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Transcript of Prayerful wishes Happy Birthday - Ahmadi Marthoma 22-Feb 812 Christo Mathew Tony 50428437 D/B Mem....

  • on 25th February

    In him we have redemption through his

    blood, the for- giveness of sins,

    in accordance with the riches of God’s grace (Ephesians 1:7)

    Prayerful wishes to His Grace the Most Rev.

    Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan on the 45th Anniversary

    of his Episcopal Consecration on February 8th

    Happy Birthday

    19th February 25th February Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa

    Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa

  • Dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings to you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! “I am the Lord your God who teaches you for your own good, who leads you in the way you should go” (Isa 48:17) God has added one more year in our life. We welcome New Year with colorful dreams and new hopes. We are in

    the beginning of an unknown journey. Nobody knows what new challenges may come to our way. No one knows what our future will be. But as we see in the word of God, we are not alone. The presence of God is with us. Joshua 3:4 says “you may know the way you should go, for you have not passed this way before”. Whatever uncertainties may come like the overflowing Jordan, the Almighty God will guide us and lead us. Let us have courage and faith in God, I am sure God will never leave us alone in this journey of faith. As a Parish, we have experienced the blessings and providence of God Almighty in abun- dance during the month of December 2019. December started with H2H Carol rounds which was a blessed experience of fellowship. We have visited all our houses and camps with the message of Christmas. The same group participated in the ICC carols and in our Parish Christmas Carol. I thank the convener Mr. Santhosh M Philip, Group leaders and all the KS members for their leadership and efforts. This year our Parish Christmas Carol ser- vice was a blessed one. I take this opportunity to appreciate once again our choir master Mr. Jeevan, assistant choir master Mr. Raju, secretary Mr. Joshy and all the choir members for their hard works. The Episcopal Visit of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Gregorious Mar Stephanos Thirumeni during the Christmas and New Year season was really a blessing to our parish. Thirumeni celebrated Holy Communion on both the occasions and was the chief guest for our Christmas Carol service. During this visit our Parish expressed our joy and honor in Thirumeni’s achievement of his Doctorate degree (honorary). I express the whole hearted gratitude to our Diocesan Episcopa for the affection, care and concern towards our Parish. The 36th Parish Day of our Parish was celebrated on the 17th of January with much enthu- siasm and the chief guest was Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa. Along with the Parish Day we had arranged the First Communion service for 16 children. I take this opportunity to thank beloved Thirumeni for his blessings and all the KS members for the successful arrangements of the Parish Day. By the grace of God, on the Parish day we have launched new Parish Mobile Application and released the sample of the 4th edition of our Parish Directory 2020, expecting the completion of both the works within this fi- nancial year. “Marubhoomiyile Maramon 2020” was held successfully from 20th to 24th of January. I thank the centre coordinator Mr. John Varghese and all those who participated in the Centre Choir for their contributions. This year we are celebrating the 125th year of Maramon Convention from 9th to 16th of February. I request all to kindly pray for the blessings of this year’s Maramon Convention. Let us pray for the forth coming elections of our parish this month. I request all the prayer groups and organizations to complete their elections of K S representative before the Par- ish election. May the heavenly father bless us all and keep us all in His mighty hands. With prayerful regards. Sam Thomas Achen.

  • New Members - Hearty welcome to Ahmadi Mar Thoma Parish Mr. SHIJU JOHN Reg : 998 Prayer Group : CARMEL Mother Parish : MARAMON MTC Contact : 94487816

    Mr. PRAVEEN KURIAN GEORGE Reg : 999 Prayer Group : CARMEL Mother Parish : BETHLEHEM MTC KOLLAD Contact : 50841746

    February 1-29


    You are wonderful couples Joined by God above. May your marriage be blessed in God’s love.




    Hearty Congratulations to AMTC Choir who has won 2nd prize in CANTICLE SEASON 2 Choir Competition conducted by St. Mary’s Jacobite Church on 3rd January 2020.

    OBITUARY Mrs. Thankamma Mathew 74 years, Chiramukathu House, Muthukulam, Nilambur,

    mother of our member Mr. Suresh Mathew, Reg # 636, Bethsaida PG, entered to eternal rest on 07th December 2019.

    Mr. Mathai Eapen 70 years, Erattakulangara House, Mulakuzha, Chengannur, father of our member Mr. George Mathew, Reg # 887, Bethlehem PG,

    entered to eternal rest on 13th December 2019.

    Mr. Paul Eapen 68 years, Kattakaliyikal House, Kappil, Kayamkulam, father-in law of our member Mr. Rony P John, Reg # 945, Bethaniya PG,

    entered to eternal rest on 25th December 2019.

    Mr. Mathew Abraham 80 years, Neithalloore Kizhakkemalayil House, Puramattom, father-in law of our member Mr. George Zacharia, Reg # 525, Immanuel PG,

    entered to eternal rest on 04th January 2020.

    Ahmadi MTC expresses heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family on the demise of their beloved ones. May God give them comfort and peace that they seek.

