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  • 1. Technology Integration in the Classroom Day 1

2. Workshop Overview The main aim of this workshop is to prepare teachers who will lead and support the integration of ICT (or technology*) in teaching/learning at their schools. Teachers will be exposed to a number of considerations related to technology and instruction and will reflect on their own practice as they develop skills in integrating ICT. 3. Workshop Overview This short course is NOT about learning specific technologies or how to apply then in the classroom. This short course is about understanding the context for technological integration and developing a framework for how technology should be implemented in the classroom 4. Workshop Overview Over the next 3 days we will discuss Planning for ICT Integration Developing an ICT Integration Plan Implementing an ICT Integrated Lesson Evaluating and Revising an ICT Lesson 5. CHALLENGES Design and develop a lesson plan for the integration of ICTs into the classroom. Justify the technology tools that will be used in the lesson. Finally, using ICTs make a presentation which demonstrates both the process and the final product. 6. ASSESSMENT Individual and group assessment will take place throughout the sessions to ensure personal and group accountability. 7. TPACK Self Assessment http://sluedutechintegration.pbworks.c om Mishra & Koehler (2006) 8. K-W-H-L ChArt Ogle, D (1986) 9. TIP Model Roblyer (2006), and adapted by Finger, et al (2007) 10. 21st Century Skills Presentation