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Aude Lucien is an architect with a wide variety of interests and projects. From urban redevelopment to constructive detail designs, she creates flexible and socially thrilling designs.

Transcript of Portfolio AUDE LUCIEN

  • Shoreditch Singletown,social dynamics of single life in LondonMA final project

    p. 8-19


    URbAn deSign

    StUdent woRk

    StUdent woRkIndustrial Harbour and urban developmentMA projectLocal council partnership

    p. 28-31

    Montpellier Nouvelle Gare international competitionAtelier Christian de Portzamparc

    p. 20-23

    pRofeSSionAl woRk

    Urban development and major rugby stadium integrationAtelier Christian de Portzamparc EPA ORSA

    p. 24-27

    pRofeSSionAl woRk

    Urban regenerationBA project

    p. 32-33

    StUdent woRk

    ORLY-RUNGIS SEINE AMONT Le stade de la Fdration Franaise de Rugby Thiais-Orly Atelier Christian de Portzamparc - Urbaniste ORLY-RUNGIS SEINE AMONT Le stade de la Fdration Franaise de Rugby Thiais-Orly Atelier Christian de Portzamparc - Urbaniste 42

  • Alternative housing in BerlinBA project80 dwellings

    p. 40-43

    Childrens leisure centerBA project500 sqm

    p. 46-47

    StUdent woRk

    StUdent woRk

    Sketching from a travel bookExperimenting silver film

    p. 52-65

    peRSonnAl woRk

    Product design workshopBA project

    p. 50-51

    StUdent woRk

    ARchitectURAl deSign


    cURRicUlUM VitAe

    Office building design , FrankfurtFollow-through detailing and technical designMA German project

    p. 36-39

    StUdent woRk

    Mix-used public facilityBA project20.000 sqmz

    p. 44-45

    StUdent woRk

    Portfolio 2011_Aude Lucien_4/6

    Habiter ensemble Berlin

    Concevoir 80 logements collectifs dans le centre de Berlin.- Grande varit despaces individuels et communs- Immeubles hauts sur rue/ groupement de blocs dappartements lintrieur de la parcelle, assembls autour dun jardin partag- Places de parking ouvertes glisses sous les blocs, au plus proche des accs pitonniers- Orientations optimises pour la lumire naturelle et le contrle des vues croises.


    Portfolio 2011_Aude Lucien_2/6

    Le centre de loisir structure bois sorganise autour de 5 salles dactivits qui acceuillent dans les tunnels forms par leur loignement, des espaces ludiques continus supplmentaires. La richesse spatiale de la cour de rcration, le jeu de facettes de la peau et la texture matrielle des composants sont autant dlments qui nourissent lveil et limagination des enfants.

    Centre de loisir ludique

  • URbAn deSign

  • 8The majority of Londons population is supposedly


    This project tackles the question of the dynamics of

    their life-style as well as the implications on architecture

    and urban design.

    Our contemporary society is experiencing a transition

    from the traditionnal social structure, based on the

    couple-family, to an individual-based society, where the

    desires and needs of each and everyone rule.

    However the electrons that we are still urge for social

    encounters. The explosion of the family structure is

    reunited under assembly of multiple individuals who

    share tastes, opinions and life-style.

    Proximity, individuality and community are key points

    to contemporary single life.

  • 9ShoReditch Singletown,SociAl dYnAMicS of Single life in londonMA final project

    To love myself enough that I do not need anyone else to make me happy (J.RUBIN, Growing up at thrity-seven)

    // Rhino_Vray render_Photoshop //

  • 10

    // Rhino_VRay render_Photoshop//

    Tridimensionnal envelope determined by Void Scuplting* base to developments

    Singles in the city

    The purpose of the urban development is to

    offer a unique living experience in the center of


    5 ha site, 800.000 sqm mixed-use programs,

    majority of housing (300.000sqm)

    Designed as a gated community, organised

    around interior passages and connecting


    A linear facade acts as a fortress wall, for a

    protected environment

  • 11

    Shoreditch Singletown,social dynamics of single life in London

    // Rhino_Illustrator //


    Commercial retail


    Commercial retail

    Courtyards, Public terrace


  • 12

    Individual cocoons

    The individual space of accomodation is the

    contemporary single persons most precious

    space, as it becomes the only space where all

    masks are down.

