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  • TUESDAY 13 January 2015 | 0021 910 6500 | Fax: 021 910 6501/06 | Email: | Website:



    T e l l i n g i t a s i t i s



    Please contact

    Yvette Smith 021 910 6577


    YOURE ON CAMERA: The Maitland City Improvement District plan to roll out licence plate recognition cameras this year. PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN


    Cameras to track vehicles




    heMaitlandCity Improvement District

    (MaitCID) plans to install a licence

    plate recognition system through its


    The cameras record the licence plates of

    vehicles travelling through the area, imme-

    diately alerting law enforcement agencies

    should the vehicle be linked to any criminal


    The cameras are able to zoom in on the ve-

    hicle, revealing details on the car and the

    faces of the driver and passengers.

    The system is also linked to other suburbs

    such as Camps Bay and Tamboerskloof, us-

    ing the same technology.

    This means should a vehicle be involved

    ina crime inTamboerskloof, the camera sys-

    tem will pick it up when it enters Maitland.

    Gene Lohrentz, manager of Geocentric

    which runs the improvement district, says

    the project will commence with the new fi-

    nancial year and should cost in the region

    of R50 000, as investments have already been

    made into the camera network infrastruc-


    The amount of cameras to be installedwill

    be decided closer to the time, although the

    systemwill cover all four of the main access

    routes in and out of Maitland.

    The licence plate recognition cameraswill

    compliment the improvement districts

    CCTV camera network which consists of

    eight cameras, as well as a control room

    which has been established at the MaitCID

    offices to monitor the recorded footage.

    Maitland Community Police Forum(CPF)

    chairperson Charnelle Southgate previous-

    ly told Peoples Post that a camera system in

    Maitland has yielded numerous successes.

    They are actually helping out quite a bit.

    People used to deal drugs openly in front of

    clubs or on street corners, but now they are

    being caught in the act.

    She further explain the footage can also be

    used to help with investigations.

    Lohrentz believes the additional cameras

    can only bring more crime fighting power

    to the organisation as they will be able to

    monitor vehicles.

    Wehave seena significant increase in the

    detection of criminal behaviour using our

    current camera network and while these

    cameras record the criminal acts, we want

    to be aware of vehicles moving in and out

    of our area that have been flagged as suspi-

    cious as well using number plate recogni-

    tion we will be able to do this , he says.

    Maitland police spokesperson Constable

    Lorencial Johnson says any assistance in

    fighting crime in the precinct is welcomed.

    We are thankful to have such a good rela-

    tionship with the MaitCID and the cameras

    will assist us enormously. Licence plates are

    often themeans to identify suspects vehicle

    or a vehicle which is used in criminal activi-

    ties, he says. Johnson further says suspi-

    cious vehicles can be easily monitored on

    entering the precinct through the camera

    control room.

    With the assistance of the response offic-

    ers, the planned criminal activity can easily

    be foiled, he further explains.


    Tuesday, 13 January 2015

    2 NEWS

    For further queries, contact:



    On 021 423 4601


    If you have been seriously injured in a

    motor vehicle accident, train accident,

    police shooting or due to medical

    negligence, you may have a claim against

    a government department for


    If you have put in a claim directly with the

    Road Accident Fund without using an

    attorney and feel that you have been

    underpaid or are dissatisfied with their

    service, we may be able to assist you.

    We are personal injury attorneys, who

    specialise in serious injuries.

    We are prepared to work on a no win

    no fee basis.



    Cape Town gets film boost




    n agreement between the film industry

    and the national home affairs depart-

    ment has smoothed the way for inter-

    national business.

    The agreement nowmakes it easier for in-

    ternational film teams to travel to the coun-

    try, explains Monica Rorvik, head of Film

    Promotion atWesgro, theWestern Capes of-

    ficial tourism, trade and investment promo-

    tion agency.

    The agreement takes into consideration

    two types of travellers to South Africa: the

    oversight group which consists of client,

    agency and production company personnel

    and the specialist group which comprises

    of actors, models, directors, technicians and

    art departments.

    According to the agreement, the over-

    sight group from visa exempt countries will

    nowbe able to travel to SouthAfricawithout

    having to pre-apply at a South African Em-


    The specialist group will still need to ap-

    ply inadvance to theSouthAfricanEmbassy

    but the requirements have been stream-

    lined, Rorvik says.

    We are delighted with the outcome

    reached with the Department of Home Af-

    fairs. The new agreement is a positive for us

    and goes a long way in facilitating the pro-

    motion and growth of the film industry.

    The Cape Film Commission has also wel-

    comed the announcement, says CEO Denis


    The film industry in Cape Town is quite

    a lucrative industry for local entrepreneurs,

    small businesses and the local economy,

    says Tourism, Events and Economic Devel-

    opment acting executive director Teral Cul-


    This booming industry ensures valuable

    skills transfer from international crews to

    our local crews, which is critical to the fu-

    ture sustainability of the industry, she

    says. Last year, 10 309 film bookings were

    made, with 6 741 permits being issued for

    various shoots, Cullen says.

    In the current tough global economic en-

    vironment, the country needs to remain

    competitive in as many sectors as possible.

    The film production sector adds value

    to a wide range of

    additional sectors in the local economy by

    creating a demand for products and services

    with particularly strong links to the tour-

    ism sector. The industry also showcases

    Cape Town, its diversity of locations, tech-

    nical film capacity and talent and address-

    es seasonality.

    Cape Town is a popular filming location

    offering good natural lighting and provid-

    ing value-added marketing and investment

    collateral for the city and the country, she

    further explains.

    Cullen also say the local film industry has

    over the past three years created more than

    35 000 jobs and contributed approximately

    R5bn to the economy.

    This is a highly competitive industry glo-

    bally, with each destination jostling to at-

    tract more film companies to their shores,

    she says.

    Not only Cape Town, but South Africa,

    needs to continually ensure that it remains

    an attractive destination for location film-

    ing in order to maintain its international


    LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: An agreement between the film industry and national government will make it easier for international companies to

    film in South Africa. PHOTO: NASIEF MANIE/FOTO24

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    Health tips for children

    In the last-minute rush to make sure your

    child has his books, pencils and school uni-

    form ready, dont forget to add a health

    check-up to your to-do list.

    The City of Cape Towns Health Directo-

    rate has urged parents to add health checks

    to the list of back-to-school preparations

    for their children, including vaccinations.

    According to the National Childhood Im-

    munisation Schedule, children are given the

    tetanus and reduced strength of diphtheria

    vaccine (Td Vaccine) at the age of six, fol-

    lowed by another round at the age of 12, ex-

    plains the Citys Mayoral Committee mem-

    ber for Health Benedicta Van Minnen.

    I want to urge parents to ensure their

    children receive these vaccinations, which

    are administered through an injection in

    their upper arm. Prevention is always better

    than cure. Also, our clinics offer these im-

    munisations free of charge. We still have a

    fewdays left before the academic year starts,

    so now is as good a time as any to get the

    vaccinations done for children who need to

    get these shots, she says.

    City Health staff are also well placed to

    provide advice on good nutrition, which is

    a key focus of the directorates awareness

    and education programme, Van Minnen ex-