.path.js : Provides urls using $stateProvider.EmailComposer.js : plugin for sending email.




Future EnhancementsDisplay distance of the restaurant from current locationAbility to search restaurants by entering zipcode

ReferencesGoogle Api: Geolocation: Composer plugin: icon maker: Screen maker: