Pasta Pizza - pizzeria- Toscana Menu (2019... · PDF fileSteaks All steaks are Sirloin...

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Transcript of Pasta Pizza - pizzeria- Toscana Menu (2019... · PDF fileSteaks All steaks are Sirloin...

Anti PastiStarters

MINESTRONE (v) 4.35Traditional Italian soup, served with crusty bread

FUNGHI AL AGLIO (v) 4.25Garlic mushrooms, served with salad

FUNGHI RIPIENI 4.65Mushrooms stuffed with pt, served with salad

FUNGHI SCOZZESE 5.452 Large flat mushrooms topped with haggis & mozzarella, served with salad

COCKTAIL DI GAMBERETTI 5.25North Atlantic prawns on a bed of crispy lettuce, topped with Marie Rose

GAMBERETTI FRITTI 5.25Filo pastry tiger prawns with Marie Rose & salad

CHARGRILLED CHICKEN 5.25Half chicken breast served with lemon mayonnaise & salad

CHICKEN SKEWERS 5.25Crispy chicken skewers with sweet chilli dip & salad

PROSCIUTO DI PARMA CON MELONE 6.75Parma Ham & melon, served with mixed leaf salad

ANTIPASTO MISTO 6.75Authentic Italian cured meats & salami, with salad & crusty bread


GARLIC BREAD 2.45GARLIC BREAD WITH CHEESE 3.15Garlic bread topped with melted mozzarella

GARLIC BREAD WITH CHEESE & TOMATO 3.45Garlic bread topped with pizza sauce & melted mozzarella

BRUSCHETTA AL POMODORO 3.25Toasted bread with garlic, olive oil & chopped fresh tomato

FOCACCIA AL PT 4.55Small pizza base, baked with garlic, topped with pt & fresh tomato



POMODORO E MOZZARELLA 4.25Slices of fresh mozzarella & fresh tomato. Served with bread

INSALATA MISTA 3.25Mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion & olives

OLIVE MARINATE 3.85Marinated olives, with salad garnish & bread



CHIPS 2.75

PastaOur pasta dishes are simply the best around.

Each one is made to order using the finest ingredients

LINGUINE AL POMODORO FRESCO (v) 7.25A refreshingly light pasta dish with garlic, fresh tomato, basil & parmesan

SPAGHETTI NAPOLI (v) 7.55Tasty tomato sauce with herbs & garlic

SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE 8.85Classic Italian mince sauce

LASAGNE AL FORNO 9.35Pasta layered with Bolognese & bchamel sauceServed with salad, chips or garlic bread

CANNELLONI (v) 9.35Pasta filled with spinach & ricotta, baked in tomato & bchamel sauceServed with salad, chips or garlic bread

SPAGHETTI CARBONARA 8.85A creamy bacon & Parmesan sauce

LINGUINE PESCATORE 9.25Mussels, clams, prawns & tuna in a tomato sauce

FARFALLE MATRICIANA 8.85Bacon & onion in a tomato and cream sauce with Parmesan

PENNE MEXICANA 8.95Spicy chicken, mushrooms & onion in a creamy tomato sauce

FUSILLI CAMPAGNOLA (v) 8.85Mixed peppers, mushroom & onion in a tomato and cream sauce

TAGLIATELLE AL CARTOCCIO 9.25A delicious sauce of bacon, onion, mozzarella, Bolognese & creamCooked in foil

PENNE ALLA MILANESE 8.85Bacon, mushrooms & onion in a tomato and cream sauce

RAVIOLI AL BRASATO 9.25Pasta squares filled with meat & served with Bolognese sauce

TAGLIATELLE TOSCANA (v) 8.75Mushroom, onion, cream & tomato sauce

TAGLIATELLE DELLA CASA 8.95Ham & mushrooms in a creamy white sauce

PENNE ALL ARRABBIATA (v) 8.45A tangy sauce with fresh chilli (Please specify how hot!)

PENNE ALLA SALSICCIA 8.95Tasty Italian sausage & onion in a creamy tomato sauce

TORTELLONI (v) 9.25Shaped pasta filled with spinach & ricotta in sauce ofMushroom, onion, cream & tomato

FUSILLI AL SALMONE 8.95Smoked salmon & mushrooms in a tomato and cream sauce

RisottoRice dishes

RISOTTO VEGETALE (v) 8.85Red onion, mixed pepper & mushroom risotto with tomato

RISOTTO MEXICANA 8.95Spicy chicken, red onion & mushroom risotto with tomato

RISOTTO BOLOGNESE 8.95Mixed pepper, onion & mushroom risotto, mixed with Bolognese sauce

RISOTTO POLLO 8.95Chicken, mixed peppers, onion & mushroom risotto with tomato

(v) Denotes vegetarian dishes

PizzaOur pizzas are made from fresh dough, our own special pizza sauce & pure mozzarella

PIZZA MARGHERITA (v) 6.95Cheese & tomato

MACARONI CHEESE PIZZA (v) 8.45PIZZA QUATTRO STAGIONI (v) 8.45Mixed peppers, mushrooms, onion & olives

PIZZA BOLOGNESE 8.55Cheese & Bolognese sauce

PIZZA AL TONNO 8.55Tuna & sweet corn

PIZZA POLLO 8.55Chicken & sweet corn

PIZZA PICCANTE 8.65Pepperoni & onion

PIZZA CAJUN 8.85Cajun spiced chicken & red onion

PIZZA AL DOLCE LATTE 8.95Ham, onion & olives topped with blue cheese

PIZZA TROPICANA 8.65Ham & pineapple

PIZZA AL SALAME 8.85Salami Milano & mushroom

PIZZA CON SPINACI E UOVO 8.75Spinach, olives & egg

PIZZA MEXICANA 8.85Spicy chicken, mushroom & onion

PIZZA SALSICCIA 8.95Italian sausage & mushroom

PIZZA FRUTTI DI MARE 8.95Mussels, clams, prawns, tuna & anchovies (without cheese)