    The dwellings are designed to respond to each

    type most important needs in terms of duration

    of stay/experience and sociability inside


    Single pARent And SenioR AccoModAtiondelUxe StUdio AccoModAtion

    Senior room and individual entrance

    Parents room close to entrance

    Childrens room open on living spaces

  • 13

    Student and tourist accomodations:

    expulse all social gestures out of

    home and offer most of experiences

    Studio: open plan and fluid spaces

    Multi-generation flat-share: single

    parent and senior

    StUdent AccoModAtion toURiSt AccoModAtion

    Shoreditch Singletown,social dynamics of single life in London

  • 14

    Vibrant heart of single life

    Showroom of singletown social life: interior

    street and Viaduct High street open to

    city use (nightlife, culture and leisure


    Cavernuous spaces to discover upon

    experiences and cultivate mystery

    Ground plan// AutoCad_Illustrator//

    Movies foyer

    Theatre Foyer

    Overground exit

    Nightclub Strip club

    Swimming pool and sauna

    Shopping Center

    Interior Street

  • 15

    Shoreditch Singletown,social dynamics of single life in London

    // Rhino_Illustrator //

    Movie Theatres (4)

    Theatre (500 seats)

    Mixed type housing

    Youth Hostel

    Mixed type housing

    Student Accomodation

    Shopping center

    Swimming pool and ports Center

  • Student Accomodation

    Movie Theatre


    Shopping center (west)

    Mixed type housing

    Youth Hostel

  • Shopping center (east)

    Mixed type housing

    Youth Hostel

    Sports center / Swimming Pool

    Mixed type housing

    Level Plan (+21.00m)

    Shoreditch Singletown,social dynamics of single life in London

  • 18

    Open plans, fluid spaces

    Carved, cavernous and generous social


    Linear and porous facade, acts as a

    structure to the wildness of the interior

    secret shapes and life

    View from the viaduct towards the Theatre foyers// Rhino_VRay render_Photoshop //

    Strip club

    Section on Shopping center, Youth Hostel and Mixed type housing // Rhino_VRay render_Photoshop //

    Housing patio

    Youth Hostel patio

    Shopping center west

    Panoramic restaurant

    Roof garden

    Viaduct High Street

    Interior streetOverground

  • 19

    Shoreditch Singletown,social dynamics of single life in London

    View from Bethnal Green Rd towards Cinema entrance and Overground exit// Rhino_VRay render_Photoshop //

    Section on Cinema and Theatre looking East// Rhino_VRay render_Photoshop //

    Inside street

    Viaduct High Street

    Theatre foyerCinema foyer


    Cinema foyer

    Open projection

  • 20

    Montpellier is a fast growing 255.000 inhabitants city in

    the South of France. They are currently undertaking a

    vast urban renewal plan (250M ). The arrival of a new

    high-speed railway has risen the oppurtunity to develop

    the South suburbs of the city, right between the actual

    fringes, the international Airport and the seaside.

    1.2M sqm new constructions (housing, office hub,

    commercial retail local and regional scale, university,

    leisure and nightlife programs ...)

    25 ha area, 60% under constraints (noise, flood

    zone, heritage protection ...)

    Mixed-transportation station (high-speed railway,

    tramway, bus station...)

    Implementation of High-speed railway, new

    motorway and tramway

    10-year laps development

    Urban renovation of former motorway into


    Smart city and low environmental impact

    Gravitation point // AECDP_Pena&Pena paysagistes_TerreEco//

  • 21

    MontpellieR noUVelle gARe inteRnAtionAl coMpetitionAtelier Christian de Portzamparc

    Masterplan // AECDP_Pena&Pena paysagistes_TerreEco//

  • 22

    Dense urban development around multimodal station

    First major axe of development: east to west

    along railway and motorway.

    What could have been a hard fraction in the

    territory is invested by a dense office-purposed

    island, which also acts as a sound barrier. It

    is animated by a intense nightlife and a leisure

    tropical garden along the railway.

    Motorway Office Island Tropical Garden Railway

    Section on motorway and railway // AECDP_Pena&Pena paysagistes_TerreEco//

    Island, Multimodal Station and Tropical garden // AECDP_Pena&Pena paysagistes_TerreEco//

    Urban development schemes and typical blocks// AECDP_Pena&Pena paysagistes_TerreEco//

  • 23

    Montpellier Nouvelle Gare international competition

    Dense urban development from ac