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Transcript of Pictures of the Year International Client Presentation

  1. 1. TEAM CHROMATIC Pictures of the Year International
  3. 3. Erin Fuchsen
  4. 4. Dani Chronister
  5. 5. Bao Deng
  6. 6. Clayton Hotze
  7. 7. Liza Poskin
  8. 8. Kirsten Dickherber
  9. 9. Emily Klaus
  10. 10. TEAM CHROMATIC Pictures of the Year International
  11. 11. our challenge Identify perception among current audience, reposition brand and attract new participants
  12. 12. Secondary Research
  13. 13. Client Born in 1944 as First Annual Fifty- Print Exhibition Lacking social presence and authoritative voice
  14. 14. Consumer Content consumers are photography enthusiasts, students and researchers who do not submit their work to the competition
  15. 15. Consumer Content providers are photographers who submit their work to the competition
  16. 16. SWOT Analysis
  17. 17. Strengths
  18. 18. Weaknesses
  19. 19. Opportunities
  20. 20. Threats
  21. 21. Primary Research
  22. 22. Demographics
  23. 23. Demographics
  24. 24. Value Job Opportunities Professional Recognition Community Awareness
  25. 25. Digital Presence #19
  26. 26. Social Presence 74% 45%
  27. 27. our goal Position POYi as the premiere global photo competition by expanding digital presence to gain exposure, build relationships, and drive online engagement
  28. 28. Target Audience
  31. 31. Brand Personality
  32. 32. Brand Personality Erudite Transparent erudite /er(y)dt/ adjective 1. Having or showing great knowledge or learning; sophisticated; scholarly transparent transpernt/ adjective 1. Easy to perceive; honest; open Reverent reverent rev()rnt/ adjective 1. Feeling or showing respect; devoted
  33. 33. Strategies
  34. 34. Organic Posts reach 15-20% of fans free posts
  35. 35. Paid Posts promoted or sponsored posts promote Facebook posts for 28 day span during submission window
  36. 36. 77% Survey Responses 65%
  37. 37. Social Media Calendar
  38. 38. Social Media Intern
  39. 39. Organic Search
  40. 40. Paid Search
  41. 41. StumbleUpon PAID DISCOVERY
  42. 42. Display Network
  43. 43. Email Marketing DIGITAL POSTCARDS Front Back
  44. 44. Posters
  45. 45. Content Marketing WEBCAST WORKSHOP
  46. 46. Content Marketing POYi BLOG
  47. 47. Guest Blogger Johnathan Roberts, Social Freelancer POYi Blogpost 5/12/15 A City Divided. Today I walked out of the familiar airport and into the middle of fall, a beautifully crisp 60 degrees and partly sunnyso naturally everyone donned puffer coats and wool hats. I guess the travel books I never read were right when they said the city comes alive in summer. This is not their summer, as noted by looks just short of terror as the wind came barreling through the pick-up zone and feathering the dark hair of everyone around me. In the first day after moving to Buenos Aires, the thing that lends itself most prominently to my memory is that of the protesting. Protests everywhere. Protests about the economy. Protests about Cristina Kirchner, their president. I dont think Ive seen more than two protests in my life in the United States. The second thing proved the degree of homelessness and striking poverty in the country. Men and women sleeping on unfolded cardboard boxes outside banks in the financial district, sitting in front of coffee shop windows where patrons sip 50 peso cappuccinos. Hundreds of homeless people reside in Recoleta, a neighborhood socioeconomically equivalent to the Upper East Side in New York City. Every person I approached proved reluctant for me to take his or her photo. Within 24 hours, I learned that Portenos, or the city-dwelling Argentineans, are dubious people. Im not sure whether this reluctance stems from fact that Im clearly not Argentinean, or the fact that Im a stranger. Either way, the photos that I have taken prove pretty morose. I guess if Im documenting my time as a photographer telling the story of a once thriving economy fallen from grace, Im not going to have the most upbeat stories to share. I do feel the stories I uncover here will prove indispensable to open up a discussion about class inequalities around the world. As a first time POYi entrant, I hope my photos can educate the world on the social and economic plights occurring in South America. I already know this city has so many stories to tell. Until next time, Johnathan
  48. 48. Budget
  49. 49. Measurements
  50. 50. Facebook
  51. 51. Twitter
  52. 52. Instagram
  53. 53. Klout
  54. 54. Google
  55. 55. CONCLUSION
  56. 56. Q&A