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Slides from the September 5, 2012, CWRA presentation to the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency.

Transcript of Prairie Lake AEA CWRA Handouts

  • introduction to the

    #CWRA | @cla_beatprairie lakes AEA 8

  • stop counting

    #CWRA | @cla_beatprairie lakes AEA 8

  • performance

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  • Bad

  • We ask our students,

    quite simply, to count fish.

  • Institutions are equipped toimprove higher-order skills

    when they connectteaching, learning, and assessment

    through authentic, performance-based practices.

  • Iowa Future | 2011 | Iowa, Did You Know? |

  • Over 675 institutions have participated (543 colleges, 138 high schools), assessing over 300,000 students

    CLA data served as the basis for the groundbreaking work, Academically Adrift

    Concluding Gates Foundation supported research on the Common Core

    Partnered with the OECD to administer translated CLA tasks internationally via the Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) study

    Selected to author Performance Tasks for Race to the Top Assessment Consortia

    Named Dr. Tony Wagner as CAE Senior FellowDeveloping student-level version of CLA/CWRA for

    release in fall 2013

  • performance

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  • performance

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  • (a) William Shakespeare(b) John Updike

    (c) Ernest Hemingway(d) None of the above

    Rewards factual recallFails to gauge transferability

  • Contentknowledge




  • Contentknowledge

  • Contentknowledge




  • so

  • The provision of transferrable skills

    is as important asthe provision of


  • The top ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004. We

    are currently preparing students for jobs that dont yet exist,

    using technologies that have not yet been invented in order

    to solve problems that we dont even know are problems yet.

  • Proportion of employers who say colleges should

    place MORE emphasis than they do on selected

    learning outcomes:

  • Proportion of employers who say colleges should place MORE emphasis than they do on selected

    learning outcomes

    The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing

    Critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills

    The ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings

    The ability to analyze and solve complex problems





    AAC&U | 2008 |

  • SO WHAT?

  • SO WHAT?

  • Academically adriftLimited learning on college campuses

  • what is the

  • bias

  • small sample

  • quantitative reasoning

  • appropriate comparison


  • correlation vs. causation

  • incorrect (improper?) use of data

  • ability to filter

  • cwra

  • moving beyondaccountability

  • writing

    problem solving

  • 48% 52% 40% 60% 32% 67% 48% 53%

  • t+l+a alignment collaboration


  • t+l+a alignment faculty support

  • What is authentic assessment?How does effective teaching

    support that (and vice versa)?

    What are the higher-order skills we value? Why?

    How are those skills demonstrated in student responses?

  • What are the components of a Performance Task?

    How do we effectively build them?

    Working | Sharing | Feedback

  • noun action

    A specific role

    A decision to make

    An authentic product

    Some stake

  • SweetgrassWriting

    an article

    A specific roleA decision to make

    An authentic productSome stake

    You are a new reporter at a local newspaper, and your editor asks you to investigate whether there is a story behind some conflicting reports about a new sweetener made out of sweetgrass, and to write an email pitching the story. You know that there is another newspaper in town that may get the scoop on the story if you dont act quickly enough.

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