Production of Quantum Dots

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Transcript of Production of Quantum Dots

Nuclear physics science template

01QUANTUM DOTSCORE BIOTEHNOLOGY 2Yangjie cuiAklil ayobRui bai1DefinitionSynthesis pathwayApplicationAdvantagesChallengesConclusionDEFAULT STYLES02CONTENTS2New biological fluorescence materialNanoparticleSize: close to Bohr radius 10 nmShape: SphericalMaterial: fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystalMade up: Group 12 and 16 elementsDEFAULT STYLES03DEFINITION3

https://www.photonics.com2 pathways : liquid phase & organic phaseRestriction in organic phaseHigh temperatureComplicated stepHigh costPoor stabilityDEFAULT STYLES06SYNTHESIS PATHWAY6Liquid phase synthesis (more convenient)Metal ionsModified reagentsTellurium (Te) sourceSulfur (S) or Selenium (Se) sourceAuxiliary reagentHeatDEFAULT STYLES07cont7Tumor diagnosisQD-IgG & Cy3-IgGDrug deliveryCancer therapyDrug screeningMark target molecule08APPLICATION

Hu M, Yan J, He Y. Ultrasensitive, multiplexed detection ofcancer biomarkers directly in serum by using a quantum dot-based microfluidic protein hip. ACS Nano,2010,4(1):488-494.8DNA degradationCancer celluvQuantum dotDrug moleculeAntibody09Good quantum effectBroad & consecutive excitation spectraTunable size-dependant emissionStrong resistance to photo bleaching capacityDEFAULT STYLES10ADVANTAGES10BiocompatibilityWater solubilityHigh self producing rate of fluorescent dotsStability of colloidal particleLower nonspecific adsorptionBiological couplingUnstable coupling after UV irradiationBiotoxicityAqueous environment release Cd ion11CHALLENGES11Many advantagesBiochemistryTarget molecule labelingFluorescent probeHigh prospect to develop


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