Perspective - August 2011

Perspective - August 2011
Perspective - August 2011
Perspective - August 2011
Perspective - August 2011
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The Providence Center's newslettter, featuring news and stories about RI's largest provider of mental health and substance abuse services.

Transcript of Perspective - August 2011

  • perspective A Newsletter of The Providence Center August 2009www.providencecenter.orgAugust 2011

    disorders live an average 25 years less than the overall American population.

    Providence Community Health Centers is excited to see our long-term partnership with The Providence Center come to fruition in a concrete way that serves many of Providences most vulnerable residents, said Merrill Thomas, president/CEO of Providence Community Health Centers.

    The partnership brings together the most successful elements of national models to create a cohesive, inclusive system designed to provide access, long-term integration of behavioral health and primary healthcare and preventative services, said Nelly Burdette, Psy.D., director of Integrated Care at The Providence Center. Burdette also serves as the behavioral health liaison for the clinic, assisting medical staff with understanding the unique needs and mental health diagnoses of clients.

    The clinic is a truly integrated practice withregular communication occurring between the primary care physician and the patients Provi- dence Center case managers who accompany their clients to medical appointments at the clinic. Dr. Maria Cristina Chan, M.D., the physician located at the clinic, has already experienced the benefits of this partnership.

    With the team treatment approach, I am able to make an informed diagnosis, said Dr. Chan. And with information on the patients mental health history and medications through the shared medical record, I can safely prescribe medications and avoid drug interactions. continued on page 3

    (l-r) Providence City Council President MichaelSolomon, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Representative David Cicilline, Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts and Craig Stenning (far right), director of the Depart-ment of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabili-ties, assist Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D., and Merrill Thomas in officially opening Providence Community Health

    Centers at North Main.

    The Providence Center and Providence Community Health Centers made Rhode Island healthcare history on June 10 with the grand opening of the states first integrated primary and behavioral health clinic.

    For individuals with behavioral health problems, it is often challenging to access and maintain primary care. Providence Community Health Centers at North Main, located at The Providence Centers 530 North Main Street facility, provides patients with coordinated physical, mental health and substance use care under one roof with access to community supports for optimal health.

    Providence Community Health Centers at North Main provides the best behavioral and primary health- care to people who need help but normally cannot access it, said Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D., president/CEO of The Providence Center. This partnership ensures that there is no wrong door to healthcare.

    Staffed three days a week by a physician, nurse and administrative staff from Providence Community Health Centers, the clinic aims to increase access to primary care for individuals with behavioral health diagnoses. Less likely to have a primary care physician and more likely to have chronic health problems, people with mental illness or substance use

    RIs First Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Clinic Opens at The Providence Center

    Providence Community Health Centers at

    North Main is the most recent addition to

    The Providence Centers expansion of

    integrated primary and behavioral health-

    care services. This initiative also includes:

    Clinicians from The Providence

    Center co-located at other

    Providence Community Health

    Centers locations.

    Primary care nurses embedded

    on Providence Center community

    treatment teams who assist clients

    to understand health issues, obtain

    primary care services and make

    connections to wellness programs.

    Research-based wellness programs

    such as InShape and InShape Seniors

    that bring together community

    partners and specialists in the areas

    of health, exercise and nutrition to

    provide one-on-one physical fitness

    and mental health support for adults

    of all ages experiencing mental

    health and substance use problems.

    Building a more compassionate community, one yoga class at a time Many people enjoy the practice of yoga for its benefits of relaxation, stress reduction and physical healing. Yoga creates a unique experience that engages the mind, body and spirit as you guide your body through a series of poses.

    For people in recovery, adding a yoga practice to their recovery journey is beneficial as a relaxation technique and as a way to restore health and balance to the body. Shri Studio in Pawtucket has created an opportunity for the recovery community to explore yoga through a partnership with Anchor Recovery Community Center.

    When Alison Bologna opened Shri Studio, she sought to create a nurturing environment where people could experience yoga and, in turn, revitalize downtown Pawtucket. The 2,500 square-foot, loft-style studio on Broad Street is a peaceful space filled with natural light, restored pieces of furniture and modern dcor. The goal of Shri Studio is to bring the healing benefits of yoga to people who have been curious about it, but may not have access to a studio.

    My intention in opening Shri Studio has been to make the healing practice available in a beautiful, nurturing space, and to really harness positive energy in an urban center, said Alison. I wanted to bring yoga to the community through a variety of partnerships, like the one we have with Anchor, our downtown neighbor.

    Shri Studio added a Yoga in Recovery class this spring to share the benefits of yoga with the recovery community. Just as recovery is a unique individual process, yoga is also a personal journey of meeting ones body at its current place, growing with each practice at ones own pace. In Yoga in Recovery,

    Dr. Maria Cristina Chan, M.D., with Providence Center President/CEO Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D.

    continued on page 2

    Yoga in Recovery class at Shri Studio

  • News

    Yoga... continued from page 1The Providence Center School Holds Graduation Ceremony

    The Providence Center Schools Class of 2011 celebrated its personal and academic achievements at a graduation ceremony on June 22. Graduates received diplomas from their home school district and certificates of completion from The Providence Center School. Graduates plan to continue their education and participate in work and volunteer programs.

    The Providence Center joins National Recovery Month Efforts The Providence Center was selected to be a Planning Partner for National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Jim Gillen, clinical coordinator of recovery services, is representing The Providence Center at meetings and events in Washington, D.C. Rhode Island will celebrate National Recovery Month with the annual Rally for Recovery, on September 10 at Roger Williams National Park in Providence. The Rally is an opportunity for all members of the recovery communityproviders, individuals in recovery, families, advocates, and elected officialsto celebrate recovery.

    Gillen Receives National Recovery AwardJim Gillen, director of Anchor Recovery Community Center and clinical coordinator of recovery services at The Providence Center, was awarded the Vernon Johnson Award. The award is sponsored by Faces & Voices of Recovery and the Hazelden Foundations Center for Public Advocacy, which recognizes the contributions of the countrys most influential recovery community leaders. Gillen was also recently selected by the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless as the recipient of its Sr. Judy Soares and John Coen Award presented annually to the homeless provider in Rhode Island who demonstrates exceptional service and compassion

    for the homeless.

    ProMail, Etc. Awarded Grant from TextronProMail, Etc. received a $10,000 grant from Textron Financial Corporation. The grant will allow ProMail, a mail fulfillment house and vocational program of The Providence Center, to provide 45 clients with training opportunities in receptionist, production, driver and computer vocations. Through its training and placement program, ProMail is able to assist people in their efforts to maintain recovery from mental health and substance use issues and provide them with job skills that will enable them to find future employment.

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    Jim Gillen

    students become aware of the connection between their minds and bodies.

    Instructor Kate Hawley guides the weekly Yoga in Recovery class. As a person in long-term recovery, Kate understands the unique needs of the yogis in this class. Yoga embodies recovery, said Kate. After having checked out of ones body by

    using substances, yoga helps re-establish the connection and body awareness.

    Kate is warm and respectful of the new yogis, providing clear instruction and assistance for each pose. She weaves together the basic philosophy of yoga and principles of the 12-Step program into her teaching, highlighting common themes that students may become aware of as they practice yoga, such as