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    July 2012 • VOLUME 6

    Bishop James Justman Re-elected Congratulation Bishop!

    The ELCA’s East-Central Synod of Wisconsin re-elected Bishop James Justman to the

    Office of Bishop for another six year term. He was re-elected on the first ballot, an

    unusual occurrence. The action took place at the annual Synod Assembly June 1-2 in

    Green Bay. Prince of Peace’s representatives were Marlin and Donna Schuster, Sandi

    Moore, Pastor Roger McQuistion and Pastor Gary Nokleberg.

    Letter from David & Mary Kuck The rhythm of our academic lives has changed again. The campus

    is quiet. Exams are finished, baccalaureate is over, and most of

    the students are either at home, in field training, or preparing for

    their new internships or pastorates. The faculty members,

    however, are not really resting—they are racing around to synod

    meetings, desperately finishing up marking and grades, preparing

    for those same summer courses, and making plans for the

    students entering in September. Most will find at least a couple of

    weeks for vacation.

    The past semester has been intense. We celebrated Jamaica’s

    50th year of independence at our Founders’ Week with special

    exhibits, workshops, and lectures. Training for HIV and AIDS

    counseling has gone on throughout the year and work on the

    handbook for pastors is almost finished. The graduate program

    that David coordinates has grown, which means administering it

    has been all-encompassing, along with teaching his regular courses. Mary has been drawn in more and more to the

    graduate program, managing the technological side of the Skype participants in seminars and oral exams, and teaching

    the research methods workshops. Discussions are underway with the local synagogue to establish a Jewish studies

    center at UTC. Fund raising has been pursued continually to raise money to furnish the new addition to the library.

    David has also taught lay training sessions on preaching for the Lutheran Church in Guyana and for the Anglican

    churches in Jamaica, as well as preaching occasionally. Mary continues her work in the Sunday school at Majesty

    Gardens and at the Vocational Training Development Institute.

    We hope that the summer will be restful for all of you, and that you will have time for a change of pace and some

    spiritual reflection. We will try to find that time, too. Blessings, Mary and David


    Saying goodbye to colleagues

  • Here are a few pictures from

    camp! Above—Ryan Priebe doing a trust-

    building activity

    Above—Corrina Czarnik, Morgan Talbot, and

    Beth Knoke

    Left—Reed Kostelny participating in a blind-

    fold walk

    Information Meetings about Capital Improvements Sunday, July 22, following the second worship service

    Wednesday, August 22, 6:30 pm.

    The Congregation Council wants you to be informed about the proposed capital improvements which might

    happen at Prince of Peace. The information meetings listed above are intended to provide an opportunity for the

    congregation to learn, ask questions and be informed prior to a fall congregational meeting to consider the suggested

    changes and the fall stewardship outreach in October and November. Please attend as many information meetings as

    you wish and bring your questions!

    The proposed capital improvements could include (not necessarily in this order) • New lighting in the sanctuary

    • Building a new west parking lot with an entrance to the narthex from the west

    • Rebuilding the east parking lot

    • Expanding and remodeling the narthex

    • Laying a hard surface floor covering in the Fellowship Hall and some hallways

    • Insulating and installing a metal roof above the Fellowship Hall, narthex and library

    • Retiring existing debt


  • Everybody’s on the Same Page!

    We should do more of it. It is good for us. When we do it we feel stronger and better able to face

    whatever comes our way. However when we’ve let it go a bit, we feel guilty and sluggish getting started again and we

    can feel embarrassed, because we think we aren’t doing it right and then we can become discouraged and quit. So

    we tell ourselves that next month, yeah that’s it, next month, we’ll do better. No, I’m not talking about exercising. I’m

    talking about reading the Bible.

    Your pastors know that this is a daunting task and we want to help you in this journey. To do so, our Sunday

    services from September - May 2013 will explore the Essential 100 Bible stories that every Christian should know.

    We will be preaching and teaching on them. The scripture for worship will focus on them. The songs will be keyed to

    them. In fact, each worshiper will be given a free handout of the entire schedule, which includes a reference and

    synopsis of each Bible story, as well as questions to help you go deeper on your own or with a small group. Also, if

    you want to go deeper, a great study guide will be available for a nominal fee. Individuals, families or small groups

    can use this. We hope you will see this as a chance for us all to jump in with both feet. In fact, you may want to think

    about starting a small group at work or in your neighborhood or attending one that will be offered at Prince of Peace

    during the Sunday School time, as a way to share what you are learning. Since Sunday sermons will be a bit different

    and we will be covering a lot of territory, feel free to bring your own Bible to church to follow along, take notes, look

    up puzzling verses or when bored (which will never happen) to check out the map section and discover that Beer-

    Sheba is an important biblical place and not an exotic drink.

    So we ask you to embrace this as a great opportunity for all of us to study and learn together as a

    congregation with your pastors being your fellow explorers and guides. So get limbered up now. September 9 is just a

    couple of months away.


    Pastor Roger Pastor Gary

    Fox Valley Warming Shelter in Need of Volunteers!

    The following information was recently received from the Fox Valley Warming Shelter who provides shelter for

    homeless individuals in our community 365 days a year. The Social Concerns Ministry is considering ways to

    contribute as a congregation. Here is a way for you to volunteer individually:

    We Need You!! Summer is a very difficult time to recruit volunteers for the Fox Valley Warming Shelter as people are

    on vacation and just out having fun. But our Shelter clients don’t get vacations and they still need your help as we’re

    open 365 days a year. If you could spare 3 hours to help prepare or serve a meal or fill one of our overnight shifts (8-

    12, 12-4 and 4-8), that would be awesome! Some of you may be familiar with the Shelter and may have volunteered

    with a business or service group, and for that we thank you. If so, you could step in to one of our shifts pretty easily. If

    not, we would be happy to train you! Please call Connie at 419-0928 or email to volunteer or to find

    out more about our opportunities. Thank you so much for serving your community!



  • Seminary Surprises: Sharing the Journey with Cheryl

    YOU are my Seminary Surprise this month. I’ve known for the past ten years that I love being a

    part of this church. This week I discovered more reasons why.

    I’m at seminary as I write this. One of my assignments this past week has been to research a

    church and write a “Congregational Care Analysis” about it. The research included interviews with

    various members and leaders as well as the study of bulletins, newsletters, annual reports, pamphlets and just about

    anything else I could dig up about the church’s care ministries.

    I chose Prince of Peace because I know we’re a caring bunch. I just didn’t realize that we’re a CARING bunch. As I

    went through the annual report, I wrote down every care-oriented activity by every team or ministry. It filled several

    typewritten pages. I was amazed. I didn’t know that the youth group does many service projects each year in addition

    to its mission trip. I didn’t realize that there are approximately 100 volunteers in Helping Hands or that the quilters

    have donated quilts to over 95 charities. And these three examples are just the beginning.

    I asked those I interviewed, “Why do we care for others?” Their answers were simple.

    • Love

    • “Love thy neighbor.”

    • “If you do this for the least of these, you’ve done it unto me.” (Jesus)

    • “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

    They mentioned something else, too. They worry that there are people at Prince of Peace who are not receiving care

    when they need it because they’re hesitant to express their needs. If you are one of those people, it’s time for a

    wonderful s