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  • At PT. Gentong Gotri, our mission is to maintain and enhance the success of clove cigarette, which is an original heritage of Indonesian culture, in its own country and to make it known and accepted in other parts of the world.


  • PT. Gentong Gotri is the second oldest among the current existing cigarette manufacturing companies in Indonesia. We are proud to be a part of Indonesians clove cigarettes history. WHO WE ARE

  • We always do our best to maintain and improve the quality of our products for the sake of our customers satisfaction. We always strive to develop a mutual and long lasting relationship with our business partners.


  • Backed by our nearly nine decades of experience in the tobacco industry, we produce the highest quality clove cigarettes for our customers in Indonesia and other parts of the world. WHAT WE DO

  • 1927 - 1941 Founded by the late Mr. Ong Kee Kan in the year 1927 in Boja, Central Java, Indonesia, our business started as a home industry. Thanks to the constantly increasing demand for our cigarettes, our business grew rapidly.

    COMPANY HISTORY 1942 - 1946 Due to the arrival of Japanese troops in Indonesia in 1942, our business was moved to Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, and the cigarettes that we produced were given the brand 'Gentong'. Besides producing 'Gentong' cigarettes, we also made Indonesian traditional-style cigarettes which were called 'klobot cigarettes' (cigarettes wrapped in dried corn leaves) with the brand 'Gotri'. 'Gotri' cigarettes were produced in a village located between Welahan and Jepara. Due to the popularity of our product, the village was named 'Gotri village'- a name that is kept until now

  • 1947 - 1948 In 1947, as a result of the well-increased market share, we managed to build another factory, located in Kudus, which manufactures 'Gentong' cigarettes. 1949 - 1958 In year 1949, our business was officially registered as 'CV. Tik Hong Kongsi'. 1959 - 1966 Ten years later, in year 1959, the company name was changed to 'CV. Gentong Gotri'.


  • 1967 - 1979 In 1967, it was finally registered as a private limited company with the name 'PT. Perusahaan Rokok Gentong Gotri'. The name 'Gentong Gotri' was derived from our first two cigarette brands, namely 'Gentong' and 'Gotri'.

    COMPANY HISTORY 1980 - NOW In 1980, along with the well-developing market share and the technological advancement in the cigarette industry, we were able to start manufacturing machine-rolled cigarettes. Currently, PT. Gentong Gotri runs a 5.5 hectare (55,000 square meters) factory with approximately 2,000 employees. In addition, to further improve the service to our loyal consumers, we also have some marketing offices operating in several areas such as Banten and West Java.


    Company Name PT. Gentong Gotri Year of Establishment 1927 Ownership Type Private Limited Company Category National Private Company Registration The Department of Industry No. 1168/DJAI/VII/1987 Date of Registration July 27th, 1987 Location of Registration Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia Business Type Manufacturer Main Products Hand-rolled clove cigarettes Machine-rolled filtered clove cigarettes Production Capacity >1,300,000,000 hand-rolled cigarette sticks / year >1,800,000,000 machine-rolled filtered cigarette sticks / year Total No. of Employees Approximately 2,000 people President Director Mr. Budihartanto Wongsosuhendro Company Website URL


    Company Operational Addresses MARKETING OFFICE Central Park Office Tower 25th Floor Unit T6 Jl. Letjen S. Parman kav. 28 Jakarta Barat 11470 Indonesia Phone : +622129034368 Fax : +622129034366 FACTORY Jl. Gebanganom Raya no. 18 Semarang 50114 Central Java Indonesia

  • Our products are made from a blend of various ingredients, which include: Sliced tobacco Tobacco leaves Whole Clove Those ingredients are imported from the finest plantations from all across Indonesia, such as: TOBACCO Temanggung Weleri Madura Mranggen Bojonegoro Muntilan


    CLOVE Manado Bali West Java Central Java

  • The various types of tobacco are blended together by our fully-trained and experienced specialists, and processed using steam, vacuum chamber, separator, and other necessary machineries, in order to get the perfect size and humidity. Furthermore, the tobacco-blend is blended together with clove and added with a special compound, which is called tobacco flavor, in order to get a distinctive aroma.


  • GENTONG Gentong is our first ever product, which can already be considered as a heritage of Indonesian clove cigarette culture now. Since 1927, this product has not been changed at all, both in terms of blend and packaging design. Gentong only uses a very minimum amount of additional flavor, so that the original taste and aroma of its top-grade tobacco can be conserved. Thanks to its original taste, Gentong has managed to gain so many loyal consumers for almost nine decades.


