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PR6 - The Hollywood Blockbuster

PR6 - The Hollywood Blockbuster

When releasing a new film it is vital that it is marketed effectively in order to encourage the audience to go and watch the movie and as a result increasing the films commercial success, therefore the greater the marketing campaign the greater the commercial success. Without a clear understanding of the films target audience it is impossible to market a film effectively, therefore production companies will ensure that they identify exactly who their audience is by categorizing the films overall audience using demographics in order to create a variety of niche audiences, therefore enabling them to determine exactly how to approach the intended audience successfully. Audiences can be targeted by film producers through a number of marketing methods promoting the film such as posters, through web 2.0, TV and numerous other methods, all of which will be constructed in a way which anchors the films target audience therefore encouraging them to contribute to the commercial success of the movie by going and watching it. Cinderella (2015)Cinderella is an up-coming new film release within the fantasy genre, the film itself focuses on the ancient fairytale Cinderella in which after the death of her mother and father a young girl is left to live with her cruel step mother and step siblings slaving after their every need,. After the king insists that the prince finds a bride, a ball is arranged with every maiden in the land. With Cinderella's step mother refusing to let her attend the ball, before insisting the cruel step sisters rip her dress up; Cinderella is left devastated before being introduced to her fairy god mother who grants Cinderella's wish to go to the ball on the terms that she returns before 12, at the ball both Cinderella and the prince fall in love before she has to run off, leaving her glass slipper behind. As a result the prince arranges a search for the woman stating that who ever foot the glass slipper fits will be his bride, after finding Cinderella they both get married therefore becoming king and queen.Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Cinderella fits into the fantasy genre and has a target audience of predominately young girls, especially those under the age of around 10 years old due to the fat that it is the typical fairytale which young girls dream of and features all the typical codes and conventions which attract young girls such as the big dresses, romance and the magic throughout. The marketing campaign will also attract parents due to the fact that they will be the ones who will accompany their children to go and watch Cinderella. This particular movie may also attract young female adults due to them more than likely growing up hearing the story of Cinderella they may be eager to see a contemporary film which brings the fairytale to life. The year of production for this particular film was between 2013-2014, the production company is Walt Disney Pictures and it is distributed by Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures with a budget of $95million. The UK release date for Cinderella is the 27th March.There are many marketing methods in which Cinderella is currently being marketed in regards to its up coming release all of which anchor the target audience, also due to it being a Walt Disney film, the marketing campaign is rather huge. Firstly we have one of the most effective marketing technique TV, by airing the Cinderella trailer on TV Thousands of people will be reached at one time, due to the target audience being predominately children the marketing campaign will anchor this, for example the Cinderella trailer will be aired a lot more on TV channels which have a target audience of children under the age of 12 such as CBBC, Nickelodeon any of the Disney Channels. The Cinderella trailer will also be aired on TV channels such as ITV which claims to be aimed at the full family, however trailers aired on these channels will be aired before the watershed when families generally sit down and watch TV together, due to the fact that the trailer will reach out to the children, making them eager to watch the movie who will then try and convince their parents to take them to go and see Cinderella. Another way in which the movie trailer is distributed is through the cinema, in Cinderella's case this marketing method will anchor the audience due to the fact that Cinderella is rated PG, therefore the trailer will be aired before films which also have this rating, therefore automatically reaching the intended target audience also due to PG meaning that children must be accompanied by an adult, airing the trailer before a PG movie in the cinema will not only reach the children but also the parents.

Another marketing method which applies to the marketing of Cinderella is Web 2.0, social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter play a major role in effectively marketing a film. Cinderella has both a twitter account which the audience are able to follow and a Facebook page, both of which are regularly updated, constantly promoting the film through posting various posters, videos and information regarding the release of Cinderella whilst also cleverly posting numerous quizzes relating to the film, therefore interacting with the audience, and as a result encouraging them to actually go and watch Cinderella. Web 2.0 also enables millions of people to share things such as their opinions on the movie as well as Cinderella posters and videos therefore again constantly promoting the film. YouTube also plays a major role in marketing this particular film due to the fact that their are numerous Cinderella film trailers available to watch on YouTube as well as featurettes in which the cast talk about their characters giving the audience a much deeper insight into the characters throughout the film Cinderella and allowing them to connect with the characters, therefore encouraging them to go and watch the movie.

Another marketing method is that Cinderella has its own interactive website which not only provides the audience with all the information relating to the films release but also allows them to look at various galleries, videos, downloads and character profiles, therefore encouraging people to go and watch it due to them already having a clear understanding of the film. The website also provides the audience with a Cinderella game, this directly reaches out to and anchors the young audience due to the fact that they will enjoy playing the game and as a result want to go and watch the movie. The website features an enchanted soundtrack along with various moving images which put an emphasis on the fairytale conventions such as the magic and princess dresses, therefore again anchoring the young female audience who are infatuated with princess fairytales, again resulting in them wanting to go and see the film. Billboards and posters are another marketing method used within the Cinderella marketing campaign, numerous posters are in places which are more likely to attract our attention including, busses, bus stops and shopping centres. Newspapers and Magazines are also marketing techniques, events such as the Cinderella premier as well as any other news relating to behind the scenes will be published in numerous magazines and news papers, all of which will predominately attract the attention of adults, a prime example being,however this still effectively promotes the film due to the fact that if the person reading it has children it may encourage them to take their children to go and see the film. Children's magazines will also feature published articles and interviews relating to the up coming release of Cinderella, therefore again instantly anchoring the target audience. Word of mouth is also an effective marketing method for Cinderella due to the fact that if someone watches the film trailer and likes it, they will therefore share the information with someone else and so on. Anchorage simply refers to how a film producer will hook and draw in their target audience, therefore ensuring that they go and watch the movie and as contribute to the overall commercial success of the movie, a prime example being one of the most effective ways in which the producers of Cinderella have anchored their target audience is by producing a seven minute short film based on the Disney phenomenon Frozen, which will be aired in theatres before the film Cinderella. After being released in 2013, Frozen smashed the box office taking in over $1billion and became a huge hit with children all over the world becoming infatuated with the film and considering the animated characters to be icons. By choosing to produce a short film and airing it before Cinderella automatically anchors the target audience due to the fact that children are so obsessed with Frozen that they would want to go and see the movie Cinderella just so that they could see the seven minute short film which will be aired before it.

Throughout the next bit I will deconstruct a poster for Cinderella, identifying and explaining how this particular marketing method anchors the target audience.

in terms of the media text itself this is a poster therefore it will be stuck on numerous walls in areas such as shopping centres and cinemas, as well as on busses and bus stops, therefore automatically drawing the attention of a wide variety of audiences. Taking up both the weak fallow and terminal area we have the title and the release date, both of which are placed here specifically due to the fact that this is where the audience will look last, therefore as a result this important information is what they will remember. The title itself is