    PARISH ORGANIZATIONS' REGULAR PROGRAMMES Sunday School FRI 9.10 AM Church Parish Choir SAT 6:30 PM Prayer Hall Edavaka Mission SUN 7:15 PM Prayer Hall Fasting Prayer 2nd FRI 7.00 AM Bethel Hall Mina Abdullah Prayer 1st MON 7:00 PM KCC Prayer Hall Sevika Sanghom THU 5.15 PM Parsonage Yuvajana Sakhyam

    YS Praise and worship

    THU 7:30 PM Prayer Hall 1st THU 7:15 PM Prayer Hall

  • The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

    and give you peace. (Numbers 6: 24-26 )

    D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 03-Feb 860 Alex E. Joy 51606570 11-Feb 348 Philip John 66726951 14-Feb 983 Lejo John 92201806 16-Feb 750 Alvana Sara Sabu 97142394 24-Feb 826 Raya Joseph 51315344 26-Feb 809 Jessa Riju 99052815

    D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 04-Feb 360 Ninitha Joseph 51122419 07-Feb 954 Sumon Joseph 67681927 09-Feb 660 Manna Ann Geo 69950126 13-Feb 969 Jerin C. Valsan 94967659 14-Feb 231 Sheeba Oommen 66037827 14-Feb 380 Erin Mariam Jai 66473224 15-Feb 979 Mridula Sojan 51344151 20-Feb 326 Anu Alexander 65076750 20-Feb 979 Hamin Philip Sojan 51344152 22-Feb 812 Christo Mathew Tony 50428437

    D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 02-Feb 94 Jijo John Mathew 98009459 09-Feb 368 Varughese K. Mathews 65542246 11-Feb 639 Aleena Susan Manu 97703950 12-Feb 917 Rupa M Soman 62225980 13-Feb 100 Lincy Alice Philip 60327274 14-Feb 639 Manu Koshy 97703950 16-Feb 591 Benny Thomas 69921122 21-Feb 635 Ashish G Shaji 99371760 23-Feb 947 Smitha Anu Sunny 51773440 24-Feb 539 Sherly George 97097214 28-Feb 920 Reji Samuel 99708137




    D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 03-Feb 739 Ashy Mariam Jacob 55113423 08-Feb 532 Irine Lilly Rinosh 66604194 11-Feb 962 Geetha Skariah 66257414 18-Feb 578 Bindu Varghese Mathai 97292560 21-Feb 553 Christopher Sam Thomas 99208450 28-Feb 984 Melwin Abraham 60619361


    D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 15-Feb 800 John Joseph 60797012


    EBRO N

    D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 03-Feb 882 Adamson Bibin Babu 65056199 07-Feb 805 Nixon Jacob Varghese 66893990 08-Feb 880 Sojan Thomas John 50534484 09-Feb 964 Albin V. John 55248443 10-Feb 381 Ruth Ann Philips 66709603 10-Feb 843 Rency Tijo 98913532 15-Feb 366 Biji George 97751630 15-Feb 964 Varghese John 55248443 17-Feb 323 Alfy Rachel Thomas 99293491 20-Feb 825 Johan Jibin Abraham 67760780 21-Feb 870 Febin Sunny George 65718323 23-Feb 761 Shibu Skaria Mathew 96941836 25-Feb 825 Jibin Abraham 67760780 28-Feb 986 Ambily P. Antony 67768708


    D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 03-Feb 948 Albin Roby 50448773 05-Feb 735 Betty Philip 55395856 09-Feb 690 Sharon Santhosh 55756821 12-Feb 501 Anish Johnson 55283062 14-Feb 105 Joel Koshy Thomas 66679425 21-Feb 569 Mary Varghese 66493656 24-Feb 105 Thomas Koshy 66679425


    A D/B Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile

    04-Feb 605 Joanna Mariam Nikhil 97345574 04-Feb 912 Jeby Eapen 51036497 06-Feb 911 Evan Kuruvilla George 99806384 07-Feb 595 Yohannan Chacko 55422686 11-Feb 810 Aby K. Idicula 97418383 12-Feb 881 Feba Susan Anish 50090657 14-Feb 612 Sindhu Thomas 97494961 19-Feb 321 Johnson Lukose 9958 6830 25-Feb 733 Saji K Thomas 97201417 26-Feb 428 Thomas Jacob. E 66997168



  • Hearty Congratulations to the Proud Parents !!! New Born

    A baby Girl – Hazel Nibu is born to Mr. Nibu Boby Thomas & Mrs. Sini Varghese (Reg # 885, Bethsaida PG) on 18th January 2020.

    Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. May God strengthen you to lift your child according to God’s will.

    Lord God said: It is not good that men should be alone; I will make him a companion. The LORD has done great things for us; we glad.

    Gen. 2:18 & Psalms. 126: 3

    D/M Mem. No. Name Of Member Mobile 19-Feb 952 Tiji Chacko Oommen 65016186 22-Feb 745 Thomas John 65026869 28-Feb 532 Rinosh Mammen 66604194 28-Feb 778 Alexa