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Project management of major water supply project.

Transcript of Project management wtp pattuvam scheme feb 10 v2

  • 1. Project Management ofProject Management of Water Supply ProjectWater Supply Project Capacity: 93 MLD Cost: USD 80 MillionCapacity: 93 MLD Cost: USD 80 Million Chandra DissanayakeChandra Dissanayake Senior Resident EngineerSenior Resident Engineer Tokyo Engineering Consultants Co Ltd Pattuvam Scheme, Kerala, IndiaPattuvam Scheme, Kerala, India February 2010February 2010

2. The state has been able to provide water to 79% of the urban and 59% of the rural population and efforts are being made to cover the rest of the population. Accordingly a very ambitious project known as Kerala Water Supply Project (KWSP) was derived with support of International Corporation - Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). Five Schemes under KWSP: Trivandrum Meenard Cherthala (Kollam) Kozhikode (Calicut) Pattuvam (in Kannur District) KERALA WATER SUPPLY PROJECT (KWSP) & PATTUVAM SCHEME 3. KERALA WATER SUPPLY PROJECT (KWSP) The Government of India is the borrower and the Kerala Water Authority is the executing Agency. This Project aims at rehabilitating and augmenting the water supply systems of two urban regions namely Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram and to construct new water supply systems for three rural regions namely, Pattuvam of Kannur district, Cherthala of Alappuzha district and Meenad of Kollam district. Pattuvam Scheme is the north most beneficial area from this massive project. The international consultants M/s TEC consortium (with Black & Veatch, GKW, STC, CED) led by M/s Tokyo Engineering Consultants Company Ltd (TEC). Japan has been selected by the KWA to manage the implementation of the project. 4. Pattuvam Scheme KERALA WATER SUPPLY PROJECT (KWSP) & PATTUVAM SCHEME Kerala is a state located in southwestern India. Neighboring states include Karnataka to the north and Tamil Nadu to the south and east, and the Arabian Sea is to the west. Major cities include the state capital of Trivandrum (Thiruvanaputhram), Kollam, Cochin, Calicut (Kozhikode) and Kannur (Cannore). Kozhikode Scheme Cherthala Scheme Meenard Scheme Trivandrum Scheme 5. The Pattuvam Scheme is in Kannur District is the northern most area benefits with the KWSP. The objective of the scheme is to supply safe and potable water to 530,000 consumers in 10 villages, 7 semi-urban areas and 1 municipality in the Kannur District by constructing new facilities. Facilities include technical components for water abstraction, raw water transmission, water treatment, treated water transmission, storage reservoirs and distribution networks. The project area covers 350 km2 and the water demand of the area is estimated as 93 MLD. The source is at Pazhassi Barrage at Valapattanam River at Kuiloor and the method of extraction is by intake well. The raw water is boosted through steel pipe of 1100 mm diameter for a length of 11 km, to the Treatment Plant. The capacity of the Treatment Plant located at Peruvalathuparamba is 93 millions liters per day. PATTUVAM SCHEME 6. Pattuvam Scheme Packages Package Description Contractor Cost Ind Rs Million Cost USD Million 1 Intake, Raw Water Main, WTP Kiriloskar Brothers, Pune 1,109 28 2 Transmission Main & Associated Work SPML, Bangalore 1,219 27 3 Distribution Systems KRKCPL, Hydarbard 650 17 4 Service Reservoirs IVRCL, Hydrabard 395 8 Overall 3,349 80 7. PROJECT MANAGEMENT The Client, Kerala Water Authority has appointed Tokyo Engineering Consultants Co Ltd (TEC) as the leading consultant The Engineer to implement the project. The Pattuvam Scheme is led by highly experienced Senior Resident Engineer (SRE), Chandra Dissanayake who acts as Engineers Representative. He is supported by a project team of 36 personnel including four experienced Site Engineers. The SRE is responsible for managing the day-to-day work of the project: Construction supervision, project management, progress monitoring and reporting, quality control, verification of contractors invoices etc. Lead the construction supervision team set for the package. Liaison with the Consultants main office (Project Manager), Contractors and Client for the performance of the assigned contract package. 