CalzoneFolded pizza

CALZONE CON CHILLI 8.95Filled with chilli con carne & mozzarella

CALZONE CAJUN 8.95Filled with Cajun chicken, mushroom & mozzarella

CALZONE TOSCANA 8.95Filled with ham, mushroom & mozzarella

CALZONE VEGETALE (v) 8.85Filled with mixed peppers, mushroom, onion, sweet corn & mozzarella

Pizza PlatterA generous portion of pizza, served with potato salad & coleslaw, or green salad

PIZZA PLATTER (v) 6.95Cheese & tomato (or add one topping for 70p extra)

CALZONE PLATTER 7.85Choose one of the above Calzone


95p each



SteaksAll steaks are Sirloin & served with chips, onion rings & sauted mushrooms

BISTECCA TOSCANA 18.65Served in a sauce of mushroom & onion sauted in brandy & red wine, finished with tomato & cream.BISTECCA PIZZAIOLA 18.65Served in a sauce of mixed peppers, olives, capers & oregano,sauted in brandy & red wine, finished with tomato.

BISTECCA AL PEPE 18.65Served in a brandy, red wine, cream & peppercorn sauce

BISTECCA ALLA GRIGLIA 17.65Succulent grilled sirloin steak, served with mixed leaf salad

MeatPOLLO PEPE 10.65Succulent breast of chicken, served with a cream & peppercorn sauce, pasta and mixed leaf saladPOLLO CHASSEUR 10.65Succulent chicken breast in a sauce of mushroom, onion, tomato & cream. Served with chips and mixed leaf saladFILETTO DI PORCO (Con riso bianco) 10.65Strips of pork sauted with onion & mushroom, finished with lemon and fresh cream. Served with rice

FishSCAMPI 9.45Breaded wholetail scampi, served with salad, coleslaw and chips

HADDOCK 9.45Breaded haddock, served with salad, coleslaw and chips

COZZE ALLA MARINARA 8.75Full shell mussels in a white wine, garlic, tomato & cream sauce. Served with garlic bread

Soft DrinksCOKE 330ml 2.35DIET COKE 330ml 2.25IRN BRU 330ml 2.25DIET IRN BRU 330ml 2.25APPLETISER 275ml 2.25J2O 275ml 2.25SAN PELLEGRINO 330ml sparkling fruit beverage 2.25(Aranciata, Aranciata Rossa, Limonata)LEMONADE 330ml 2.25GINGER BEER 330ml 2.25ST. CLEMENTS 275ml fresh orange & bitter lemon 2.25FRESH ORANGE & LEMONADE pint 3.25FRESH ORANGE 275ml 1.65APPLE JUICE 275ml 1.65SODA WATER 275ml 1.65INDIAN TONIC WATER mixer 1.50BITTER LEMON mixer 1.50SIMPLY FRUITY 330ml still juice drink 1.85(Blackcurrant & Apple, Orange, Strawberry)SPRING WATER 330ml still 1.85SAN PELLEGRINO 250ml sparkling 1.85SAN PELLEGRINO 500ml sparkling 2.95SAN PELLEGRINO 750ml sparkling 3.95

Please see separate list for wine, spirits & beers

DolciDAIRY ICE CREAM 4.25Choice of various flavours - vanilla, raspberry ripple, toffee ripple, chocolate, strawberry, Scottish tablet

BANANA SPLIT 4.95GELATO CON LAMPONI 5.25 Raspberry ripple ice cream, layered with raspberries & crushed meringues, topped with whipped cream

GELATO DUETTO 5.25A duo of vanilla & chocolate ice cream, layered with Cadburys fudge, cookie pieces & chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream

GELATO CON CARAMELLO 5.25 Toffee ripple ice cream, layered with crushed Daim Bar & caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream

BANANA & AMARETTI CHEESECAKE (served from the freezer) 4.85Amaretti biscuit base with banana cheesecake filling, finished with a layer of crushed amaretti biscuit.

CHOCOLATE PUDDLE PUDDING 5.25 Steamed chocolate sponge with a white chocolate centre in a puddle of hot chocolate sauce. Served with ice cream or fresh cream

APPLE & BLACKBERRY CRUMBLE PUDDING 4.95 Served with custard, ice cream or cream

ICE CREAM BROWNIE CAKE 5.25 Chocolate brownie layered with chocolate mousse & ice cream, topped with chocolate cookie pieces

TARTUFO IN FIAMMA 4.95Chocolate truffle ice cream, drizzled with rum & set alight

TIRAMISU (when available) 4.95Homemade classic Italian dessert

Hot BeveragesCoffees available decaffeinated.

REGULAR COFFEE 1.95Black or white

ESPRESSO 1.95Small shot of strong dark coffee

CAPPUCCINO 2.45Measure of espresso topped with frothed milk & cocoa

CAFFE CORRETTO 3.25Espresso with choice of liqueur in it

CAFFE LATTE 2.55Espresso topped with hot milk

HIGHLAND COFFEE 4.95Measure of whisky & coffee, topped with thickened cream

LIQUEUR COFFEE 4.95Choice of liqueur & coffee, topped with thickened cream(Amaretto, Tia Maria, Baileys, Cointreu and more)