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Parent and Family Centers. Parent and Co mmunity Engagement Unit Educational Service Center North. What is a Parent & Family Center?. Centers are meant to promote the important partnerships among all stakeholders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parent and Family CentersParent and Community Engagement UnitEducational Service Center North


22What is a Parent & Family Center?Centers are meant to promote the important partnerships among all stakeholdersCenters provide a safe space for parents to gain understanding of district policy and initiatives, ways to access community resources and support their childs learning at home.The center also serves as an information hub, connecting parents and families to their communities.

33Parent & Family Center Environment

44SignageA clean and uncluttered spaceAtmosphere and attitude

Parent & Family Center Environment55

Parent & Family Center Environment66Learning SpaceCollege AreaResource CenterComputer StationLibrary Area

Parent & Family Center Environment77

Parent & Family Center Environment88

Workshops and trainings should be primarily instructionalThe learning at the center is only useful if it makes it back homeParticipants should always have something instructional to take back home with themLearning should be challenging but also funParticipants should evaluate workshops/trainings and presenter should reflect on evaluation results

Parent & Family Center Environment99Managing the Parent and Family Center

ORGANIZATIONAL TIPSCreate sign-in sheets for every eventProduce a monthly event calendarDesign flyers for all activities, workshops and trainingsMaintain a documentation binderCommunicate regularly with the principal & main office staff



11Activity11Sample Layout A


Computer Station, Printer, and Instructional Media AreaSpecial EdEnglish LearnerCollege ReadinessCultural Awarenessand Community ResourcesRefreshments Area12Sample Layout B

Resources13Computer Station, Printer and Instructional MediaSpecial Ed, English LearnerCollege ReadinessCultural Awarenessand other Community Resources

Childrens Area

Refreshments Area13Sample Layout C

Refreshments Area

Childrens Area

Resources14Computer Station, Printer and Instructional MediaRefreshments Area14ResourcesSample Calendar

1515ResourcesSample Sign-In

1616ResourcesSample Announcements

1717ResourcesSample Announcements


Sample Announcements

1919Parent Center StaffPersonal Account.