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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic PractiseProject Proposal(P2, P3, M2, M3, D2, D3)Candidatename:Theme: Music Magazine Portrait Photo ShootPredicted final outcomeIll be carrying out a photoshoot in Salford around Guildford Road area in order toproduce portrait professional looking photos that will be used within a music magazine.Ideally Ill capture at least 50 photos, however only ten of these will make it to the finalselection.Reasons for selection of theme (including inspiration from the work of others)New Musical Express (NME) is a music magazine commonly associated with indie rockand alternative music that I have drawn a lot of inspiration from.Dean Chalkey is a freelance photographer known for taking portrait photos of some ofthe music industrys biggest artists. His backdrops for each artist are carefully chosen inorder to capture there essence- they tie in with the genre of music theyre known for.The above two photos are of Jake Bugg- an indie rock/indie folk musician. Indie musicis known for being very low budget; therefore we tend to associate the music videoswith being filmed in parks, tunnels, undergrounds etc. Dean Chalkeys photosrepresent this- they stay true to the artist, which is something that appeals to me. Thelow angle photo appeals to me the most since it gives this idea of being empowered-hesshowing his presence. Dean Chalkey uses a small spotlight on his subjects in order

2. to make their faces stand out; however Id preferably like to use the natural lighting ofthe sun during late afternoon in order to give the photos a grungy feel.Tom Oxley is another freelance portrait photograper known or taking photos for some of thebiggest production companies in the music industry. Colour is an imprtant aspect for me withina photograph, therefore the vibrancy within his image really appeals to me- it adds anelement of fun. His use of simple bacdrops allows the artist to be the focus of the image. TomOxleys photos are very tidy- the artist is posed perfectly, artisficial lighting is used in order toremove imperfections and the photos are very crisp. Whilst his use of colour both appeals andinfluences me, the plain background doesnt really represent who the artist truly is. Florenceand the machine are known for their robust and romantic style, however other hat the use ofred, this cant be gathered from the photo. 3. Lawrence Watson is a portrait photographer that takes both portrait and live musicphotos. His style of photography is very unique and differentiates from any otherphotographers work Ive seen before. Lawrence Watson takes his photos duringsunset or sunrise in order to capture the silhouettes of the artist hes photographing. Thisstyle of photography really appeals to me; however the problem were faced with isthat we cant see who the artist is. Therefore if I was to recreate this style ofphotography, rather than an extremely slow shutter speed that will create a completesilhouette, Ill speed it up a little in order for some of the facial features to be obvious.The photo imaging equipment and medium that will be used and whyUse your camera.. plus what ever else you think put some info about your cameraIll be using a NikonD3100 in order to capture my photos. This is a fairly basic beginnerDSLR that allows for professional looking photos. Id ideally like my images to be verycrisp, therefore by using the NikonD3100, its resolution of 14.2MP allows for this whilstalso capturing all detail within the frame. The camera is accustomed to shoot in mostlighting, meaning I can easily achieve my desired effect. Whilst automatic mod isavailable, Ill be using manual mode in order to control the three key setting- ISO,Aperture and shutter speed. The camera has an 18-55mm lens with a built in vibrationreduction, making it even easier to shoot at a slower shutter speed without a tripod.Techniques that will be used and how they will help convey the visual messageWhen thinking about the composition of my photo, Ill keep the rule of thirds in mind inorder to produce more visually appealing images that will attract the eye. The subjectof my photo will either be positioned within the left or right hand side of the image,since a centred image typically leads to an unnatural composition. In a portrait photosthe eyes ae always an important element, theyre typically what draws us in; thereforeIll place them within the focal point of the top third of the frame.In order to capture images similar to that of Lawrence Watson Ill need to use a shutterspeed of around 1/200-1/300- I want some of the subjects features to be visible. Theimages will consist of a large depth of field, therefore I need to use an f-stop of f8 orhigher. Lighting is of importance when capturing a silhouette- it acts a backlight- thismeans the photo needs to be taken during the sunniest tie of the day, o when the sunis setting or rising.Indie rock is commonly associated with grunge; therefore I want my images to includemore rich and defined colouring in order to represent this genre. In order to achievethis Id need to increase my shutter speed so that the exposure time is prolonged.Ill be using natural lighting, meaning manual mode is an important element to me- Illneed to change the setting in order to capture the right style of photo Im aiming andto suit the lighting dependent on the time of day it is. 4. Locationof shootSalford:GuildfordRoad/LightOaks RoadMy photos will be used in magazines such as NME and Rock Sound- twomagazines that focus on both less well known underground artists andfamous figures within the indie/rock scene. Ill be taking my photos withinSalford in the back alleys of the Guildford Road/Light Oaks Road area.Indie artist are known for their low budget locations, therefore I want thisto be apparent within the images- the artist need to be within theirnatural setting.Risk and health and safety considerationsA risk assessment will be carried out for each photoshoot.