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  1. 1. DOB: 2nd January, 1938 He is a British fashionphotographer and workedwith magazines such asBritish Vogue when he was22. The sixties was David Baileysdecade.
  2. 2. Jude Law
  3. 3. Jean Shrimpton Sue Murray
  4. 4. Name: Joanna Pitman Taken: Unknown The photograph is of a well knownwoman in black and white. Photo shows the womans hair beingflicked which can be seen as thatseems to be the only part of theimage with is slightly blurry comparedto the rest of the image which hasbeen captured by the shutter speed.There doesnt seem to be muchinformation upon this image.
  5. 5. The composition of this image hasbeen thought about very carefullyas it comes across as a very elegantimage. The image itself is black andwhite when seems peaceful. Theposition she is in, shows off her figureeven though you can only see herhead and an arm, you still know itshows it off. The fact that her jawbone has been shown within theimage, and it seems perfect to theviewer looking at the image and herarms slim and still looks elegant likethe image. She is very poise andhas excellent posture.
  6. 6. This particular image I feel has nofaults. Its perfect and veryinspirational as it just looks perfect inmy eyes. The position of the womanis significant, she seems veryconfident and is beautiful. Its apicture which can be placedanywhere and will still be admired bythousands. David Baileysphotography is the kind ofphotography which I aspire too.
  7. 7. DOB : March 11, 1963 Davids photography careerbegan in the 1980s when hebegan showing his artwork in NewYork City galleries His photography has been invarious of magazines such asRolling Stone, Italian Vogue,French Vogue, etc. He has photographed celebritiessuch as Michael Jackson, LadyGaga, Lil Kim, Paris Hilton, DavidBeckham, Uma Thurman, BritneySpears, Shakira, etc.
  8. 8. Name: Lil Kim: Blow Up Doll Taken: 2000 This image has been signedand numbered Edition of 7 There isnt much information onthis image itself on the internet.I have only been able to findthe year it was taken in and thename of the image and whohas taken it.
  9. 9. The composition of this photograph isperfect. The photographer seems to workwell with bright, neon and luminous coloursseems to know what works well togetherand what doesnt. Having it mid shotbeing able to see the model from theshoulders and the top of her head. Makingher seem younger than she actually issimple by having her hair in pigtails andhaving the ribbon which ties her hair abrighter colour than what her hair isactually suppose to be contrasts well withthe back ground it stands out. Having thelipstick that the model within thephotograph has on matching thebackground she has behind her is genius.The fact he has chosen a completeopposite colour for her eyes, makes hereyes stand out upon the background.
  10. 10. This photograph has plenty of strengthsbecause of the photographer thinkingabout the composition of the image. Itstands out and its bright and its very eyecatching. Within the title, the image alsoseems very sexual as relating to the imageand its very unique. This specificphotographer I cant fault for this image asit just seems up to the profession standardswhich people expect in my opinion.
  11. 11. DOB: April 21, 1912 Died: January 4, 2012 She started to get into photographyin 1946 whilst working in New York. She joined Magnums Photo agencyin 1951 and then became a fullmember in 1957. Best known for taking pictures ofboth the famous (Marilyn Monroe)and the unknown.
  12. 12. Bar girl in a brothel in thered light district,Havana, Cuba, 1954 Marilyn Monroe,
  13. 13. Silvana Mangano at theMuseum of Modern Art, NewYork, 1956Marilyn Monroe, 1953
  14. 14. Name: No name, Just aphotograph of AnthonyQuinn and Anna Karina onthe set of Guy Greens TheMagus. Taken: 1976 Location: Mallorca, This picture doesnt reallyhave any other additionalinformation other than what Ihave already said aboutwhen it was taken, thelocation and th3e actualname of the photo.
  15. 15. This image itself seems very sweetand innocent which to me givesthe photo more meaning. A blackand which image which shows anold man and a younger womanwho appear to be enjoyingthemselves and having a laughseems to show an indicationspecial yet unique relationshipwhich is a great way to show thecomposition. Arnolds has actuallythought about the photographand might of even timed it in theright time to take the photograph.Nothing within the image is toodark either which doesnt suggestany dull or depressing matters assuch as even though its still a blackand white image its bright and fullof life. It also seems to fall perfectlywith the rule of thirds.
  16. 16. The photograph has manystrengths such as there isnt toomuch in the photo, so you tendto focus on the two people withinthe image and the relationshipbetween them. Also the factnothing is too dark within thephotography its still all very brightfor a black and white photowhich Arnolds seems to haveused to an advantage. Ipersonally dont see no weaknesswithin the photo and wouldntchange it because its an imagewhich is up to professionalstandards.