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A selection of key moment in my year. As social media is a real time expereince a by product of engaging tools, technology and platforms to capture various media it provides medative reflection to remember and mark my years acheivements. I am often asked what I do. Here is a slice of what I did in 2011. Special thanks must go to Phil Campbell and Fibre Studio. I had to leave out so much. Here's to 2012.

Transcript of PCM's Year in Pictures - 2011

  • 2011PCM moment

    Social Media Stylie

    Did you document your year as it unfolded?

    Thank you for journeying with me.

  • @RobWilmot talking to Notttuesday. Rob returned in May with a great LinkedIn presentation.

    Throughout 2011 Notttuesday & Second Wednesday delivered presentations from industry innovators to fuel inspiration in our businesses and build connections with each other.

    What is your 2011 story?

    Second Wednesday with its more creative web focus bought us @GreggFraley

    Live Streaming to capture and share knowledge.

    278 watched live870 viewing on demand in 2011

    Thanks to:Antenna @Antenna_UK, Nick Barker @nickpoint and Nick Hayward @evil_scientist


  • Event Coordinator & Planner with an unhealthy knowledge of Social Media.

    Floor Management during events.

    Supplementary on the ground social media.

    @CreativeIO are a joy to work with, fingers crosses for more floor management assignments in 2012.

    Planning an event?

    Think about using a floor manager to support and ensure the smooth running for your event.

    PCM Creative

  • FebruaryI learn and apply the knowledge I discover while developing as a practitioner.

    PCMs February hi lights were while attending events.

    ProjectSpace Leeds for Cultural Conversations: Contemporary Arts meets Social Media.

    Nottingham Lights seeing the urbane transformed by light and colour touched me most creatively. 2012s is on Friday 10th February.

    Do you know how to participate? Have you thought about your experience as a delegate opposed to event amplification for your network.

    The relevance of social media and its associated technologies for event and campaign driven activity interests me.

  • March2011 saw our second outing to EcoBuild with Fibre Studio - fibreca.mp taking root and later on in July a return visit to @NextGenEvents - Next Gen event to engage live with their online real time audience.

  • Social Media monitoring, reporting, support & discovery


    Bunker support for FibreCa.mps March & June outings to the US for SXSWi & Im with Phil dovetailed with real time reporting in April for British Arts Festivals Association @BritArtsFests aunual roadshow.

    QR codes seemed everywhere >>>

    All these photos were taken on a mobile phone and shared in real time using Instagram

    BAFA, Bunnies & Biscuits

  • May

    The shared meal and closing performance as important as the sessions themselves.

    #MCN4 Media Camp Nottingham 4 was hosted at PCM & Fibre Studio HQ in Lace Market House @chcland.

    Media Camp gathers pace for 8 weeks from official announcement to opened doors. A crowd-sourced session schedule defines the scope of each event.

  • JunePreparing, Planning, Reflection and Reporting are essential parts of any event but the end product emerges at the centre of the process surrounded by the social media and promotional campaign.

    #NDRR Nottinghams Digital Recruitment Roadshow was developed from an idea with Esendexs Adam Bird @adambird to deliver an roadshow style event to recruit local creative tech graduates to keep talent in Nottingham.

    During this project Im with Phil bunker support was at its height. It was a busy June.

    #NDRR event scrapbook

  • JulyTaking time to reflect is as important as the creation of the media itself. Technology advances so fast. The tools in your media making kit are the ones to master.

    TedxYork provided an excellent perspective on the current uses and resulting projects of technology with impeccable organisation from @marcusromer and his creative team at Pilot Theatre.

    There was time too to disconnect. Extreme blogging in the wilds of Scotland without web access hi-lighted the number of apps rendered useless when no connection is available. If getting media up and live is restricted having a capture, store and publish pipeline is vital.

    What did you do on your holiday!

  • AugustOn the ground or In the cloud providing a social media live presence and digital record are just two benefits.

    The Institute of Fundraisers National Convention #IOFNC actively engage bloggers to ignite the social buzz. PCM was invited to blog on the ground from their event via @presleysylwia. A few bean bags, power sockets and bottled water can keep most live-bloggers happy!

    Back in May I was asked to present to Oxford Girl Geek Dinners via skype by @NFPviocess Sylwia Presley. Sylwia repaid the favour only days later presenting a session at #MCN4 about addressing our children's safety on the Internet.

    Later in November with Sylvia again we began to explore Google+ holding a hang out attended by 16 people fundraising professionals to discuss Social Technologies for NFP (Not for Profit) organisations.

    Beyond Text

    Work and Pleasure often blurs with social media. A lot of PCM forward planning, follow ups and preparation for the rest of 2011 took place in August. Networking works.

  • September

    QR?I spent 2011 exploring the potential and best use of these chaotic looking chess boards.

    At PCM and Fibre Studio, QR codes are integral to our media distribution channels. We have even been dabbling in the creation of our own custom QR markers.

    I ran a QR session as part of the November social technologies masterclasses.

    Watch out for intelligent uses of these digital connectors in 2012.

    Technology on Trial

    Nottingham Digital Recruitment Roadshow

    fibre studio @ watch.tv

    Customise to resolve to any URL

    Antenna Show Off

    Reduces paper at events like you wouldnt believe.

    Help people make their first scan.

  • October

    An events legacy is its network.Audience value is the community. In September I was approached by Rich Hadley from Audiences Europe to develop further their NING network and social media presence in conjunction with a series of europe wide events for Audience Development professionals. The first took place close to home in Birmingham.

    Finding platforms to speed up the packaging of all the social media generated at an event is vital.I just love Storify.

  • Talks, Training, & Workshops


    Digital Identity45 min talk - February 11

    Social Media for Property Developers1hr talk - February 11

    Social Media - Travel & Tourism1 hr talk - March 11

    Mobile Social for events1 day workshop - June 11

    Collaboration at workDeveloping a digital workspace2hr workshop - October 11

    Social Technologies MasterclassesDigital IdentityCrowdsourcingGeo & GamificationQR codes

    2hr workshops - November 11

  • December

    Live streamed using established mobile video platform, Bambuser

    After the October event looking at how we see our audiences, December took PCM & Fibre Studio to Ghent in Belgium.

    How can we use new technologies to reach, engage and inform our audiences to provide a richer experience on one hand and promotional opportunities on the other?

    A great way to end the year looking forward to April when global cities, local audiences is on the agenda. With all the slideshows, social media, livestream archive, podcasts and feedback featured on the network plus a group for event delegates to stay in touch. It prompts me to reflect on the importance of the online network.

    Your Story?

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