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  1. 1. Gluten Free Cassava Flour Presented by : Hens Co
  2. 2. Presentation Plan About Cassava Flour Production Process Product Application Target Market About Hens Co July 22, 2012 Presentation Plan2
  3. 3. About Cassava Flour Introduction & Product Specification
  4. 4. About Cassava Flour July 22, 2012 About Cassava Flour4 Our product is a gluten-free, modified cassava flour (mocaf) made from Grade-A cassava tubers through a fermentation process. Naturally gluten-free With 10 % moisture level -> no dry or "alternative flour" taste or texture that often comes with gluten-free flours Can replace wheat flour up to 100 % in various recipes With the same characteristic as wheat flour, there is no need to sacrifice taste or texture for your health. Product is available in bulk and in retail packaging.
  5. 5. About Cassava Flour July 22, 2012 About Cassava Flour5 Raw materials are bought from Indonesian local farmers who were educated and given free seeds to cultivate cassava plants using organic method. This is part of our long term vision to empower local farmers with their ability and local resources.
  6. 6. About Cassava Flour July 22, 2012 About Cassava Flour6 Our premium cassava flour is made with modern technology and hygienic process. The peeling and drying of the tubers are done in a modern facility to ensure high product quality. No sun-drying that can leads the cassava chips to ferment and resulting on a sour, musty smell and taste.
  7. 7. Product Specification Quick product specification Type Gluten-free flour Max. moisture 10 % Ingredient Cassava Processing type Oven dry in 105 C Shelf life 2 years after production Certification Halal Product grade A Origin Indonesia Product analysis * Nutrients Amount per 1000 g Crude vegetable protein 8.5 g Crude fiber 16.3 g Total ash 10.8 g Total fat 4.2 g Calcium 700 mg Calorie 3465.8 kcal Iron 14.7 mg Gluten 0 Carbohydrate 851 g July 22, 20127 Unlike regular tapioca flour, cassava flour is unbleached.This results in a kind of flour with more natural color and not as white as regular tapioca flour. The simple production process allows the product to preserve its minerals, vitamin and fiber contents. About Cassava Flour * Product analysis by SUCOFINDO
  8. 8. Cassava Flour Healthy Benefits July 22, 2012 About Cassava Flour8 Cassava flour is naturally gluten- freeand is suitable for people who have gluten intolerance, such as people with celiac disease and children with autism. Made without the heavy bleaching process, it preserves the high insoluble fibers which is very useful to reduce cholesterol and help with digestion problem. Cassava flour is rich in minerals, calcium and vitamin B making it a good mineral source for children, infants and for people with osteoporosis. The raw materials are cultivated using organic standard without any chemical or pesticide that can be dangerous for the body. GLUTEN-FREE CASSAVA FLOUR HEALTHY BENEFITS
  9. 9. Production Process Product manufacturing
  10. 10. Production Process July 22, 2012 Production Process10 1. Cleaning Process 2. Cutting and Grinding 3. Fermentation All raw materials which come from grade-A quality organic tubers are peeled and rinsed until clean and hygienic. The half-processed materials are then going through the fermentation process. The tubers are cut into pieces and put into grinding machine to soften it.
  11. 11. Production Process July 22, 2012 Production Process11 4. Drying Process 5. Sieving process 6. Packaging The now soft and fermented cassava are put into the drying machine to evaporate moisture. The flour is packed according to size and label, ready for shipment. The dried material is then sieved into flour using a sieving machine, which also cleans it from any impurities.
  12. 12. Product Application
  13. 13. Product Application July 22, 2012 Product Application13 Cassava flour can be made into various recipes as a whole or mixed with regular wheat flour. Our premium cassava flour can sub in 1 : 1 basis for many of your favorite recipes, without any tedious alterations. Mixing cassava flour with regular wheat flour can also help to lower the glycemic index of the food.
  14. 14. Product Application July 22, 2012 Product Application14 Cassava flour is a gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free flour with the taste and texture of wheat. Other product made from cassava flour is our range of egg-free veggie noodles, made from cassava flour and vegetables such as red spinach, garlic, basil and mung bean (green bean).
  15. 15. Target Segmentation Market Segment for Premium Cassava Flour
  16. 16. Target Segmentation : Gluten Intolerance Cassava flour is a gluten-free product suitable for people with gluten intolerance, such as people who have celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. It is also suitable for children with autism who has gastrointestinal distress and need to reduce gluten from their diet. July 22, 2012 Target Segmentation16
  17. 17. Target Segmentation : Diabetic People* Cassava flour has a low-medium glycemic index of 46-60, which means that it is less likely than some foods to cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. For diabetic people, cassava flour could be a healthier choice than wheat flour which have a higher glycemic index of 70- 72. July 22, 201217 * Source : Onche Odeh, Head Education & Science, 2012 Target Segmentation
  18. 18. Target Segmentation : Gluten-Free Diets Gluten-free diet is suitable for everyone. Some use it on the medical purpose, while the others on the purpose of loosing weight. Cassava flour is naturally gluten-free and can replace wheat and other grain flour easily in various recipes, thus makes the diet experience more fun and enjoyable. July 22, 201218 Target Segmentation
  19. 19. Target Segmentation : Infants Cassava flour is a natural product with a very simple production process that makes it save to consume by infants. With its vitamin B and mineral contents, cassava flour can be made into nutritious companion food for infants such as baby biscuits. July 22, 201219 Target Segmentation
  20. 20. Target Segmentation : Growing Children Growing children can benefits from the high iron content of cassava flour. Iron brings and transfer oxygen to the cells and spreading it to the whole body, which is very important for the growth of their body organs, especially the brain. July 22, 201220 Target Segmentation
  21. 21. About Hens Co
  22. 22. About Hens Coffee andTea Hens Coffee andTea (Hens Co) is an import-export company based in Surabaya, Indonesia, with more than 8 years experience on the field. We are authorized exporter of Indonesian agricultural products such as coffee, tea, vegetable oil, flour and frozen vegetable from local producers in Indonesia. July 22, 2012 About Hens Coffee and Tea22
  23. 23. ReliableTrade Partner from Indonesia For the last 3 years, Hens Coffee andTea has been supported by the Indonesian Government with the purpose to improve the trade of Indonesian non-petroleum products abroad. We also participated in international trade fairs such as COTECA Expo in Hamburg, Baltic Food and Beverage Fair in Lithuania, and Copenhagen Food Fair in Denmark. July 22, 201223 FoodandBeverageFair, Lithuania,2014 Meetingwiththetrade delegation,Denmark,2014 COTECATradeFair, Hamburg,2014 About Hens Coffee and Tea
  24. 24. International Shipping and Freight Forwarding Our child company CV Anugerah Bersama operates in international freight forwarding service. With an integrated shipping facility, we can offer competitive shipping price for both exporters and foreign importers. Our services includes : Sea freight and air freight forwarding from and to Indonesia from overseas. LCL and Full container import and export services including reefer container. License consultancy. In house custom clearance. July 22, 201224 About Hens Coffee and Tea
  25. 25. Contact Information Hens Coffee andTea Graha PurnaYudha Jl. Raya Mastrip Kedurus No. 45 Surabaya 60223, INDONESIA Tel. +62 31 7660524 Fax. +62 31 7663439 Europe representative : July 22, 2012 About Hens Coffee and Tea25
  26. 26. ThankYou For your attention