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  • 1. A WalkAround GabrovoThe City of laughter 3 aclass Primary school St .St .Cyril and Methodius


  • This is our city seen from above

3. Curious, funny, interesting The longest city in Bulgaria 25km Near the town is the geographical center of Bulgaria. The Roman fortress in the area Gradiste The planet Gabrovodiscovered in1976by the Russian astronomer Nikolay Chernih The carnival in May 4. The Seven Wonders of Gabrovo is a semi jocular list of "sights

  • A monument in the river - the monument ofRacho Kovacha (the Smith)built on an island in the Yantra river.
  • A ship in the forest - the building of thehospitalfor lung diseases has the shape of a ship. It was built by Pencho Semov, an industrialist. Gabrovians have named it "the Steam ship".
  • A tree on the road -acentennialtreenear the monument of Racho Kovacha.
  • Stairs to nowhere -stairs among the trees near the House of Culture.
  • Planet Gabrovo, ( the Asteroid2206-Gabrovo).
  • 3 ladies under water acompositionof three naked bathing women holding a fish in the fountain in front of Hotel Yantra.
  • The horsemen on the roof ofthe House of Culture .
  • Some of these we have drawn, and others we have seen.
  • Alexandrina Raynova - 10

5. The monument of Vasil Aprilov In 1835 in Gabrovo was opened the first secular school where the mutual instruction method was applied. Many people had planned that event before but the idea came fromVasil AprilovandNikolay Palauzov , Bulgarian traders, born in Gabrovo, who settled in Odessa. Nowadays in the building behind the monument of Aprilov is the Aprilov High School. 6. Monument of Racho Kovacha (the Smith) in the river Gabrovo emerged in the Middle Ages near the Balkan mountain passes. According to a legend the town was founded byRacho Kovacha , but there is no unconditional evidence about it. In the years of the Ottoman rule Gabrovo was a prominent craft and trade center. 26 crafts developed in Gabrovo smithery, armoury, cutlery, cart-smithery, pottery ,woolen braiding, furriery, silkworm breeding, and many others. 7. The Museum of History Here is exhibited the first Bulgarian banknote with a serial 000001 from 1881, one of the three gold coins of Philip of Macedonia from the third century BC and the best preserved chain armourin Bulgaria from the ninth century. 8.

  • On the celebration of our school - May 11 we visited the Museum of Education. The tourist guide told us about the famous persons of the Bulgarian national Revival - Vasil Aprilov, Petar Beron, Paisii Hilendarski, etc. We examined the first textbook, called the "Fish primer and the first globe. We saw how the classrooms looked like in those times. Pupils used to write in sand boxes with special sticks and nibs. We saw the plates that used to be hung around the necks of the good and of the naughty children. In the courtyard of the museum is the tomb of Vasil Aprilov.
  • Kaloyan Kolev - 9.5 years

The Museum of ducation 9. The Aprilov School 10. Ran Bosilek is a childrens writer Dechkov's House Museum 11.

  • Gabrovo is also famous for being the capital of humor and satire, and it is a very interesting city. Here is the only huge black cat with a cut tail in the world. We have an exciting carnival every third Saturday of May. In the park near the theater can be seen a statue of a bear. It was created in 1961.
  • Victoria Koleva - 9 years

12. The House of Humour and Satire 13. 14.

  • In theautumnwe v isitedthemuseum Etar. The re wewent sightseeing through theold houses, shops and workshops. We saw howcraftsmenma d e pipe s, earthen jugs ,knives ,fur caps,rugs, etc.We tasted the s ugarroosters and the special bread called "simit, baked there .We were showninteresting bridges, chairs and tables.We threw small coins i n therivulet for goodluck.
  • The museum was built under the project of Lazar Donkov.Etar wasinauguratedo fficially on September 7, 1964 but was declared a national park 3 yearslater. T odayEtar is a Cultural heritage .

Etar - Architectural ethnographic complex, Gabrovo 15. 16. Drawings of Gabrovo Plamen Alex Gabi Vicky Nathlay Stefcho 17. Drawings of Gabrovo Gabriela Melany Yoanna Kaloyan 18. Project Work 19. 20. Practical tasks Sugar delicacies shaped fromplasticine Ready for the carnival RachoKovacha (the Smith) A cat from Gabrovo 21. The Pupils 22. The world has survived because it has smyal ! 23. See you soon! 3 class Class teacher :Nina Kaneva email: nina_c06@abv.bgThe site of the class : http://www.vijte-aklas.hit.bg/