PSS Brochure B1119-3 Steering Systems No Bleed · PDF file The PSS range of steering columns...

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Transcript of PSS Brochure B1119-3 Steering Systems No Bleed · PDF file The PSS range of steering columns...

  • Steering Systems You Can Depend On

    Off-Highway Steering Systems

    OEM steering columns & systems trusted by the world’s leading

    off-highway vehicle manufacturers


  • Steering Systems You Can Depend On

    Hundreds of thousands of off -highway vehicles and their users depend on PSS steering systems every day.

    Since 2009, PSS has produced over 60,000 steering columns each year for use by many of the world’s leading manufacturers of off -highway vehicles.

    PSS steering columns are relied upon in hard working environments including:

    • Material Handling • Construction • Earth Moving • Agriculture & Grounds Keeping

    The most dependable & cost-eff ective steering solutions for off -highway vehicle manufacturers

  • Superior Quality as Standard

    Off -highway vehicles work hard and down- time costs money. As a manufacturer, you need to know every part will ensure your customers experience total reliability.

    At PSS, we set the very highest standards and rigorously test every single product before it leaves our factory.

    We use the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure the product you receive is ready for assembly and thousands of hours of dependable use.

    As an OE supplier for military vehicles, we know a thing or two about creating dependable products for the toughest environments!

    As an OE supplier to the military, we create dependable products for the toughest environments

  • At PSS, we protect your margin as well as your reputation

    Controlling Costs, Not Just Steering

    At PSS, we protect your margin as well as your reputation.

    Many of the world’s leading off-highway brands rely on PSS every day to supply the right product, at the right price.

    At PSS, our manufacturing facilities and processes mean we can balance superior quality with lower costs.

    We can produce a steering system which not only demonstrates the quality in your vehicle, but keeps costs down for you and your customers.

  • Trusted for Original Equipment Manufacturing by Major Brands

    Established in 1971, PSS has been at the forefront of steering for over 45 years.

    Today, we deliver over 60,000 units per year to many of the world’s largest off-highway vehicle brands.

    Our precision engineering has also made us a leader in steering remanufacturing; creating supply solutions for leading road vehicle manufacturers and the British military.

    Our Series 600 steering pump can be found in every US military Humvee and Stryker.

    More than just a supplier, we’re your partner

    OEM partner

  • With PSS, Just-In-Time is right every time

    Steering Columns

    The PSS range of steering columns is highly flexible, including:

    • 38mm or 45mm • Fixed or adjustable (height and/or angle) • 9 different steering wheel connections • Gas spring or mechanical pivots • Cabin floor or steering unit mounting • Male or female axle journal connections • Individual columns or fully assembled steering units

    Our responsive manufacturing allows us to supply anything from a small batch to a dependable supply of tens-of-thousands.

  • Steering Pumps, Racks & Shafts

    PSS steering pumps, racks and shafts have been proven in the toughest environments.

    Every day our racks and shafts work hard in construction, mining and agriculture. As an OE supplier to Humvee, our steering pumps even serve in war zones.

    We can provide a wide range of steering pumps, racks and shafts for vehicles ranging from ride-on mowers to earth movers.

    Whether you need strength or value, we can deliver the right product at a cost that fits your needs.

    More than 200,000 steering pumps supplied to Humvee

  • Total Steering Solutions

    As an established partner to major off-highway manufacturers, we’ve gained a reputation for being adaptive and dependable.

    From individual parts to entire modular steering systems, we can deliver the perfect solution direct to your production line.

    As well as columns, pumps, racks and shafts, we can supply part or full assemblies including steering wheels, indicators, vehicle wiring and horns.

    At PSS, we supply exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

    Need something different? At PSS, we’ll use our skills and experience to engineer the perfect solution, whatever you require solutions


  • PSS Folgate Road

    North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 0AJ, United Kingdom

    +44 (0)1692 406017

    Steering Systems You Can Depend On