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  • 1. 2012 CANADIAN WATER SUMMIT Building A CanadaWide Water Strategy June 28th, 2012

2. CWRA Working Group 3. WHY DO WE NEED ACANADA WIDEWATER STRATEGY? 4. Canada Wide Water Strategy 5. National Water Forum Report 6. National Strategies ReportCanada West Foundation June 1st, 2012 1. Recognizes call for Canadian Strategyfor Water/Energy/Health 2. Stresses interconnected nature ofenergy and water policy in Canada 3. Water and energy relationship thelimiting factor of the Canadian economy 4. What is sustainable economicprosperity? 7. KEY ISSUES TO ADDRESS Jurisdictional fragmentation and conflictingmandates in water management across the country; Need for coordination and a common framework fordecision-making; Consistent data and models to address growingrisks of surface and groundwater depletion; Focus on effective adaptation to current and futureclimate-related stresses on water; and Public awareness of limitations on water availabilityand the need for conservation and carefulmanagement. 8. Proposed Elements Of A Canada Wide WaterStrategy Collaborative Common Goals and Principles Immediate Priority Actions Adaptive and Responsive Cognizant of Regional and Geographical Considerations 9. Next Steps For ACanada Wide Water Strategy Develop Business Plan Acquire Financial Support Develop Strategy 10. www.Water4Canadabeta.ca Contact: Rick Ross Rick@Water4Canada.ca Contact: Lisa Fox lisafox@sustainabilitycircle.ca