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Family/Parent Engagement. At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents. Jane D Hill. Objectives. Identify specific needs of binational parents and students based on surveys, observations or personal experiences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Black History Month presentation

Family/Parent Engagement

1At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a childs success is the positive involvement of parents. Jane D Hill

InET Consortium Incentive Grant2ObjectivesIdentify specific needs of binational parents and students based on surveys, observations or personal experiences

Determine areas of support that will meet those unique needs and promote family/parent engagement

Recognize importance of adapting existing parent engagement programs to meet the needs of binational migrant families

List technology resources & support systems for binational migrant families

InET Consortium Incentive Grant3Ways to Identify Needs of Binational Migrant Parents Certificate of Eligibility (COE)



Personal experiences

InET Consortium Incentive Grant4Ways to Identify Needs of Binational Migrant Parents Cont.Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)



Link to SOSOSY (Student tracking form)


InET Consortium Incentive Grant5Some Identified Characteristics of Binational ParentsStrong desire for their children to succeed in school

Hard working

Social/Cultural identity shock

A lack of sense of belonging on both sides of the border.

InET Consortium Incentive Grant6Other characteristics

InET Consortium Incentive Grant7Supporting Binational Migrant Parents There are many areas in which migrant programs can support their binational migrant parents:

Knowledge of education systems in MX and USAbility to access binational program servicesEnhancement of parenting skillsDevelopment of computer skillsUnderstanding child cognitive, literacy and developmental growthUse of technology tools and resourcesother

InET Consortium Incentive Grant8Example of Areas of Support During the Summer/Fall 2013, Pennsylvania conducted a Parent Survey to determine areas of need so that local programs can ensure its services are relevant to the families the program serves.

Additionally, the results of the survey were used to determine if the services parents had received in the past year were meeting their needs. InET Consortium Incentive Grant9Creating and Administering a Parent Survey (see sample survey PA and CO)State purpose and how it will be utilized

Focus on services received within your state

Use parent-friendly language

Keep it simple and short with clear instructions

Administer in person, if possible, with guidance

InET Consortium Incentive Grant10Some Identified Characteristics of Binational Migrant ParentsHigh mobility

Limited English language proficiency

Limited technology skills

Unfamiliar with expectations and differences between school systems in the U.S and/or Mexican.

Lack of knowledge of Common Core Standards and state exams

InET Consortium Incentive Grant11

Parents reported receiving the following services:

Summer/after school programsAcademic support (English, math, science, writing, etc.)Transportation servicesAssistance with free/reduced lunch and parent/teacher conferenceInterpreting servicesAssisting with understanding school system such as letter sent home, homework, school enrollment, etc. In-home tutoringReferrals to community organizationsSaturday programsParent workshops/trainings and related activitiesPAC meetings (state /local)Advocacy servicesComputer classesSummer leadership instituteCollege visits and financial aid (FAFSA) application

InET Consortium Incentive Grant12Parents indicated they wanted to know more about:Assistance with English language developmentAssistance with homeworkAssistance with reading, writing, and mathSaturday programs for studentsCollege tours and college readinessCareer awarenessMore in-home tutoring

Awareness of high school graduation requirementsAssistance with early childhood and preschool programsParent Advisory councilsAssistance with the continuation of education for out of school youthInET Consortium Incentive Grant13Summary of Parent SurveyResults from this survey indicate that a majority of parents participate in program services on a regular basis and are generally satisfied with the services they receive.

The survey also shows that parents are most interested in English language assistance. Therefore, it is recommended that local programs consider this important need when planning the delivery of their services.

InET Consortium Incentive Grant14Setting Parent Support GoalsWhat Parents ReportThe following observations were reported by parents as not being consistently in place. These will become goals for creating a strong support link between the school and the home.

Create a warm and welcoming environment with Spanish-speaking front office staffProvide consistent and high quality Spanish language translations and interpretersInform parents of what schools want parents to accomplishDesign a comprehensive parent engagement programProvide sufficient in-depth parent resources

InET Consortium Incentive Grant15The following are some topics parents and schools can discuss to establish a more active and visible parent involvement in the school life.What is my story as a binational migrant parent?How did I come to live in this community?What is my educational background?How can I discover and share my talents with the school?What do I contribute to the school community?How do I support my children at home?Am I a parent who wants to learn about technology?Do I share my struggles and triumphs as a parent?

Promoting Family/Parent EngagementInET Consortium Incentive Grant16Promoting Family/Parent Engagement - Cont. Statements from parents to discuss during parent meetings:As parents, we can take a more proactive role that will help us have a deeper understanding of the school and their contributions and how that may meet or not fully meet the needs of our children.

It is our responsibility to help the school improve but that may necessitate our taking a more visible role that focuses on the identified students needs and that considers the school as a partner in helping our child.

The actions and roles we choose as a parent in working with the school and the classroom is a reflection of how we deeply care to make a difference in the life of our children. InET Consortium Incentive Grant17Creating Authentic & Live Partnerships between Home and SchoolSchoolsKnow what parents need to support the students and the schoolCommunicate information to parents and ensure it is understoodGuide and train parents to understand and access school technology opportunities Be proactive and anticipate student needsLeverage language and cultural assets of parents and students Open the school to parents

InET Consortium Incentive Grant18Creating Authentic & Live Partnerships between Home and School Cont ParentsSeek a partnership approach with the schoolBecome a student and school advocateKnow what your child needsKnow what programs are available to help your childInform the school of unmet needs of your childAttend training and information sessions at schoolOffer your services and support

InET Consortium Incentive Grant19Existing migrant programs promoting family/parent engagement State Parent Advisory Council (PAC) CO: The state level PAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Migrant Education. Their advice assists the Director in making decisions to improve the program. The PAC meets a minimum of three times a year. Meetings for the PAC provide information as well as professional development. The meetings are held at various sites throughout the state.

InET Consortium Incentive Grant20Existing migrant programs promoting family/parent engagement - Cont.Summer schools and programs

Community meetings

Binational Teacher exchange/State PAC meeting (CO).- a combination of these two components is beneficial for them to interact and share ideas on parent involvement.

InET Consortium Incentive Grant21Existing migrant programs promoting family/parent engagement . Con't.Oregon MEP-Family Involvement Plan (FIP) In October 2010, FIP was introduced to serve the Migrant Education regional programs to coordinate a process for sharing best practices among regions while supporting academic, advocacy, and partnerships throughout the state.

Currently, FIP 2.0, guided by the Oregon Service Delivery Plan continues to build un the foundation established by Epsteins Schools-Family and Community Partnership Model, to train and prepare MEP staff and empower parents to advocate for and engage in their childs education to increase their achievement level.

InET Consortium Incentive Grant22Family/Parent Engagement ResourcesThe Colorado Department of Education has developed a guidebook entitled Breaking Down Barriers, Creating Space which can be used as a resource to increase collaboration between schools and parents.

The following chart serves as a guide on how to engage parents in a meaningful and parent friendly manner with a focus on improved student achievement.

InET Consortium Incentive Grant23Family/Parent Engagement ResourcesHealth Insurance for BN Migrant ParentsContact your respective state department of health for information and guidanceSeek information on application and residency requirementsAttain information in English and Spanish Determine eligibility/enrollment requirements

InET Consortium Incentive Grant24HistoryFocusPurposeProcessResourcesEngaging ParentsMeaningfulRelevantTimelyEncouragingParents will have specific ways of supporting students at homeMutual respectSurvey/PrioritizeSet goalsEmbed parent involvement in homework activitiesSelect best tim