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2The second collection of images from 2012 onceagain brought us nature at its full force and beautyalong with news and daily life coming from countrieslike Russia, Syria, Egypt, England, India and Italy. Thefollowing is a compilation - not meant to becomprehensive in any way - of images from thesecond 4 months of 2012. Please see part 1 fromMonday and heres part 3. - Lloyd Young ( 47 photostotal) 3Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda walks the high wire from theUnited States side tothe Canadian side over the HorseshoeFalls in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on June 15. (MarkBlinch/Reuters) An image provided byNASA, the SDO satellitecaptures a ultra-high definition 4image of the Transit of Venusacross the face of the sun aton June 5 from space. The lasttransit was in 2004 and thenext pair of events will nothappen again until the year2117 and 2125. (NASA) # 5 An Indian barber holding acandle, gives a haircut for acustomer on July 31 at his shopin Kolkata, India. Indias energy crisis cascaded over half thecountry when three of itsregional grids collapsed, leaving 620 million people without government-supplied electricity for severalhours in, by far, the worldsbiggest blackout. (BikasDas/Associated Press) # 6Revelers on the Mall in Londonwatch Queen Elizabeth II appearon the BuckinghamPalace balcony on June 5 as part of a four-day DiamondJubilee celebrationto mark the 60thanniversary ofQueen Elizabeth IIaccession to theBritish throne. (SangTan/Associated Press) # 7 Muslims attend a mass prayer session "Tarawih" marking thebeginning of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in a mosquein Makassar of Indonesias South Sulawesi province on July 20. The Indonesian government setRamadan to fall on July 21. (YusufAhmad/Reuters) # 8 Russias President Vladimir Putin(center) enters Andreyevsky (St.Andrews ) Hall at the Great Kremlin Palace in Moscows Kremlin, on May 7 during hisinauguration ceremony. Putin tookhis oath of office today to becomeRussias president for a historic third mandate at a glittering ceremony inside the Kremlin. (Alex Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images) # 9Egyptians celebrate the electionof their new president Mohamad Morsi in Tahrir Square on June 24in Cairo, Egypt. Official electionresults today confirmed thatMohamed Morsi is to be the nextpresident of Egypt. Morsi received over 13 million or 51.7% of the votes, while his mainrival, former Prime MinisterAhmed Shafiq, received 48.27percent. (Daniel Berehulak/GettyImages) # 10 Ousted Egyptianpresident HosniMubarak sits inside acage in a courtroom during his verdicthearing in Cairo on June 2. A judgesentenced Mubarak to life in prison afterconvicting him of involvement in the murder of protestersduring the uprising thatousted him last year. (AFP/Getty Images) # 11A police lieutenant swings his baton atOccupy Wall Streetactivists in New Yorkon May 1. Hundreds of activists with a variety of causes spread out over NewYork City on International WorkersDay, or May Day, withOccupy Wall Street members leading acharge against financial institutions.(MaryAltaffer/AssociatedPress) # A double rainbowappears after heavystorms pass over 12Nipton Road inSearchlight, Nevada,on July 13. (GeneBlevins/Reuters) # 13 An attendee with rainbow-colored lips pauses during the annual gaypride parade in Sao Paulo on June 10. About three million people took part inthe parade under the theme of"Homophobia has a cure". (YasuyoshiChiba/AFP/GettyIm ages) # 14Wrangler Nate Cummins takes the opportunity to ride by moonlight, thenight before the "Super Moon" during Montana Horses annual horse driveoutside Three Forks, Montana, on May 4. The Mantle family, who ownMontana Horses, held their last horse drive where they rounded upapproximately 300 horses and drove the herd 35 miles from their winterrange to the Mantle ranch. The horses will be picked up by leasers to beused as pack and trail horses at dude ranches and national parks. (JimUrquhart/Reuters) # 15Hikers watch an annular eclipsefrom Papago Park in Phoenix onMay 20. The annular eclipse, in which the moon passes in front ofthe sun leaving only a golden ringaround its edges, was visible towide areas across China, Japanand elsewhere in the region before moving across the Pacific to be seen in parts of the western UnitedStates. (Michael Chow/The ArizonaRepublic via Associated Press) # The old tower is seen collapsed afteran earthquake in Finale Emilia onMay 20. A strong earthquake rockeda large swathe of northern Italy early16on Sunday, killing at least threepeople and causing serious damageto the areas cultural heritage. Theepicentre of the 6.0 magnitudequake, the strongest to hit Italy inthree years, was in the plains nearModena in the Emilia-Romagnaregion of the Po River Valley. (GiorgioBenvenuti/Reuters) # 17An Iranian resident from the village ofBaje-Baj, near the town of Varzaqan sits on top of therubble of his home destroyed by an earthquake onAugust 12. (AttaKenare/AFP/GettyI mages) # 18 Tom Sullivan, center, embracesfamily members outsideGateway High School on July20 where he had beensearching franticly for his sonAlex Sullivan who celebrated his 27th birthday by going to see "The Dark Knight Rises,"movie where a gunman opened fire in Aurora, Colo.