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SWEETS INBOXPune Delicious Sweets Online

http://www.sweetsinbox.comABOUT SWEETS INBOX We Indians are a passionate breed. We are passionate about our culture, customs, movies, and most definitively, our food. And when it comes to food, sweets have a special place of their own. Folk wisdom has it that one should never step out of the house after eating dessert, or risk getting attacked by evil spirits. Because evil spirits love sweets too. Maybe only in India. Making sweet delicacies is our mothers way of showing how much they love us. Sweet treats are what we return with for our friends and colleagues when we visit our hometowns. The happier we are, the bigger and juicier are the laddoos we give out in the neighbourhood. The sadder we feel, the more the amount of mithai we promise to offer to our deities for granting our wishes. Neither festivities nor hospitality in India is complete without sweets. Indian diversity is perfectly reflected in the countless shapes, colours and flavours of confectionery we have. We are here, your gateway to the sweet realm. Go on, explore to see how we promise to sweeten your life!

http://www.sweetsinbox.comWHY US?

Unique recipeStress on health & hygieneRich experienceVariety of sweetsSuperior quality standardsAdvanced packagingContemporary manufacturing unit


OUR PRODUCTSOnline SweetsTraditional SweetsBakery ProductsFast Food ProductsFestival SpecialSugar Free sweetsNankeensPune Special SweetsRajsthan Special Sweets

http://www.sweetsinbox.com PUNE BHAVNAGARI SWEETSChocolate-Bhavnagari SweetsMix Fruit -Bhavnagari SweetsBlack Currant & Kiwi-Bhavnagari SweetsStrawberry & Kiwi-Bhavnagari SweetsKaju Katli-Bhavnagari SweetsKhajur Dry Fruit Rolls-Bhavnagari SweetsDodha Burfi (Delhi Special)-Bhavnagari SweetsAmerican Dry Fruit Rolls-Bhavnagari SweetsGulab Dry Fruit Laddu-Bhavnagari SweetsDry Fruit Coin-Bhavnagari SweetsKaju Kesar Rolls-Bhavnagari SweetsCadbury Dry Fruit Rolls-Bhavnagari Sweets

http://www.sweetsinbox.com PUNE MITHAS SWEETS

Rajbhog 1Kg [10pc] Tin-Mithas Sweets

Gulab Jamun 1kg [16pc] Tin-Mithas SweetsRasgulla 1kg [16pc] Tin-Mithas Sweets

Kaju Khaskhas Chikki-Mithas SweetsPeanut Crush Chikki-Mithas SweetsDryfruit Chikki-Mithas SweetsMotichur Laddu-Mithas SweetsMalai Barfi-Mithas Sweets

Pista Paan-Mithas Sweets

Kaju Katli-Mithas Sweetshttp://www.sweetsinbox.com PUNE BIKANER SEV BHANDAR

Sp Peda-Bikaner Sev BhandarDesi Balushahi-Bikaner Sev BhandarDesi Mysore Pak-Bikaner Sev BhandarBesan laddu-Bikaner Sev BhandarBadam laddu-Bikaner Sev BhandarSpecial Laddu-Bikaner Sev BhandarKalakand (Brown Milk Cake)-Bikaner Sev BhandarDry Fruit Masti-Bikaner Sev BhandarKaju Katli-Bikaner Sev Bhandar

http://www.sweetsinbox.com PUNE CHITALE BANDHU SWEETS

http://www.sweetsinbox.com PUNE KARACHI SWEET MART




FOR DETAILS CONTACT US..Email : info@sweetsinbox.comContact - +91 8390 609 609, 8390 362 362Registered Address Khandelwal Niketan, 427 Shastri Nagar, Dadabari, Kota. (Rajasthan) - 324009.

http://www.sweetsinbox.comTHANK YOU AND ENJOY DCELIOUS SWEET