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  • 115 Tang Tungling Tongue Twisters from A to Z! 18 n

    2019-2020 Worship Songs Junior Preview Packet 22 n

    8 Steps to Harmonization 18 n

    Adoramus te 5 n

    Ain't-a That Good News 20, 21 n n

    All Days Are Nights 11 n

    All Star (As an English Madrigal) 8 n

    Because of Love 21 n

    Bread and Butter 8 n n

    Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella 9 n

    Carly Simon's Greatest Hits: A Choral Medley 8 n

    CelebrationTrax A/P CD 2019-20 22 n

    Children of the Risen King 22 n

    Christmas Canon of Peace 9 n n

    Christmas Day in the Morning 10 n n

    Cloud, The 6 n n

    Come and See the Baby 11 n n

    Come Back to Me in Dreams 12 n

    Come, Ye Sons of Art 6 n n n

    Concert Chorals For The Developing Choir 15 n

    Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? 5 n n n n

    Ding-a Ding-a Ding 11 n n n n n

    Duets for Young Voices 14 n

    Et in Terra Pax 20 n n n

    Ev'rybody Praise Him! 21 n

    Feliz Navidad 12 n n n

    Frosted Pane, The 10 n

    GADGETS for Great SINGING! 18 n

    Give Me Your Stars to Hold 7 n n n

    God Cares for You 21 n

    God's Gift to Us 22 n

    Goin' Home 11 n n

    Gute Nacht (Good Night) 7 n

    Hey Ho, Nobody Home 5 n

    Hey Santa 10 n

    Hi Yo Ipsi Naya 6 n

    Higher Ground 8 n

    Holiday Road of Carols, A 10 n n n n n

    I Can Sing, I Can Fly 7 n

    I Sound the Song of Spring 6 n

    I Want to Be Like Jesus 22 n

    IceBreakers 17 n

    IceBreakers 2 17 n

    IceBreakers 3 17 n

    In Flanders Fields 11 n n

    In My Blood 9 n n n

    In the Bleak Midwinter 22 n

    In the Stillness of Winter 10 n n n

    It Is Good to Give Thanks to the Lord 22 n

    Jambalaya 9 n n

    Jazz AND Kids 16 n

    Jazzy Ol' Mac! 8 n n

    Joy to the World 20 n

    Language Of Music, The 19 n

    Let the Men Sing MORE! 16 n

    Let the Men Sing! 16 n

    Let the Men Sing! A Cappella 16 n

    Let the Women Sing! (9 Reproducible Choral Works for Soprano and Alto Voices) 15 n

    Let The Women Sing! A Cappella 15 n

    Live to See Another Day 8 n n n n n

    Love, Like the Roses, Now Is Gone 7 n

    Mary Sat A-Rockin' 10 n n n n n

    Meguru 7 n

    2-Part 2-PartMen MenOther OtherPage PageSATB SATB

    SAB or 3pt Mixed

    SAB or 3pt Mixed

    SSA or 3pt Treble

    SSA or 3pt Treble



  • 2-Part 2-PartMen MenOther OtherPage PageSATB SATB

    SAB or 3pt Mixed

    SAB or 3pt Mixed

    SSA or 3pt Treble

    SSA or 3pt Treble

    Merry Bells!, The 9 n

    Merry Christmas 10 n n n n

    Merry, Merry! 10 n n

    moon is hiding in her hair, the 5

    Music Within, The 19 n

    Music's Echo 7 n

    Musical Games for the Musically-Minded 18 n

    My Lord, What a Morning! 6 n

    No Room, No Room 11 n n

    Nothin' Gonna Stumble My Feet 11 n n n n

    Oceans and Stars 7 n n n n

    Oggun Belele 5 n n

    Okuyama Ni (In the Mountains Deep) 11 n n

    On This Silent, Peaceful Night 10 n n

    Partner Songs for the Developing Choir 15 n

    Perfect Blend, The 19 n

    Perfect Choral Workbook, The 19 n

    Perfect Rehearsal, The 19 n

    Pirulito 6 n

    Remember Love 20 n

    Resonant Male Singer, The 17 n

    Rhythm Rescue! 17 n

    Royal David's City 22 n

    Season of Light 10 n n n

    Seelig, Tim – Quick Fixes 18 n

    Shout to God 20 n n

    Silver Bells 9 n n n n n

    Sing and Celebrate! Sacred Songs for Young Voices 21 n

    Sing Out Your Joy 5 n n n

    Sing Your Way Home 20 n n

    Singin' the '70s! 8 n n n

    Siyahamba 22 n

    Skye Boat Song 5 n

    Skyfall 11 n n n

    Solos for the Changing Male Voice 14 n

    Solos for Young Voices 14 n

    Something Told the Wild Geese 5 n n n n

    Song for a Windy Day 6 n n

    Spirituals for Young Voices 14 n

    Sticks! 19 n

    Stille Nacht/Silent Night (with American Sign Language) 11 n n n n n

    Superstition 12 n n

    Swing Low: A Spiritual Medley 6 n

    Swinging On a Star 9 n n n

    There's No Tune Like a Show Tune 9 n n n n n

    Through the Eyes of a Child 12 n n

    Tina Singu 7 n n

    Together in Unison 16 n

    Uh-Hum! (Froggie Went A-Courtin') 6 n n

    Ultimate Gettin' Down with Mama Goose, The 12 n

    Walk On in Love 7 n

    Wander the World with Warm-Ups 17 n

    Warming up with Rounds 18 n

    Watercolor Sky 7 n

    We Will Sing the World Whole Again 12 n

    Welcome Sweet Pleasure 6 n

    Who Will Be a Witness? 7 n

    Why We Sing 5 n n n n n

    Why We Sing – 10 Inspirational Songs for the Solo Voice 14 n

    Why We Sing A Cappella 5 n

    Wings to Fly 16 n

    Wonderful Day Like Today, A 8 n n



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    Victor C. Johnson

    Sing Out Your Joy Victor C. Johnson Beginning with a stately expression of “Cantate Domino,” the driving piano accompaniment sets up the joyous English text of celebration. Mixed meter helps create energy dappled with legato moments throughout the piece. A superb open- ing work for all levels of choirs! 35032583 SATB ������������������������������������$2�10 35032584 SAB �������������������������������������$2�10 35032585 2-Part �����������������������������������$2�10

    Why We Sing A Cappella Greg Gilpin Greg Gilpin’s ever-popular anthem, which has been sung throughout the world in every voic- ing, has been re-imagined by the composer as an a cappella work. The introduction begins as the piano setting does with vocals dancing with light vocal jazz into the first words of “a sound of hope” and developing layer after layer into the final and bold ending. There is no lack of energy, expression or emotion in this new unac- companied setting and will absolutely thrill a

    cappella choirs desiring to sing this timeless modern choral classic. 35032376 SATB a cappella NEW ������������������������������������������$2�10 Also Available: 35025875 SATB ��������������������������������������������������������������������$2�50 35025876 2-Part �������������������������������������������