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This presentation provides an overview of Pehla Qadam in Pakistan. Pehla Qadam is program headquartered in Indus Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan. Pehla Qadam aims to eliminate untreated clubfoot from Pakistan, India and the world.

Transcript of Pehla Qadam Oerview July 2012

  • 1.Clubfoot A crippling birth defectthat can be fixed with simple castsProgram Overview for Potential Donors July 2012

2. Untreated Clubfoot Cripples Life 1/1000 births have clubfoot. ~Equal distribution in race, gender ~200,000 annual births with clubfoot Unfortunately only ~20% get correction Millions live crippled lives because lack of simple knowledge 3. Treating Clubfoot is Simple 8-12 weeks of treatment can change a life forever 8-12 weekly casts Casts should start within 1 month of birth Simple heal-cord release club foot normal foot 5-8 months of braces 4. Ponseti Method Dr. Ponseti developed the simple casting technique tocorrect clubfoot in the 1960s at U of Iowa. The simple casting technique is now called the Ponseti method Ponseti method is being promoted worldwide by thePonseti International Association (PIA) 5. IntroductionPehla Qadam(translation: first step)Mission: Eliminate untreated clubfootMethod: Promote Ponseti method todeveloping countries 6. Goals1. Develop a local sustainable model for club foot care in resource constrained settings2. Create public awareness about club foot and its optimal management3. Establish clubfoot treatment in current hospitals 7. Initial Project Initial focus on Pakistan then expand into region Funding team in Indus Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan 8. Training for Doctors Trained Dr. from Pakistan in Iowa. Started clinic inPakistan Nov 2011 Started creating Toolkit for expansion in Pakistan Marketing materials to increase awareness Training manuals for clinics Ecosystem development (braces, education) 9. Current Status Total 100+ feet have been corrected since Sept 2011 New pictures from Clinic are uploaded weekly on Facebook Website has more info 10. Road Map Next Steps Present results from pilot program and costing study atInternational Clubfoot Conf. in Iowa, October 2012 Expansion of the program in Pakistan City, National Enable Nationwide sustainable model Scalability, Capacity, Personnel, Financial, M&E, Reduce Costs Work with Ponseti Institute Association to help Regional/Global outreach 11. Pehla Qadam Background US based family with personal experienceprovided initial funding in mid 2011 Indus Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan manages PehlaQadam programs Working closely with University of Iowa 12. How Can You Help Like us on Facebook, spread the word Donate Generously $250 treats one child Zakat, Sadaaqa, Charity are applicable You can donate online, via check, wire transfer or payment in Karachi. For more info visit the websiteWeb: or fixclubfoot.orgContact: Muzaffer Haider. Amer Haider.