Project4 Third Edition Tests

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Transcript of Project4 Third Edition Tests

Unit 1 a W h a t w e r e t h e y d o i n g w h e n . . . ?

Oxford University Press


Unit 1 b W h a t p r e s e n t w i l l y o u m a k e ?

Your teacher

A friend

Your grandmother

Your mother


Your father


Oxford University Press


Unit 2a So y o u t h i n k it's e a s y being a t e a c h e r !Role Play 1: Teacher roleYou are a teacher. One of your students never does his homework and you are going to talk to him to tell him he must work harder.

Role Play 1: Student roleYou are a student. You have a lot of free time activities and you never have time for homework, so you don't do it. Your teacher wants to talk to you about it. Explain to him why he shouldn't give you homework.

Role Play 2: Teacher roleYou are an IT teacher. One of your students is having problems with a virus and you think he / she has gone on the Internet when you told the students not to. Ask him / her about what sites they have looked at and what they have used the computer for.

Role Play 2: Student roleYou are in the IT class and your computer is not working. You went on the Internet and now the mouse and keyboard don't work and nothing is moving on the screen. Explain what happened.

Role Play 3: Teacher roleYou are an English teacher. One of your students is clever but doesn't read anything except what you tell him / her and comics.Try to change his / her mind so he / she wants to read more.

Role Play 3: Student roleYou are a student. Your hobby is playing computer games and you spend all your free time doing this. Your teacher thinks you don't do enough work for school but you always do your homework and you get good marks. Explain why you need all your free time for your hobby. I j


Oxford University Press


2b T h e ApprenticeMaster cardYou are a movie stunt actor and you want to train a new stunt actor. The other members of your group want to be your apprentice and you have to choose the best one. Ask them what they have done and when. Ask about their hobbies, sports, training and work experience.

Apprentice card 1Name Smith Education University of California 2002-2006 - on skiing scholarship - Diploma in sports studies Work experience Skiing instructor - Colorado - December 2006 to April 2007 Swimming and Diving Instructor - April 2007 to now Hobbies All sports - California karate champion in 2004, skiing, snowboarding (since 2003), Judo (started when 12 years old), started to learn free fall parachuting in 2008

Apprentice card 2Name Jolly Education Imperial College London 2001-2005 - Engineering Work experience Driver and test driver for motor racing team 2005-2007, Won 2 races in 2006 and 2 in 2007 Journalist for motor magazine 2007 to now Hobbies Shooting (for 1 year), fencing (since 2004), driving fast cars Won London fencing championship in 2006

Apprentice card 3Name Knight Education West Chicago High School 1998-2004 Work experience Apprentice cook 2004-2006 Shop assistant 2006-now Hobbies Acting - danced in musical April 2005 Dancing (since 4 years old) Extreme sports - 25 bungee jumps, 6 free fall parachute jumps Freestyle skateboard champion of Chicago 2000, 2001 and 2003

Apprentice card 4Name Queen Education Hong Kong International School 1999-2004 Work experience Pilot training 2005-2006 Pilot for parachuting club 2006 to now Hobbies Flying, parachuting (since 2006), hang gliding (started 6 months ago) Judo (since 10 years old)


Oxford University Press

Unit W h a t s h o u l d w e e a t ?

1 bowl of cereal

2 chicken

3 coffee

4 birthday cake

6 crisps

7 bacon and eggs

8 jacket potato

9 chocolate bar

10 grapes

11 nuts

12 sweets



Oxford University Press


Unit 3b S e n t e n c e - m a k i n g r a c eThis is / There are




Idog bit.


This is the- finger that



Oxford University Press


Unit 4 a Chain s t o r i e s f r o m picture c l u e s

Oxford University Press


Unit 4 b W h y a r e t h e y l i k e t h a t ? P a n e l g a m e1 a boy smiling with anticipation 2 a film

3 a book

5 a football match

7 pupils listening to a teacher

8 a band playing music

9 fans listening to music at concert

10 a girl reading a book


Oxford University Press


Unit 5a D a n g e r s to t h e e n v i r o n m e n t

Unit 5b 'I'm s o r r y ' role p l a y sRole Play 1: Role aYou lent your friend your computer but he / she hasn't given it back to you. Ask him / her if you can have it.

