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Poster Symposium. Summer 2014 NASA Ames Research Center. Introduction. Know your project manager. NIFS, GSRP, Aero Scholars – Kelly De Leon-Lopez ( k elly.deleon ) ISU, NASA I 2 – Charlotte Zeamer ( ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Poster Symposium

Summer 2014 Higher Education Poster SESSION

Poster SymposiumSummer 2014 NASA Ames Research Center


www.nasa.govKnow your project managerNIFS, GSRP, Aero Scholars Kelly De Leon-Lopez (, NASA I2 Charlotte Zeamer (, CIPAIR, JGFP, JPFP, MUST, NSTI, URC Michelle Sanders (, Space Grant Elizabeth Cartier ( - Porsche Parker ( Tom Clausen ( Academy, NASA Academy Brad Bailey ( Santa Cruz - Wenonah Vercoutere ( Lyda Teov ( - Laura Shawnee ( ACCEDP Shondricka Burrell ( (Albert) Chris Maese (

www.nasa.govSaving Your Poster

Posters due from mentor to program coordinator:Tuesday, July 15th at noonwww.nasa.govTemplate OptionsThere are several templates from which to chose. You may also create your own. However, try to make your new template conform to the same standards as the ones shown here.

The placeholder picture on the clear template should be replaced with your own graphics and text.Your Project Manager will provide you with a copy of the available templates.Templates are also available at:

Template SizingAll available templates have a file size of: 32 x 4218 point font minimumWorking area: Allowing for a 1 bleed strip that will be trimmed off on all four sides, the final size of your poster will be: 30 x 40Content area: This is the 28 x 38 safe area to place your content; dont put text or graphics too close to the edge.

*poster can be horizontal or vertical!32 (Narrow Dimension of Sheet)42 (Wide Dimension of Sheet)

Proper BleedPart of the blue sky will be chopped off -- to the left of the red dashed line. This is OK; the photo will look fine.Improper BleedThe tail of the helicopter will be chopped off and will cause it to crash - not to mention what it will do to your poster.

30 (Narrow Dimension) CropMarksWorking AreaThe working area is the entire file as defined by the crop marks. This is the size your poster will be - after trimming.

Dont go beyond the dashed red line or youll lose part of your text and/or graphics.You may intentionally want bleed. In that case, it is OK.40 (Wide Dimension)

www.nasa.govContent AreaThe content area is where you place all of your text, photos, graphics, logos, etc.It is important to stay inside the content area or you may have your data cut off. Ouch!The font should be easy to read and not too small. (18 point or larger)Remember that low resolution images print as low resolution, so try to use the best ones you have. Printed size at 72 dpi should be fine.

28 (Narrow Dimension)38 (Wide Dimension) Good PositioningShe didnt cross the line. Notice the nice black edge to the right and below the photo. Unless you purposely want to bleed your photo off the edge, this is much better.

Bad PositioningThis pilot has his face crammed against the edge of the trimmed poster. He crossed the line and it shows.

www.nasa.govThe AbstractThe abstract is a brief summary of what topic you were investigating, what you did, what you found out, why its important, etc. (A SparkNotes version of your project)An abstract book will be published featuring the abstracts of this summers internsTo create your abstract for the book, use template provided (available on the new2nasa page)Save the file as a recognized naming conventionUse your last name and first initial plus a version (For example: SmithM_abstract-v001)Abstract to be submitted via email by your mentor

www.nasa.govPublication in the SORJYour abstract pages will also be published online on the Student Online Research Journal! (photo included)

www.nasa.govImportant Dates

www.nasa.govPoster Training Sessions

June 17th and 19th

Abstract Workshop

June 20th

Poster Design Workshop

June 30th

Abstract Due (FROM MENTOR to project coordinator)

July 1st

Posters Due (FROM MENTOR to program coordinator)

July 15th

Poster SymposiumAugust 7thFor a successful poster

www.nasa.govWe are proud to publish your work!12