Population pyramids

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Population pyramids

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  • 1. POPULATION PYRAMIDS DEFINITION A population pyramid is a bar graph which shows the age and sex structure of a population. This information is very useful to governments for policy planning Because these population structures can predict the changes of a population in the future. Besides, they show the level of development of a population WHY IS IT USEFUL?

2. ELEMENTS OF A POPULATION STRUCTURE OR POPULATION PYRAMID Male side Its usually in blue and at the left side Female side Its usually in pink and at the right side The vertical axis shows the population divided into five year age groups The horizontal axis shows the percentage of males and female in each age group The horizontal axis also can show the number of people in each sex and age group 3. NUMBER OF PEOPLE PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE 4. HOW DO POPULATION STRUCTURES DIFFER? Developing and developed countries have particular shapes in their population structures POOREST DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. (SUDAN) The top is narrow because the life expectancy is low The base is large because the birth rate is very high 5. MORE ECONOMICALLY DEVELOPING COUNTRIES (MEXICO) The top is less narrow because the life expectancy is higher The base is smaller because the birth rate is falling slowly There are also a lack of population in some ages (20- 25) because of the migration 6. DEVELOPED COUNTRIES (USA) The top is bigger because the life expectancy is higher The base is narrow because the birth rate is low There are sectors which are bigger because the inmigrants who come to their countries 7. DEVELOPED COUNTRIES WITH OLD POPULATION (SPAIN) The old people starts to have the biggest percentage of the population The base of the pyramid has a lack of children The replacement of the population is not granted There will be few people to maintain the dependent population 8. EVOLUTION OF THE SPANISH POPULATION STRUCTURE 9. We also can see other interesting things in the population structures RUSSIA 2000 Lack of population due to the First and the Second World War. There are also more women than men Besides, we can see that there are lost generations because of the war We also can see how the Russian population decreased after the end of the Soviet Union because many countries became independent (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania...) 10. BAHRAIN 2011 Why does it have that particular shape? 11. GERMANY 2005 Why does it have that particular shape? 12. HOMEWORK Click on this link http:// populationpyramid.net/ Choose a country Find the population pyramids of that country in the years 1950, 2014 and 2050 Copy those pyramids, print them and paste them in your notebook Then, write an essay saying the most important information that you can find by analyzing those structures