Role Play 1: Role bYou borrowed your friend's computer and you broke it. You have to tell him / her what happened and say that you are sorry.

Role Play 2: Role aYou have lost your dog. Ask your partner if he / she has seen it.

Role Play 2: Role bYou were in your partner's house and you left the door open and the dog ran out and ran away.

Role Play 3: Role aYou are the school librarian. Your partner borrowed a library book and did not bring it back in time. Ask him / her for the book.

Role Play 3: Role bYou borrowed a book from the school library and you lost it. Now the school librarian wants to see you.

Role Play 4: Role aYour partner is cooking you a surprise dinner, but he / she is taking a very long time. Ask if you can help with the cooking.

Role Play 4: Role bYou are cooking dinner for your partner but you have burnt the meat and it cannot be eaten. You have to tell him / her something.


Oxford University Press


Unit 6 a W h a t w i l l y o u d o i f . . . ?


Your Mum doesn't like your boy / girl friend

j 1

Your parents dont let you go to concerts

Your teacher gives you too much homework

Your best friend steals all your boy / girl friends

Your parents won't let you use the Internet

You lose your mobile phone



Oxford University Press



Look at t h e chart. W r i t e sentences a b o u t h o w Shelly has c h a n g e d . Use used to. A g e d 10 Now high-heeled boots listening to music playing the guitar spaghetti Bolognese

Unit 1 T e s t Look at t h e pictures. C o m p l e t e t h e sentences with the words. baggy p\sm striped short-sleeved checked straight food T-shirt. . shirt. . shorts. _ shoes. T-shirt. T-shirt. jeans. wear hobby

pink shoes collecting badges listen to music chicken and chips

long-sleeved Example Alex is wearing 1 2 3 4 5 6


a plain short-sleeved

drink get up Example

coffee 7 am

coffee 8.15 am

Sam is wearing a . Max is wearing _ Andie is wearing Willie is wearing a _ Nicky is wearing a Cameron is wearing

When she- was ten, used to wear pinfc shoes. Mow she wears high-heeled boots.

/4 4 C o m p l e t e t h e sentences using had to, didn't have to, could or couldn't. Alex Max W i l l i e Nicky S a m C a m e r o n A n d i e Kelly's mum was working late so Kelly make dinner. 1 The cinema was very close, so they walk very far. 2 Charlie had an exam on Thursday so he go to bed late on Wednesday. 3 Sam sing and dance, so she got a had to

ZED2 C o m p l e t e t h e text using t h e correct f o r m of t h e verb in brackets. While I was2

(be) in a History class yesterday,1

something very unusual Our t e a c h e r Boudicca and how she 3

(happen). (tell) us about Queen (fight) the (hear) a (turn) round. 4

Romans, when suddenly I 4 noise behind me. 1 56

part in the school musical. Maths is easy for Pam, so she _ hard for the exam. revise

A w o m a n with long hair and strange clothes (sit) there. (say), 1 you10 8

'Hello', she 7 Boudicca.' 'What9 1 asked her. 'Well, 1

.(be) (do) here?'


It was raining hard, so they top of the mountain.

.see the


We were late for school, so we . all the way. /6


(hear) your teacher talk

about my battles with the Romans and I wanted to hear more.' _/10 )


Oxford University Press PHOTOCOPIABLE


R e a d t h e text a n d a n s w e r t h e questions.


Which town is Sutton Hoo near?

Sutton HooSutton H o o is a famous archaeological site in Suffolk in England, not far from the town of Woodbridge. It is a burial site - a place where ancient people put dead bodies - and archaeologists think it was used in the yth century. Archaeologists started to dig on the site in 1939 and they found many interesting things which gave them useful information about a period of British history that they didn't know much about. No one was surprised that they found a burial site at Sutton H o o . People already knew that there were a lot of small hills called mounds in the area, and they knew that the Anglo-Saxons made these mounds when they buried their dead. B u t they were surprised by what they found when they dug up the biggest mound. They were amazed to discover a whole ship which was about 27 metres long. They did not find a dead body, though, and this puzzled them for a time. B u t then they used chemical tests which showed that there used to be a body. However, over the centuries it decomposed into nothing. T h e Sutton H o o site is now open to the public. N o t very many foreign tourists go to that part of England. However, when they are in Ixmdo