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Poker 101 A Penn Poker Event. Welcome new members and class of ’12. Poker 101: The Rules of NL Texas Hold ‘ Em. Each player is dealt 2 cards (hold cards) 1 Round of betting occurs now Three Community Cards are dealt face up 1 Round of betting Another Community Card is dealt face up - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Welcome new members and class of 12

  • Each player is dealt 2 cards (hold cards)1 Round of betting occurs nowThree Community Cards are dealt face up 1 Round of betting Another Community Card is dealt face up1 Round of bettingAnother Community Card is dealt face up Final round of bettingThe player with the best 5 card hand using 0,1, or both of his Hold Cards plus the Community Cards wins

  • Blinds: the forced bet that rotates around the table. Each hand has 2 blinds: small and bigThe Pot: Whatever money is at stake over the current handBet: To put an amount of money in the potRaise: To bet more than the person before you betCall: To agree to the bet that was madeFold: To surrender your cards and not put any more money in the potAll In: To bet or raise for all the chips you have in front of you

  • Now that youve seen one, Sit with a board member and play a few orbitsThen each player can narrate a hand to their table

  • Welcome new members and class of 12

  • A club for people who like pokerAll skill levels welcomeAll commitment levels welcomeWe like to learn, teach, and make money through pokerOur EventsStrategy SessionsStudent Run; anyone can host; a lecture/forumPro SpeakersSweat Sessions/ Grind SessionsThe Penn Poker Open; The College Poker Open

  • How we start our events: Name / handle Where you play, what you playBad beat / Success story

  • The reason we created this club was not to lecture, but to learnIf you have a question, askIf you disagree or have a better way of saying/doing something, speak up

  • VocabularyEtiquette Bank Roll Management Position & Starting RangesBettingBluffingPlaying online and using HUDs and Rakeback

  • Continuation Bet: A post flop bet made by the pre-flop raiserRake: The portion of each pot, or additional fee required of each tournament buy-in, taken by the casinoOuts: The (number) of cards that will make you the best hand when behindThe Nuts: The best possible hand (at a given time).

  • Often something that makes new poker players feel out of placeWhen in doubt, ask those sitting around youRemember 3 things1) Dont act out of turnJust ask, is it on me?OrPAY ATTENTION2) Dont apologize for bad beatsSorry I won..sorry I have your money .sorry you suck..sorry I sucked outIf youre truly sorry, give the chips back3) Dont slow roll if you won, Dont complain if you lostDont gloat if you win

  • Rules are strictly enforcedVerbal playsString bettingMucking/ Dropping cards / Keeping cards on the tableTable stakes (dont pull cash out of your pocket mid hand)You tip the dealer, the drink staff, and often the chip runners. Be careful who you get in arguments withBad beat jackpots existAces full of jacks or better beat by 4 of a kind or better, both hold cards must playChop it?

  • What is a bankroll?The money you set aside to play pokerWhy is it important?Even if you play nearly perfect poker, it is still possible to lose for very long periods of timeWhat is proper bankroll management?While pros disagree, the conservative poker community supports the following equation(Big Blind of your game)*(2000)At a $.10/$.25 game, your bankroll should be $500 (=.25*2000)Tournament buy ins should never be > 2% of your total roll

  • Ten-Person Ring GameUnder The GunHi-Jack

  • The Blinds (SB& BB) You have the worst post-flop position. Dont play any mediocre or bad hands here pre-flop. Play only good ones. Under The Gun (UTG) You are first to act pre-flop. Keep your range tight but balanced.Middle Position (MP) You are in a decent position to open your range.Button/Dealer (BTN) The button acts last on every street. The button is by far the most profitable position in poker and you should take advantage of it by being looser and more aggressive from this position.

    Poker is a game of information. Early position leaves you vulnerable to being raised, bluffed, or both. Acting last gives you the most information and the last word on any betting, raising, calling or folding

  • Starting HandsA starting hand range is a foundation for playing solid poker. It is a systematic chart that tells you what types of hands to play pre-flop from all the positionsThey should vary Based on the size and type of game you playIf the game is playing particularly loose, you might want to tighten your range. If the game is playing a bit tight, you should loosen your range.

  • Under The GunAny pair; AK, AQ,AJ, KQsMiddle PositionUTG + KQoSB & BBJJ+, AKAs you improve your ranges can broaden. In the beginning, just keep it tight

  • Move your chips around. Make your presence knownBalance the interests of getting value with disallowing drawsBets should be between 1/3 and Pot sizedAll ins should be made cautiously, but not sparselyYou should think in terms of lines, not streetsYou should always have a purpose and seek to understand your opponent's purpose

  • OH NO.WHERES MY FLUSH/SET/QUADS/BOAT?!?!?!?Guess Im going to have BUY MY WAY OUT!ALL IN!!!!!!!

    Bluffing should be kept relatively low and should decrease with the following:A lot (3) of players in a handBeing in early positionNot having anything to represent

    Dont bluff short stacks or deep stacks, fish, or noobsALWAYS ASK: What am I representing?Make sure youre telling a story that makes sense

  • Online Vocabulary:HUDs (Heads Up Displays)Programs that monitor the other players statistics, most importantlyVPIP, PF,Cbet and Fold to CbetPoker Tracker, Realtime (a free hud)Rakeback: Players can register with various rakeback websites when initially signing up with an online poker roomThese websites will refund a certain portion of the rake poker rooms take from both your cash game and tournament playAn excellent way for poker players to save considerable amounts money when playing online

  • Is not illegal Play on Full Tilt Rakeback TrustworthyPlay on Poker StarsGood reward programTrustworthyPlay on Players Only If youre paranoid about people using HUDsPlay on Absolute Poker / UBIf you like cheating, shitty RNGs, bad beats, inability to cash out, shit for rewards, death, misery, pain, etc.

  • Only play with money you can afford to lose. Ask yourself: if I lose, will my quality of life be compromised?

    If you think you might have a problem go toGamblersAnonymous.orgClick 20 questions

    Poker is not for everyone. Quitting is not failing.

  • If you like what youve seen and want morePenn Poker has a Group Grind Session (steamy) on the 18th

    The Learning CurveOnline play has become very difficult. Even if youre a pro at your home games you might find yourself losing money consistently even at low limits online

    Want to read more?NL Holdem: Theory and Practice Sklansky and MillerLittle Green Book Phil GordonProfessional NL Hold em

    **Change to slide show format***Possibly a slide welcoming and listing our addresses. Note that this is a beginner session..**Begin Matt**Begin Andrew***Begin Matt*