Professional RecruitingTeam - ... spring 2015 Westaf was founded in 1987 by Jim and Nancy Nys as a...

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Transcript of Professional RecruitingTeam - ... spring 2015 Westaf was founded in 1987 by Jim and Nancy Nys as a...

  • Carra Lin, Westaf ’s Oice Manager, was born and raised in Taiwan. Ater receiving her bachelor’s degree in Japanese from Providence University in Taiwan, she traveled to the U.S. to study business at the University of Montana. She later achieved her MBA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As the Oice Manager, Lin says she deals with accounting and payroll and generally tries to make sure everything is on track. When asked what it’s like working with three other ladies, Lin said jokingly, “Imagine four sisters…we have the quiet one, the responsible one, the boisterous one, and the bossy one. hough I reckon at times we are all a bit of each.”

    Hurley serves as Branch Manager for Westaf.

    Ater earning a bachelor’s degree in English from

    Southern Oregon University, she worked in real

    estate for 6 years before landing a job with Lee

    Enterprises where she irst met Edmunds. he pair

    instantly clicked and Edmunds later convinced

    Hurley to come work with her. Hurley does a little

    bit of everything at Westaf—from overseeing

    policies to monitoring daily operations. For her,

    the best part of her job is when an associate calls to

    say they’ve found their dream job. “hat makes you

    feel pretty awesome,” she said.

    Wilkinson is a local Carroll College graduate

    with a bachelor’s degree in communication and

    a Masters in Communication from San Diego

    State University. Ater working for Westaf as a

    temp, Wilkinson was hired on permanently as

    the Recruiter. She is responsible for interviewing

    all the applicants and matching them with an

    employer. She explained that communication plays

    a huge role in that process. “We work on building

    good relationships with the employer and putting

    their needs irst.”


    sunday | march 29, 2015 an advertising supplement to the PAGE 1

    Helena’s Professional Recruiting Team • 406-443-7169

    the ir’s quarterly look

    at new and growing


    in the Helena area. spring 2015

    Westaf was founded in 1987 by Jim and Nancy

    Nys as a staing agency and HR consulting irm.

    Ater 28 years of successful business, Jim and

    Nancy decided to make a fresh start for themselves

    and hand over the reins to Michelle Edmunds,

    who served as an HR consultant and manager

    since 2012. According to Edmunds, Jim and Nancy

    had been grooming her to take over the business

    since she started working for them. In January of

    this year, Michelle oicially assumed her new role

    as the new owner of Westaf. Michelle is grateful

    to Jim and Nancy Nys for building a successful

    business and allowing her the opportunity she now


    Jim Nys continues to work side by side with

    Edmunds as a mentor and together the pair

    consults their human resource clients.

    Edmunds brings a wealth of human resource

    knowledge and experience to the agency. She holds

    a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources

    and Industrial Relations from the Carlson School

    of Management--University of Minnesota. She

    worked for Great Harvest Franchising, Inc. and

    traveled all over the country performing HR

    training and general business consulting for the

    new franchise owners. Ater her husband, Chris,

    landed a job in Helena with Boeing the pair made

    the move here in 2010. Jim Nys later recruited

    Michelle to work at Westaf which laid the road

    map for where she is today. Chris Edmunds serves

    as an oicer within the business while continuing

    his work with Boeing.

    Edmunds was born and raised playing hockey

    in northern Minnesota and skiing in Montana.

    Her mom was born in Butte and Michelle grew

    up visiting family in Bozeman, “It feels great to

    have the opportunity to grow my own roots in


    Edmunds attributes her business success to

    the three other ladies she works alongside daily.

    According to Edmunds, their combined education,

    longevity and passion make Westaf one of, if not

    the most, knowledgeable staing agencies in the

    state of Montana.

    Michelle Edmunds, SPHR Sr. HR Consultant/Owner

    Melody Hurley Branch Manager

    Carra Lin, MBA Office Manager

    Corinne Wilkinson, MAC Recruiter

    For the all-female team at Westaff, their confidence and knowledge base

    shatters any doubts they have about their ability to do it all—for themselves,

    for the employers, and job seekers in the Helena community.

    Our only

    limitations are the

    ones we build in

    our minds.


    Rian Miller, Department of Revenue “I have had the opportunity to work with Westaff for the past 5 years, hiring dozens of temporary employees at one time for multiple positions. Westaff is a breath of fresh air in a time that customer service seems to be a lost idea to many. The em- ployees at Westaff work diligently every day to assist us in every aspect of our hir- ing needs. I would truly recommend them to anyone who is looking to hire tempo- rary staff. I hope to do a great deal of busi- ness with them in the future.”

    Kate Logsdon, Wipfli, LLP [formerly Galusha, Higgins & Galusha, PC]

    “The staff at Westaff has been fabulous for Galusha! We love working with them. They are positive, helpful, and most of all send us great staff for our office!”

    Jenny Yannone, Owner of The Sewing Palace “Working with Westaff has been a great asset to my business. They have provided excellent counsel for running a sound busi- ness. I would highly recommend Westaff for your human resources and staffing needs.”

    Regardless of their recent transitions, Westaff’s mission, of providing essential people with the right jobs and businesses with the right

    employees, remains the same.

  • 833 Great Northern Blvd. Helena, MT 59601

    406 495 0677 •



    Francois General Manager





    A rich, inviting atmosphere, an endless wine list, quality service and fantastic steaks, seafood, burgers, salads and more.



    the ir’s quarterly look

    at new and growing


    in the Helena area.

    SPRING 2015

    sunday | march 29, 2015 an advertising supplement to the PAGE 2

    Silver Star

    S ince opening its

    doors in 2002,

    Silver Star Steak

    Company has

    built a reputation for

    serving up gourmet

    steaks, fresh seafood and

    sophisticated drinks in a

    warm, rich atmosphere.

    This past December,

    Francois Zanni was

    brought on as the new

    general manager not only

    to carry on Silver Star’s

    well established legacy

    but also to build upon

    it in new and innovative


    Francois is a fourth generation restauranteur and French chef. He grew up in the French Alps where he attended culinary school and honed his skills. He later moved to southern California where his family owned several French restaurants. Francois, himself, owned and operated a restaurant for 21 years. His family’s desire for a change of scenery, however, brought Francois to Montana and his current position at Silver Star. While he’s only been manning the helm for a few short months, Francois is already hard at work expanding their menu and adding special events.

    Silver Star may be known for its steaks, but it also boasts a reputable seafood selection. It was voted as one of the best for seafood in the 2014 Best of Helena competition. Francois will be expanding the seafood entrees in the near future to follow up this recognition. While he admits that the restaurant’s main dishes are already top notch, he wants to focus on bringing the same attention to detail to the side dishes now. Francois explained that when one element is executed poorly, you lose the efect of the entire meal. New appetizers, like fusion beef tips and blackened fried pickles, will be added to the lounge menu along with a happy hour from 4 – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Dessert lovers will be happy to know that Francois is also adding some new dessert options.

    Francois explained that one of the attractants to Silver Star is its reined atmosphere. To further highlight that fact, the restaurant will start featuring live music every Sunday night with rotating musicians. Also, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, a wine tasting event will

    be held downstairs in the Governor’s room. If you feel ready to embrace your inner-Sommelier, reserve your spot by emailing to events@

    When it comes to ine dining, Silver Star is a Helena staple. Whether you’re a regular visitor or haven’t dropped by in a while, know that it is being restored to a new and even more glorious state.

    A sampling of Seafood from our menu...

    Seared Alaskan Salmon Pistachio crusted, fresh caught salmon, seared. Served with dried cherry sauce.

    Coconut Shrimp Five large shrimp encrusted w