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  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


    PORTFOLIOHannah Call

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


    TABLE OF CONTENTSBrochure Web pageStationary Business Card

    LogosPhotodesignEvent AdMontage

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project



    This is a brochure for a new jewelry brand, Glo Designs.

    Programs: Abode Illu stra tor, InDesig n, Photoshop

    Date:December 6, 2014

    Course: Visual Media-COMM130

    Instructor:Cory Kerr

    Objectives:To set up and alig n a two-sided original brochure with an original logo. Also to incorpimages and to clip at least one in Photoshop and tex t-wrap it i n InDesign.

    Process:First I went into Adobe Illust rator and had to create a new logo. I used the pen tool to cdiamond and then used dif ferent typefaces to create the logo. Then I saved it as a png ait into my brochure in my Indesign document. I had to change my rulers a nd put 2 ru lercm apart. I also changed my margins to be only .5 cm on the rig ht and left and 1 in froand bottom. I went on Pinterest and got dif ferent images for the brochure. Then I chose

    colors. Then I changed the opacity of my front pictu re so that my logo wouldnt look willegible on top of it. I t hen chose a picture to put in photoshop and to use the quick seto remove the background. I used feathering and I smoothed out t he edges to make themhash. Then I inserted my brochure body copy I had writ ten and made my own paragrapfor the body and my headings. Then I made t he text w rap around my image I had createPhotoshop. This was a long process that involved a lot of skills a nd a lot of Adobe prog

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project



    A webpage de sig ned for my per sonal logo.

    Programs: Abode Illu strator, Photoshop, TextWrang le r


    November 23, 2014

    Course: Visua l Media -COMM130

    Instructor:Cory Kerr


    To acquire a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Also to size and optim ize an ologo for a web page and to write content describing it for an HTML page. Also must

    to use Photoshop to identif y hex colors to use in the HTML .

    Process: First I had to resize my logo that i had created i n Illustrator in Photoshop. I then hato open my html f ile and css f ile in TextWrangler. Then I had to link my css f ile intmy html f ile. I also had to go in and link my logo and my new background image fomy website. I left alig ned the text t hat I had so it wrapped around my tex t. I changesome of the fonts by making some st ronger and some emphasized, which made themitalicized. I had to keep referring to a photoshop document so I could use the HE Xnumber to get the color right on my website. I also removed the border around the btext box and I added opacit y to it. I changed my fonts and my si zes accordingly.

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project



    Stationary for a friends new business.

    Programs: Abode Illu strator, InDesign

    Date:November 9, 2014

    Course: Visual Media-COMM130

    Instructor:Cory Kerr

    Objectives:To create a new logo for a company using Illustrator and to design a consistent stat ion

    layout for the company. Also to learn to use watermarks and drop shadows.

    Process: First I sketched ideas and then went to Illust rator to create my logo. I used t he pen toocreate the diamond shape and then tried to make the st roke the same as my font. Then placed my logo into my InDesign document. I used t he rectangle tool again and t he ellto create the circles in between the i nformation at the bottom. I also placed a photo in backgrou nd (as a water mark ) and cha nged the opac ity so tha t it wa snt a dist raction fr

    words that would be writ ten on the stationary. I also changed the colors to something tworked better. I also drew a line that connected where the logo was to the designers na

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


    647 Anza Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90505 343.654.8760 [email protected]

    Stephanie KarlDESIGNER

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project



    Abode Illu stra tor, InDe sig n

    Date:November 9, 2014

    Course: Visual Media-COMM130

    Instructor:Cory Kerr

    Objectives:To create a new logo for a company usi ng Illustrator and to design a busi ness card t hconsistent with t he companys stationary.

    Process:First I created my logo in Illustrator and t hen created a new InDesign document wheplaced my logo. I used the recta ngle tool to create my business cards a nd put my logof the cards and t hen typed all of her information onto the other (backside) card. I alan outer glow around my logo to make it look like it was glowing because of t he n

    chose contrasting fonts and colors that complimented each other in t he design. I alsoa picture into the backg round of the backside of the busi ness card. I changed the opathat it was more transparent and t hen I put all of her information on top of it.

