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1. PERSONALIZATION @ ZULILY PERSONALIZED WEB & MOBILE EXPERIENCE SaraAdineh 2. WICS @ SFU WOMEN IN COMPUTING SCIENCE @ SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY InternationalWomensDayCelebration2011&2012 3. TRY/CATCH TRY COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE FOR HER (MAY 2011) 4. OUR GOAL Buildingrecommendation systems to provide apersonalized, fun zulilyexperience across allplatforms Predictdemand atSKU(Stock KeepingUnit) level Collaborative filteringto increase discovery Sortsales based on member's likelihood to engage Displayrightsale eventimages for each member 5. EXAMPLE #1 (TUTUS) 6. EXAMPLE #2 (NO TUTUS) 7. EXAMPLE #3 8. CHALLENGES 9. CHALLENGES Our business is growingveryfast Launching~100 new sales events and ~9000 products everyday Expandinginternationally: Canada, Australia, and UK Mostof these sales events are onlyfor three days Rapid customer growth PROVIDE Member-specific recommendations Optimization of the bestshoppingexperience in real time Scalable, highlyavailable with verylow latencyservices 10. OUR APPROACH Break productcatalogdown into features Aneventwithstrongfeaturescoresforkids&girls 11. Use member interactions to compute interestin these features. OUR APPROACH Events and products you have clicked on Products thatyou have added to your cart Products you have purchased 12. OUR APPROACH Use member interactions to compute interestin these features 13. OUR APPROACH Recommend sales based on these interests Continuouslyre-evaluate recommendations. 14. HOW WE CHOOSE THE IMAGES ON THE LANDING PAGE? Differentimages dispalyed on the same sale for each member 15. CONTEXTUAL MULTI-ARMED BANDIT PROBLEM Implementingoptimization algorithms thatpick the bestrestult from aknown, relativelysmallsetof potentialcandidates. [email protected] 16. REAL TIME EXPERIMENTATION 17. WE CONTRIBUTE BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY! We have opensourced some of our projects: dropship Easyjavadeployment gcs-buddy Aneasy-to-usejavaclientfortheGoogleCloudStorage(GCS)API zdutil ToolforprovisioningGCEhadoopclusters ... and Find more @ 18. WE CONTRIBUTE BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY! We have made contributions to open source projects: Kubernetes ContainerClusterManager Go Package for NSQ Arealtimedistributedmessagingplatform Google Cloud for Go GoogleCloudAPIsGoClientLibrary 19. QUESTIONS? 20. CONTACT twitter: @SaraAdineh twitter: @zulilytech [email protected]