8. Site Engineer Package 1 Site Engineer Package 1 Site Engineer Package 2 Site Engineer Package 2 Site Engineer Package 3 Site Engineer Package 3 Site Engineer Package 4 Site Engineer Package 4 Junior Inspectors 4 Junior Inspectors 4 Senior Inspector Senior Inspector Junior Inspectors 4 Junior Inspectors 4 Senior Inspector Senior Inspector Junior Inspectors 4 Junior Inspectors 4 Senior Inspector Senior Inspector Junior Inspectors 4 Junior Inspectors 4 Senior Inspector Senior Inspector Admin & Support Staff Office Manager Computer Assistant 2 Nos Office Assistant 2 Nos Office Attendant 2 Nos Drivers 5 Nos Admin & Support Staff Office Manager Computer Assistant 2 Nos Office Assistant 2 Nos Office Attendant 2 Nos Drivers 5 Nos Senior Resident Engineer Chandra Dissanayake Senior Resident Engineer Chandra Dissanayake Project Management Structure Tokyo Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. Japan 9. Project Highlights About 1,000,000 cubic meters of earthwork; 720 kilometres of pipelines; 25,000 cubic meters of concrete and 2000 tonnes of steel. Total project value is USD80 Million. The project is unique in its nature and complexities, characterised by its spread across a large area. In view of the massiveness of the project and the complexities in the nature of the work components, it is a challenge and however essential and important for the Senior Resident Engineer to put in place a comprehensive project management, supervision, quality assurance and control during the implementation. The Project is being executed following a fast track approach. 10. Pattuvam Scheme ST1 ST2 SHT FILTER FH WW H OHT CB KoonamT ank I KoonamT ank II CWT CCT P3 P2 P1 P4 C F 1200 dia MS pipe 22km INTAKE TRANSMISSION MAIN 80 km DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM SERVICE RESERVOIRS SL PB 1PB 2 1100 dia MS pipe 22km 630 Km pipelines WTP 93 MLD Pazhassi Dam A Serve for population of 530,000 Reservoir Capacity - 27 ML 11. Package 1 Component Details Intake Pump-well, Intake-well, Connecting pipeline & Buildings Raw Water Main (supply & laying) 11 km 1118 mm dia MS Pipeline WTP Various treatment structures & staff buildings 12. Intake Intake well & intake house Foot bridge Pump well & pump house Conduits for intake Raw water pumps, surge vessel & piping Staff housing Sub station for intake 13. Intake Model 14. SREs Instruction on building coffer dam around Intake in late 2007 15. Senior Resident Engineer discusses with Hon Minister for Water Resources on Construction Program of Intake in early 2008 16. Intake site February 2008 17. Intake site on January 2010 18. Raw Water Pumping Main 11 km long mild steel pipeline from Intake to Water Treatment Plant 19. Pipe-bridge on raw water pipeline 20. Water Treatment Plant 21. Water treatment Plant Structures Structure Name Raw water Inlet/Cascade Aerator & Magnetic flow meter chamber Lamella Clarifiers& Flocculators Rapid Gravity Sand Filters Filter control building Used wash water holding tank Chlorine contact tank & Treated Water Reservoir Treated water pumping station Balancing reservoir Chemical Building Chlorine building Sludge balancing tank & pump house MCC Sludge Thickener Sludge Lagoons Roads, Compound, Landscaping Staff housing 22. Water treatment plant site on January 2007 23. Water treatment plant on February 2010 24. SRE with Team Leader, Site Engineer and Construction Manager 25. Tiling on Aerator 26. SRE with Senior Inspector on Balancing Reservoir 27. Flocculaters, Clarifiers, Wash-water holding tank 28. Clear water reservoir 29. EOT Crane at pump-station 30. Electrical panels in pump-station 31. Balancing reservoir 32. Vintage point From the roof top of the balancing reservoir 33. Access road to WTP 34. Package 2 Transmission Main & Associated Work From the Clear Water Reservoir at the WTP the water flows by gravity to the Master Balancing Reservoir at Koonam from where it flows to 7 zonal reservoirs and through 2 booster pumping stations to 5 zonal reservoirs. The total length of transmission main is 82 km. 35. Package 2 Description Quantity MS pipeline 25km DI pipeline 50km uPVC & PE pipeline 6km Pipe bridges 4nos Buildings & Associated Works 36. KOONAM MBR W.T.P. + BPT Paddy field-below ground pipes VALAKAI RIVER POOMANGALAM RIVER MS PIPESTWTM- TALIPARAMBA-IRIKKUR KSTP ROAD MS 1219mm OD MS 1118mm&1067mm OD MALPPATTAM SREEKANDAPURAM IRIKKUR MALAPPATTAM ROAD POKKUNDU CHENGALAI RIVER CHENGALAI BRIDGE VALAKAI BRIDGE 1 0 2 7 5 4 3 9 8 6 10 11 12 13 1415 16 17 18 19 20 21 POOMANGALAM BRIDGE MS PIPE LAID FSL-158.80 MWL-138.90 LWL-150.90 LWL-135.00 PACKAGE II- 25.1 Length(KM) Laid(KM) 24.07 KANJIRANGADU JN. . 13m13m 18.20m 19.30m 24.00m24.00m24.00m Gap 1 WTP- KSTP Road Gap 2 Test gap Gap 3 KSTP-Kaniyar vayal road crossing Test gap Gap 4 Gap 5 PKM College Road crossing + above ground Gap 6 Chengalai bridge Gap 7 Cherankunnu-Narikkal breaking Gap 8 KSTP Road+ Valakkai road crossing Gap 9 Above Ground + Below ground Valakkai Gap 10 74.4m on hold due to the dispute at Pokkundu Gap 11 Koonam MBR Inlet Gap 12 Above grounfd- Below ground Poomangalam Bridge Stream On pedestals Below ground 119m 486m Gap 9 89 AG 82 BG 40m Gap 5 96m 22m 21m WTP to Koonam MBR Koonam to Kanjirangad Total Balance(KM) 4.4 20.7 4.33 19.74 0.96 0.1 1.03 37. KALLIASSERI MBR + OHSR KARAKUNNU OHSR KANNOM OHSR KUZHICHAL OHSR KARAKKUNDU OHSR FROM KOONAM MBR NADUKANI BPT + OHSR MADAKKADU GLSR ODUVALLITHATTU OHSR MADAMTHATTU OHSR ADIIKKAMPARA OHSR KANJIRANGAD OHSR s KARIKKAPPARA OHSR KANJIRANGAD BPS s DI,uPVC &PE PIPESTWTM-PACKAGE II- CHAPPARAPPADAV BRIDGE DHARMASALA MANNA JN. INDEX PIPE LAID TALIPARAMBA-IRIKKUR KSTP ROAD TALIPARAMBA-COORGE ROAD KUPPAM RIVER UNDER WATER CROSSING 1