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


    S t

    e p

    h a n i e

    D E S I G

    N E R

    P 3 4 3 . 6 5 4

    . 8 7 6 0

    E g l o d e s

    i g n s

    @ j e w

    l . c o m

    6 4 7 A n z a

    A v e n u e

    R e d o n d o

    B e a c

    h , C A 9 0 5 0 5

    K a r


  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project



    This is a logo for a photography business.

    Programs: Abode Illu stra tor

    Date:November 2, 2014

    Course: Visua l Media -COMM130

    Instructor:Cory Kerr

    Objectives:To create three original logos using only Adobe Illustrator tools to create and drawthem. The logos must all be dif ferent and appeal to an intended audience.

    Process : The programs I used a re Adobe Illustrator. This was a really hard project for me. I sketched a lot of different ideas. Then I wanted to make something wit h an eagle anhave an eyelash be the wings. I made dif ferent eagles and thought of dif ferent waysmake dif ferent eyes. I used t he shape builder tool a lot to make my shapes. I also usthe warp wit h text f unction to make the letters around my eye in the first logo to wr

    them around t he eye instead of being on a straight l ine. Then I chose my color schemthat I wanted to use. It was also rea lly hard to chose dif ferent typefaces that workedtogether but I finally ended up with these th ree logos.

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project



    Eagle Eye Photography

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project



    This is a demonstration of good photography skills and good photoshop editing skil ls. good demonstrat ion of using color scheme s in a pic ture.

    Programs: Abode Photoshop

    Date:October 19, 2014

    Course: Visua l Media-COMM130

    Instructor:Cory Kerr

    Objectives:To learn basic photography skills and to choose color schemes to match t he colors of t

    incorporate them into the layout. A lso to learn basic Photoshop tools for editing photo

    Process:First I went and took some pictures wit h all of the Fall colors. I really l iked the color and wanted to incorporate them into my design. I chose one of my Lead pictures t hat IPhotoshop. I edited the colors a litt le more than I had original ly and tried to make theshirt darker so t hat it wouldnt interfere wit h my color scheme that I had chosen. I alspicture to be al l about Fall and how we were leaving Summer behind so I put a cute liabout that in. The swatches were the hardest part for me to incorporate into my designto use them to lead into my photo and then I used t hem again on the other side for reppurposes.

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


    EVENT ADDescription:

    This is a fu ll-bleed event advertisement for a 5K run for St. Judes Hospital using only Word and a scanner.

    Programs:Microsoft Word

    Date:October 9, 2014

    Course: Visua l Media-COMM130

    Instructor:Cory Kerr

    Objectives:To find, scan, and import a high qualit y photo into a Word document. Lear n how to credesign entirely usi ng Microsoft Word.

    Process:I found a picture I had t aken of my sister and scanned it into a Microsoft Word documemade the image a lit tle more transparent and put a t itle on the picture. I researched difcharities and found a kids marathon for St. Judes. I changed it a little a made up the in

    for my event. I picked a color scheme and created dif ferent text boxes and shapes to puinformation in. The hardest for me is picking legible fonts and mak ing sure that the t ypon my ad flowed well. It was interesting to see some of the si milarities with InDesig n Microsoft Word. Im glad I know how to use this software bet ter for graphic design and visual media so tha t I can use it if I need to on a t ight budge t. Progra ms I used : Mic roCanon Scanner

  • 8/10/2019 P9 Project


    Teach you r k id s t h e i mpor t ance o f h e lp ingo t h e r s and come r un f o r a good cause !

    Must be 11 years old or younger to participate. Athlete must be accompanied by an adult in order to

    participate on race day Registration automatically makes you a St. Jude Hero Raise funds as a St Jude Hero

    A l l p r o c e e d s g o t o t h e S t . J u d e H o s p i t a l

    For more details an