    Category : Hand-rolled cigarettes Filter : No Stick Length : 77mm Packaging type : Soft pack Packaging Dimensions : 50mm x 80mm x 16mm Content : 12 sticks Tar : 37mg Nicotine : 1.8mg

  • PAK TANI Pak Tani, or literally The Farmer, is our other product which has also been exsisting for a very long time, namely seven decades. On the contrary to Gentong, Pak Tani is a product that constantly evolves by listening to the feedbacks from its loyal consumers, which just happened to be actual farmers. Pak Tani also has a very different characteristic compared to Gentong, it gets a generous amount of flavor for a distinctive taste and aroma.


    Category : Hand-rolled cigarettes Filter : No Stick Length : 77mm Packaging type : Soft pack Packaging Dimensions : 50mm x 80mm x 16mm Content : 12 sticks Tar : 40mg Nicotine : 2.3mg

  • SURA MAHKOTA RAJA Currently Raja is our leading export product, which is mainly popular in South East Asian countries. It is a full-flavored, filtered, machine-rolled clove cigarette, created exclusively to fulfill the needs of experienced smokers. Every single puff of Raja offers a smooth withdrawal, a savory taste, a distinctive spicy aroma, a thick smoke, and a strong impact that will satisfy even the most demanding smokers.


    Category : Machine-rolled cigarettes Filter : Yes Stick Length : 91mm Packaging type : Hard pack Packaging Dimensions : 50mm x 95mm x 16mm Content : 12 sticks Tar : 30mg Nicotine : 1.6mg

  • CLOVE MILD Clove Mild is one of the mild-category cigarettes which are currently preferred by many people in Indonesia. The term mild-category cigarettes itself refers to low-nicotine, filtered, machine-rolled clove cigarettes. This type of cigarettes is currently highly-favorable among young-generation smokers, women, and smokers who are concerned about the nicotine level in the cigarettes that they smoke. The main ingredients of Clove Mild itself consist of Indonesian and imported Virginian tobacco blend, clove, and flavor. The blending of those ingredients results in a strong-tasting clove cigarette, but with only 1.0 mg nicotine.


    Category : Machine-rolled cigarettes Filter : Yes Stick Length : 89mm Packaging type : Hard pack Packaging Dimensions : 58mm x 95mm x 16mm Content : 16 sticks Tar : 21mg Nicotine : 1.0mg

  • FEARLESS Fearless is our only product which is exclusively sold outside Indonesia. It is a product adapted to the taste of most consumers in other parts of the world which used to smoke the popular Virginia-blend cigarette type. Fearless can be considered as an Indonesian version of Virginia-blend cigarettes. However, a minimum amount of clove is still added to this product. This is a statement of our identity as one of the pioneers in the clove cigarette industry.


    Category : Machine-rolled cigarettes Filter : Yes Stick Length : 86mm Packaging type : Hard pack Packaging Dimensions : 50mm x 92mm x 16mm Content : 12 sticks Tar : 16mg Nicotine : 1.2mg

  • Our factory in Semarang, Central Java, occupies a 5.5 hectare (55,000 square meters) area. The factory is divided into two manufacturing divisions, namely the hand-rolled cigarette division and the machine-rolled cigarette division. THE HAND-ROLLED CIGARETTE DIVISION In this manufacturing division, hand-rolled cigarettes are made by highly-trained workers. A fully-experienced worker can produce an average of 3,500 cigarette sticks in a day. We are capable of producing more than 1,300,000,000 cigarette sticks annually. THE MACHINE-ROLLED CIGARETTE DIVISION The machine-rolled cigarette division is equipped with maker machines, packing machines, and wrapping machines, which work together in a continuous cycle under supervision of highly-skilled operators in order to manufacture more than 1,800,000,000 filtered cigarette sticks in a year.


  • Our products are currently spread on these areas: Batam city South Lampung regency Serang regency Cilegon city Lebak regency Pandeglang regency Tangerang regency Tangerang city South Tangerang city


    West Bandung regency Cimahi city Cirebon regency Garut regency Tasikmalaya regency Semarang city Kudus city Sabah state Sarawak state

    Bogor city Bogor regency Depok city Bekasi city Bekasi regency Karawang regency Subang regency Bandung regency Bandung city

  • We are looking for business partners i