(Barry Gutierrez/Associated Press) # 19A policeman chases a supporter of a jailed female punk bandwhile climbing on a fence enclosing the Turkish embassynear a court building in Moscowon Aug. 17. Three women fromthe Russian punk band weresentenced to two years in jail on Friday for their protest againstPresident Vladimir Putin in a church, an outcome supportersdescribed as the Kremlin leaders"personal revenge". (MikhailVoskresensky/Reuters) # 20A protester, with blood on his face after a strike to the headwith a police baton, screams during an anti-NATO protest march in Chicago on May 20. Baton-swinging policeofficers clashed with anti-war protesters at the start of theNATO summit on Sunday, beating some and draggingothers away. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters) # Rescuers and relatives stop a woman from committing suicide byjumping off a building in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, on Aug. 14.The woman was rescued as she tried to commit suicide after killing hernephew following a family dispute, local media reported. (Reuters) # 21 22 The Thunderbirdsperform a fly past asgraduates celebrate at the Air ForceAcademy commencementceremony in ColoradoSprings, Colo., on May 23. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters) # 23First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama hug afterdelivering remarks during a campaign event at the AlliantEnergy Amphitheater in Dubuque, Iowa, on Aug. 15during his three-day campaignbus tour across the state. (JimWatson/AFP/Getty Images) # 24Republican presidentialcandidate and former Massachusetts Govermor Mitt Romney, right, and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)speak to an overflow crowd during a campaign rally atRandolph Macon Collegeon Aug. 11 inAshland, Va. Mitt Romney kicked off a four day bus tour with an announcement of hisrunning mate. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) # 25Commuters disembark from crowded suburban trains during the morning rushhour at Churchgate railwaystation on World PopulationDay in Mumbai on July 11.According to a 2011 censusconducted by thegovernment ofIndia, Mumbai has apopulation of more than 12 million with an estimatedpopulation density of about 20,482 persons persquare kilometer. (VivekPrakash/Reuters) # Runners pass the Olympic flameon the first day of competition 26in the Olympic Stadium, onAug. 3. (Daniel Ochoa DeOlza/Associated Press) # 27Gabrielle Douglas of the United Statesperforms on the balance beam inthe Artistic GymnasticsWomens Team final on Day 4 of theLondon 2012 Olympic Games at North Greenwich Arena on July 31.(Jamie Squire/GettyImages) # 28Spains Marina Alabau celebrates after winning thers:x womens goldmedal on Aug. 7.(BernatArmangue/Associat ed Press) # 29The pack of riders cycles past a woman on a horse during the 13th stage of the 99th Tour de Francecycling race between Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateauxand Cap dAgde, on July 14.(Stephane Mahe/Reuters) # Workers wear panda costumes as they carry a box to transport Giant Pandas back to the wild, at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Wolong, southwest Chinas Sichaun province on May 3.The bears will be left to fend for themselves to learn crucial survivalskills, and scientists plan to gradually reduce human interactions 30until they can live in the wild without any assistance, and while therehave already been 10 attempts at setting pandas free over the past 30 years, and only two are thought to have been successful as the bears find it very hard to survive on their own. (AFP/Getty Images) # 31 A squirrel is trapped in amanhole cover in Isenhagen, northernGermany, on Aug. 5. After they were called byneighbors, police managed to free the animal by using oliveoil. (Associated Press via Police Hanover) # 32Wrestlers perform during the Lucha Va Vooms Cinco de Mayan show at the MayanTheater in downtown Los Angeles, Calif., on May 4. Lucha Va Voom is the mixture of elements of Lucha libre, ormasked Mexican professionalwrestling, with comedy and striptease. Since 2002, thecompany has toured theUnited States for the annual Cinco De Mayo show, theyhave added some moretraditional Mexican elements like Folklorico dancers, mariachis, Aztec dancers, tequila, and something called tamalesfrom outer space. (Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images) # 33Ginger Buchanan,left, wears her wedding dress as she andher husband Doug participatein the Mud pit Bellyflop, the marquis event during the Summer Redneck Games atBuckeye Park in EastDublin, Ga., on May 26. TheSummer Redneck Gameswere first held in 1996 as a spoof on the 1996 SummerOlympics in Atlanta, Ga. (ErikS. Lesser/European Pressphoto Agency) # 34 A lone Russian World War II veteran withflowers sits in a trolleybusin Moscow, Russia, onMay 9 after a traditionalmeeting in Gorky Park for the Victory Day celebrations markingthe 67-year anniversary of victory