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  • 1. A BETTER WAY Possible Solutions

2. Conscious Consuming:Aware of what you buy, and the impact it has on the environment. 3. Consumer Labeling:A label that tells how much waste was produced, and how the product was made. 4. Corporate Social Responsibility:Hold businesses responsible for ethical manufacturing of a product. 5. Cradle to Cradle Design:Everything used to create a product can be reused or recycled. 6. Extended Producer Responsibility:Producers are responsible for reducing waste.

  • Producers are responsible to collect old products, and disposing of them.

7. Fair Trade:Members of this organization agree to give fair wages and environmental sustainability . 8. Governmental Accountability:Government can give incentives for producing sustainable goods and services. 9. Green Chemistry:The use of nontoxic chemicals to produce goods. 10. Local Living Economies: Buy from people that live in the community. 11. Zero Waste:Eliminate waste and toxic chemicals in products, and make sure materials are not burned.