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Poker-Fighter is an online poker game that brings a new approach to the online poker teaching world. We're taking professional poker players' methods of analyzing the poker game and converting them into an artificial intelligent software which teaches and trains players to be winners at online poker games.

Transcript of Poker-Fighter: Online Poker Simulator

  • 1. Introduction New Revolutionary Method for Learning Poker

2. Introduction Revolutionary Poker Simulator Infinite Practice Scenarios Interactive Learning Experience | Immediate Feedback Step-By-Step Structured Learning Process 3. Snapshot Web-Based Game Monetize via Monthly Licenses & User Affiliation Short-Term: Worldwide Poker Training Product Long-Term: Social Network | Poker Client 4. Our Team GSPE was founded in 2013 by the entrepreneurs Stas Tishkevich & Guy Sela 5. Our Team Stas Tishkevich Product Manager & Co-Founder B.Sc. in Industrial Management Engineering (TAU) Professional Online Poker Player since 2012 More than 200,000$ in Poker Winnings First Israeli to Pay Taxes for Online Poker Cash earnings Head of the Israeli Poker Union Founder of the Israeli Academy of Poker Poker Writer & Blogger Blazer, De-Buzzer, Kick 6. Our Team Stas Tishkevich 7. Our Team Stas Tishkevich 10 10 2 8. Our Team Guy Sela CTO & Co-Founder B.A. in Computer Science and Business Management from The Open University Officer in an Elite Programming Unit in the IDF for 6 years Leading Software Engineer in a Startup Company Since. Huge Experience in Software Development & Team Management Semi-Professional Poker Player 9. Target Audience B2C Micro-Small Stakes Online Poker Players In 2009 - 20.8M Real Money Online Poker Players Worldwide 95% of the Online Players are Losing Players Huge Pool of Inexperienced Players Basic & Primitive Training Products 10. Contact Information Guy Sela CTO & Co-Founder Mail: Professional Profile: Stas Tishkevitch Product Manager & Co-Founder Mail: Professional Profile: