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  • On November 13th, 12 seniors, along with Mr. Kirschbaum and Mrs. Turner, piled into two vans and drove up to Los Angeles for a service retreat. Over the course of three days, they gained a new perspective of homelessness, poverty, addiction, and the stereotypes that surround them. This was the first Los Angeles service retreat offered to seniors and Mr. Kirschbaum plans to continue in second semester. All 12 girls were in agreement that it was one of the most influential retreat experiences they have had at OLP. Four members of the Pilot Press attended this retreat and recap their experiences at different parts of the trip:

    Midnight Mission

    By Katie Anastas 14 When we arrived in Los Angeles late afternoon on Wednesday, our first stop was Skid Row. Skid Row is the only area of Los Angeles where it is legal to sleep on the street, and it is home to the largest homeless population in LA (about 18,000 people out of L.As 60,000 total homeless population). We took a tour of Midnight Mission, a rehabilitation center and shelter for men in Skid Row. Our tour guide had formerly been homeless and he described his experience of recovery after battling an alcohol and heroin addiction since middle school. His honesty in sharing his story was incredibly inspiring and he taught us valuable information about the main issues surrounding poverty and recovery from addiction. That night we watched a documentary called Lost Angels, which follows the stories of multiple homeless people living on Skid Row. After learning about the personal lives of people in the nearby community, we were even more motivated to begin our hands-on work at locations throughout the Los Angeles area.

    Bread and Roses Caf

    By Danielle Burner 14 Under the guidance of Chef Derek Brandon Walker, former TV star of the Food Network show Chopped!, we had the opportunity to give back to the community in a unique way on our second and third days in Los Angeles. Established in 1989, Bread and Roses Caf is a not-for-profit restaurant run by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, our OLP founders. The caf serves meals to homeless men and women. The main focus of the caf is to promote the dignity of human life. This mission is embodied in the cafs name, with Bread symbolizing food and Roses symbolizing dignity. At the caf, homeless men, women, and children are treated to a sit-down dinner prepared by Chef Walker, providing a unique service opportunity unlike any other in Los Angeles County. Working at the caf as volunteers, we experienced an unusual social-barrier breakdown that local soup kitchens just cannot provide. After being given the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with the clientele at the caf, senior Sara Dale commented: You realize these people are actual human beings like us everyone has a story.

    Alexandria House

    By Morgan Hazel 14

    On our last night in Los Angeles, we

    split into two groups for the jobs that we would do at the Alexandria House. The Alexandria House is a transitional center for women and their children who need assistance recovering from homelessness, abuse, or addiction. It was founded by Sister Judy Vaughan, a Sister of St. Joseph, and houses around 24 people today. The first group was in charge of cooking dinner for the house. Cooking a meal completely by themselves took over three hours and the end result was a delicious meal of mac n cheese, salad, vegetables, and cookies for dessert. The second group served as babysitters for after dinner when the moms had meetings with case workers and Sister Judy, who directs the center. The kids range from the age of 1 to 14 and their energy and joy were infectious. Interacting with the families at the Alexandria House was a great experience because we got to witness first hand the resilience and hard work that goes into overcoming difficult situations.

    CSJ Food Pantry

    By Sarah Quiones 14 The next mission on the list was the CSJ food pantry. We arrived at 9:30 with a ton of prep work to be completed by 10:00, the time of opening. When everything was stacked and we were prepared for the rush of people, Veronica, one of the workers gave us a short speech. This particular food pantry is run by the Sisters of Saint Joseph and helps people who are no longer homeless, yet who are still in need of assistance. After briefing us on some simple rules to keep the line of people moving smoothly, our work began. All the volunteers were standing alongside one rack of items. The job consisted of helping people find what food items they desired and making sure that they did not take too much (which is a complex thing to deal with and taught us to really think about hunger and poverty from different perspectives). Although the flow of people was rushed, I was still able to converse with many guests. Surprisingly, most of the people at the food pantry were elderly. One elderly woman told me that she has no relations with her family members with the exception of her fourteen year old granddaughter, whom she has not seen for eight years. The experience of working at this food pantry made me think about my grandparents and how fortunate I am to not be in this situation. I will take with me an appreciation for what I have and a desire to help those who are struggling.

    For more pictures and information about our trip, go to olppilotpress.org.

    Seniors Head to Los Angeles for Service Retreat

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    Homeless is not a noun, its an adjective.-Ryan,

    Midnight Mission

    We will meet, all of us, women of every land. We will meet in the center, make a circle. We will weave a world web to entangle the powers that bury our children.-The Weather Underground, 1975

    For now, I ask no more than the justice of eating.-Pablo Neruda

    Inspired by the profound love of God and love of neighbor wihtout distinction...- CSJ Mission Statement

    Seniors Melissa Stepovich, Jaliza Cancino, Marisa Alexander, Morgan Hazel, Jackie Perez Verdin, Sarah Quiones, Danielle Burner, Jackie Brady, Katie Anastas, Sarah Kenney, Sara Dale, and Grace Nokes (Photo by Danielle Burner).

  • Restaurant Feature:Soda & Swine

    By Katie Anastas 14 Last year, many of us would drive down Adams Avenue and see the construction of a new restaurant called Soda & Swine. OLP students enjoy visiting long-beloved local restaurants like Antique Row and Twiggs. Would this new eatery stand up to the challenge of earning the approval of the neighborhoods hungriest diners? Within walking distance from OLP, Soda & Swine is a great after-school lunch destination. The restaurant specializes in meatball subs and classic sodas. When ordering, a customer can pick from pork, beef, chicken, or quinoa meatballs and order a slider, a submarine, or spaghetti. Sides include delicious macaroni and cheese, fried pizza knots, garlic french fries, garlic bread, and apple salad. A long list of bottled sodas includes root beer, grape soda, orange soda, ginger ale, and much more. Finally, the dessert menu offers apple pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and soft serve ice

    cream. I ordered the chicken meatball slider with macaroni and cheese and a strawberry soda, and every part of my meal was excellent. One of the most unique parts of Soda & Swine is its atmosphere. Wooden benches with red stools stretch across the room, and an open roof allows natural light to enter the space. Customers order at the counter after choosing a meal from the chalkboard menu. A fireplace stands at the end of the restaurant, heating the outdoor space during the evening. Jazz music fills the room, adding the final touch to Soda & Swines rustic atmosphere. Soda & Swine offers the setting for a delicious after-school lunch or dinner. I highly recommend it the next time you are looking for a place to dine after school.

    Soda & Swine:2943 Adams Avenue

    Hours: Seven days a week11:30 am 1:30 am

    Meet Mrs. Bent

    By Bianca Gonzalez 14 Ever wondered who that stylish, petite, woman is who always has a bright smile on her face walking through the halls of Aquinas? Well, this amazing woman is one of the new faculty members of OLP this year. Her name is Mrs. Rivka Bent. Her office is warm and welcoming and the walls are filled with artwork and historic pictures of the academy. Meeting her was just as welcoming and here are some fun facts to learn more about our new addition to the OLP family. Q: Where are you from? A: Mars! Alright, not really. I was born and raised in Southern California and had duel residency in Southern and Northern California.Q: What role do you play in the OLP community?A: I am the assistant to the Head of School, Mrs. Lek. I help finalize details and benefit the student body, as well as be of service to the Head of School. Q: Whats your family like? Children? Pets?A: I am married with two children, a son and a daughter, and I have two dogs.Q: How do you spend your weekends?A: I like to spend my weekends hiking, studying design and architecture, visiting museums, biking, swimming, and rowing in the ocean. I also like to drink coffee and find coffee shops in town. My favorite destination is a place with coffee and some sort of goodie!

    Q: What are your hobbies?A: I love writing in my blog, sewing, cooking and baking, and simply spending time with my family. Q: If you could ch